Surprise Zuckerberg Admission to Senator Opens FB to TRILLIONS in

Surprise Zuckerberg Admission to Senator Opens FB to TRILLIONS in Losses

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent hours testifying before Congress Tuesday and Wednesday, but it was one sentence of his testimony that may end up having the biggest impact on the company’s bottom line.
It came in response to a question from Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas.
“We’ve been told that platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like are neutral platforms, and the people who own and run them for profit … bore no responsibility for the content,” Cornyn said. “Do you agree now that Facebook and other social media platforms are not neutral platforms but bear some responsibility for the content?”

Zuckerberg’s somewhat surprising response was, “I agree that we’re responsible for the content.”
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: "I agree that we're responsible for the content" on Facebook.
— ABC News (@ABC) April 10, 2018

That could be a game-changer for Zuckerberg and his company.

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I agree. Christine made good points.

Keep in mind that regulations imposed on FB

  • FB welcomes the regulations for FB will help write the regulations
  • regulations will protect FB and not FB users
  • guaranteed I think to erode the citizens frees speech


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