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yes linda we witness it everyday. They are relentless in efforts to break the individual citizens back. The young they have indoctrinated well almost complete. 

3 classes of peoples -- up their sleeves -- I call one the overclass and the other the underclass, the untouchable to the overclass lords.

Gotta take the guns next to complete their plans.

Patricia, you’re right!  A huge problem is that the young have not been taught to think. They believe that they think, but they just spew the propaganda they’ve been fed as truth.  There are very few that will even try to listen to alternate ideas or facts—you can see their brains shorting out!!  That’s scary and sad, you can see the truth trying to break through and the mental battle to the death to squash it since they’ve been programmed so completely. They honestly believe they are the 1st generation to ever experience the typical things most young people experience and don’t want to hear that they are not the 1st or even the last generation to go through tough times!!  I currently work with a lot and I mean A LOT them, I’ve told them the things they’re complaining about, worrying about, etc are not new. That I’ve said and thought the same things when I was their age, but they will justify over and over why they’re right and I’m wrong, cuz you know, like, technology, and like climate, and like healthcare costs, and like the world is coming to an end, blah, blah, blah. I have to work very hard not to laugh in their face or scream at them!  The simple fact is thinking for themselves is hard work, might open new ideas that would be different from their friends, etc. They have a hive mindset, plain and simple and do not want to do the “hard” work of thinking for themselves, that would make them-alone in the world and that terrifies them. They are completely content to live in the “box” that the left has made them believe is the one and only way. If the left gets their way, these useful idiots will be elated-for a while, then, brutal, scary, hard truth will slap them so hard upside the head they might not survive it!

Linda, Great post. I think if we can keep turning the ship around those of the "hive" will learn they have been lied to then lookout the bees of the "hive" are going to attack their beekeepers.

I see many young republicans and they are eager to do the hard work we old ones can no longer manage like precinct walking. They are more active on college & university campuses these days. I have a friend who is as old as I am and she dedicates most of her time with young republicans.

My favorite nephews kids are remarkable little conservatives. Bailey voted for the first time in 2016 and voted for Trump. His son came home one day just before his 11th grade was coming to an end and told my nephew, Dad I will not be going to college after I graduate. My nephew said well then you must have a trade. Kid said glad you said that Dad because I need you to attend a special meeting with me tomorrow because I intend to work this summer being an apprentice electrician. The kid has had a great summer, loves it, paid well and the company has pledged  that upon graduating next year he will be a journeyman electrician. The kid has a bright future. This is made possible because of work Ivanka and POTUS have done. The company also pledged to him that should at some point he wanted to go to college they would pay his tuition but he would be on the hook for the cost of books.

There are days I feel discouraged thinking the ship will never be set on the right course then I meet more of these hard working young conservatives. 

They do that I think i it  will result a short lived bloodbath.......  :'(

I agree... btw- good ot see you!

Well we now know for sure what and who will be stoking the fire from now to Nov 2020 general. The dems will be adding wet wood creating smoke until we the people gasp for every breath.

Will the dems by doing their dirty deeds be successful? If they are kiss this Republic goodbye.

Mitch has one thing left and that is timing in the Senate should it come to that. Will he use his powers? 

I'm totally fed up with R's who are antoTrump.

Well somebody finally going after the Clintons and it's not congress:



From the American Post Gazette today and penned by James Madison and he makes an argument good one if you really have committed high crimes which I believe HC and Biden did just run for ofc.

American Post-Gazette

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona

September 30, 2019



You, too, can avoid investigation and prosecution for a multitude of crimes -- just run for President of the United States.

As Hillary Clinton and now Joe Biden have demonstrated, the most sure way to avoid being held accountable for crimes you've committed is to run for President. Former FBI Director James Comey detailed more than a dozen federal felonies Ms. Clinton committed while Secretary of State and then as a candidate for POTUS, but dismissed them all during his infamous July 5, 2016, press conference as not worthy of indictment or conviction. Would that have happened to any private citizen? Of course the answer is a resounding "No!" But Saint Hillary was protected in the eyes of the FBI, the media, and millions of other sycophants around the nation because she was Hillary Clinton, and more importantly, she was running for POTUS for the Democrats. Talk about a protected class.

Fast forward to 2019. We have the Ukrainian scandal coming to light. When Creepy, Sleepy Joe Biden, was Vice President, he threatened Ukraine with withholding U.S. aid unless Ukraine fired the Inspector General who was investigating an energy company which just so happened to have his drug-addicted son, Hunter, as a member of their board, who, by the way, was making $50,000-a-month. Can you say "quid pro quo?" Creepy Joe admitted his threat in 2018. In a July 2019 phone call with the new Ukrainian president, President Donald Trump asks him to look into that corruption. The Trump-haters go nuts! "Trump is violating the Constitution! He's violating the law! He's using a foreign government to attack a political opponent to ensure his own re-election! Impeach, impeach, impeach!" What nonsense.

Now ask yourself: If Joe Biden was not running for POTUS, would or could the same arguments be made? If Creepy Joe Biden was just a private citizen, would there be such a clamor? No, of course not. It would raise some eyebrows, but the Trump-haters wouldn't be going after President Trump as they are. So why are they? Why is it different? The answer is a sickening one: You can get away with your crimes if you are a candidate for President of the United States. And if you are a Democrat.

Respectfully submitted,

James Madison

Disarm the people--that is the best way to enslave them.


Great post, Pat.  I just wish we had more like this guy in the Senate today.  I don't trust most of the so-called republicans in the Senate to put a stop to the crazy dems.

Neither do I Norma. There has already been chatter that how they voted would not be transparent. If a rep of mine an his/hers vote was not know then primary that rep. 

I've read a couple times before they were going to do this. I think this time may be legit:




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