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Well Norma, I guess those were not the answers Luis was looking for as he has not replied!

Yeah! Where is Luis?

Let's just say he is elsewhere...was just reading his last blog...

I don't know about you guys, but to me it seems like the democrat candidates are not even trying.  There must be a couple, few democrats waiting and watching.....just to pounce at the right time.  My guess is that the higher ups have decided President Trump is too much to handle and to just be a throne in his side during his second term.   

Michael, I agree! I am wondering if at the last minute they will pull either Moochele obummer or Oprah out of a hat as write ins??? They are up to something! or maybe I am giving them too much credit...

Suzie, I have that same gnawing feeling. I recall 1 day on the Five where Donna B. was filling in for Juan she alluded to a surprise to come, the others of the days Five were having a bit of fun at Bidens expense.

The gnawing for me is that the dems seem to be using old sleepy bloodied eyed Joe. The other clowns on the debate stage just sucking the oxygen out of the air. I swear I have not witnessed a party so intently appearing to destroy itself. Something up their sleeve for sure. 

..."pull either Moochele obummer or Oprah out of a hat.."

OMG!  Just the mention of their names.....let alone their running for President, frightens the crap out of me.  I think if any one of them....or both....should actually enter the race, the Liberals/Democrats will be turned on....fired up, and the Media will 24/7 them all over the place.  IMHO, they could win.....just saying.  

It would be a frightening scenario. Biden is hanging by a thread he could announce early his pick for VP could his pick be Stacy Abrams? Oprah could not pull her to victory. 

Think about it Biden wins with Abrams as his VP. While in ofc. Biden suffers an arkanside Abrams becomes president. How horrifying is that?

Just in case that unthinkable is possible folks get to work and deny the dems.

Scares hell outta me, I have very good intuition... they have something going on... we cannot become complacent thinking they are this stupid...

The left is calculating in all they do.They want power to create the authoritarian gov't that would be the envy of the PRC.

If the demented diabolical dems do take the WH and senate I think there will be a lot gearing up for some kind of blow back by sane and constitutional American citizens be it exiting the country or worse scenario.

Switzerland keeps looking better and better ...but need a million$$ to be a permanent resident or apply for citizen ship......

If Kalifornivsky is any slight indication of what is in store for the country under the jack booted government of  a demoncrat majority...... :-(

If we learned nothing else under the previous disaster of an administration, is they do EVERYTHING with/for a purpose, as well as bold face lie-about every and any thing. The media and indoctrination centers (schools) are all in as well.  They’re so close to their goal-it’s a big blinding light at the end of the tunnel now and they’re not about to see it go back to a pin prick of light. The ends justify the means and never let a crisis go to waste!!  We’re seeing them using these tactics numerous times per day. 



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