Please vote against any military action in Syria. We have no need to join Hamas in fighting Hezbollah. Terrorist are terrorists regardless of their political views or religious views. The Humanitarian argument is hollow sounding after our response to human rights violations in the Gold Coast,  Darfur, Somalia and other countries around the world; where Intervention or aid would have made a real difference. Even the use of Chemical weapons is a silly reason; the dead do not care if they were killed with bullets or Sarin gas, the pain and suffering is still the same.

We do not need to intervene unless you can clearly state what is the American Interests or safety concerns in Syria? What is our objective in intervention? What is our “Win” Point? How do we define “Successes” in Syria? After this administrations attacks on our military through pay and benefits cuts, the damage they have deliberately inflicted on our military capabilities through sequestration. The Obama administration owes our military a solid plan before any action is taken.

Please do not support any military action in Syria.

Thank you.

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Amen........ Thank you

Very good letter. Better than the ones I sent to my representatives. 

I am so opposed to any kind of involvement in Syria. To me this is yet another entrapment.

Great Post Hugh...Let our valiant military just have a sick-out when it comes time to invade Syria!Our military is vaey tired and so are their families...WTF  lets get our priorities together!!

Obama is pulling a trap on Republicans. If this does not go well long term then Obama will surely say, guaranteed, that the responsibility is a shared one. Once again Obama is trying, and it seems effectively so to keep sh&t off his expensive suit.

Congress will approve this action. They will not listen to the American people. We should recall that it was Dempsey himself who said "there is no military solution". Now he is touting the line of the administration. Disgusting.

While I have compassion for innocent Syrians. This action is wrong. If Obama is allowed to do this there is nothing to stop any President from acting as the police of the world. There is nothing to stop them from acting against America's own.

This is not in our national interest. It will not make us safer.

I believe strongly that the radicals of the region are using us to win their incursions. We fall for it. 

I know this is a bit silly of an example but I do believe true. Like an alcoholic or drug addict we are enabling their behavior by what we do for them.

Let's look at Iran and nuclear weapons. If we had used bunker bomb after bunker bomb against their nuclear facilities we would have set them back decades. We chose not to. Iran will have the weapons even though this President has said Iran will not be allowed.

Now, think about this. What if we had without intervening allowed the despicable Assad to stay in power would we have the scale of the mess we have now? I say no.

The region will never ever be satisfied with whatever the US does. Other chicken sh%t countries will let the US take not only the monetary cost but the fallout. Let's get real the so called coalition to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan was a joke. 

No to our involvement. We have trained and armed Kuwait, Arab Emirates, Egypt, Israel quite capable the weenie European countries capable to take the lead our warhorses out of touch because they choose to be. Why haven't we heard a great deal from Canada or Australia? The reason I think is simply let the US mire herself in the crud.

Not just "well said", but Perfect.

Feel free to copy and send to your Senators.

Dear Mr. ******:

Thank you for contacting me about authorizing military strikes in Syria.  I appreciate hearing from you and am grateful for the opportunity to respond.

On August 21, 2013, chemical weapons were used in an attack that killed over 1,000 Syrian citizens, including women and children.  President Obama asked Congress for authorization to use military action against Syria in response to this attack on August 31, 2013.  I believe it is appropriate for the president to seek authorization from Congress, although he should have called us back to debate the issue immediately.  Instead, Congress will begin debating this authorization on September 9th when it is next scheduled to be in session.  The decision to use U.S. military forces is not one that I take lightly, and I have been traveling the state over the past few days to hear directly from my constituents on this issue. It is clear there is skepticism and the President needs to provide much more detail about his strategy to Congress and to the American people.  President Obama's plan to address the American people on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, is long overdue. 

Thank you again for contacting me.  Please visit my webpage at for more information on the issues important to you and to sign up for my e-newsletter.

Johnny Isakson
United States Senator

"We have no need to join Hamas in fighting Hezbollah."

That is it in a nutshell, ol buddy. It's the equivalent of siding w/ either the Klan or the neonazis; the Bloods or the Crips; or a coral snake or a rattler, etc.

They are ALL snakes; and they are ALL poisonous!  Would we feel relieved if we found out that we were gonna be struck by a 4 mile wide ASTEROID instead of the 6 mile one that killed the dinosaurs?!  Jeez!

All that you posted true.

More implications of this is simply another step towards one world government. By this action in my mind sets another precedence for attempts to  control any nations behavior viewed by the West as against their governing power or a possible threat to multinationals. This is far from a moral issue its immoral in the sense that its a cover for other interest

It is immoral for it to be contrived by the US. The US government sees no immoral issues while big Ag having moved off shore to grow food sources grown using using GMO, pesticides, insecticides produced by evil corporations and allowing the product  to end up on our dinner table. Also lets not forget that at the same time rationing health care because of the fallout from the chemicals. That is immoral.

Let's get real the men in countries like Syria thrive on a culture of terror, violence and subjugation and control of peoples . For the US to insert its self we are drawn in to the same type of culture. Our government then will overtime use these methods against her own peoples. In many ways the game is already in play.

Will this be another notch legitimizing use of drones and weapons of mass destruction against other nations by the West for what ever reasons they conjure up.  Is that not immoral?

No my friends no matter the moral high ground our government tries to sell to us our government is immoral,


A Response To An Email From Vern Buchanan (R-FL-13th)

You sent this question in an email:
"Generally speaking, is Russia an ally of the United States, an enemy of the United States or somewhere in between?"

Russia has NO allies. Like Chiha, and the extrmeley radcalized Ilsamic governments, they are users just waiting for the right opportunity
 to either squeeze, or in the case of radical Islam, DESTROY the US and Israel.

But, ths does NOT justify putting our military in harms way in yet ANOTHER civil war!  Let the Saudis, the Emirates, etc, interevene -- if they are such humanitarians - as the "Hillarys", and "McCains", portray them.   

To use the arguement that to not get involved would be a sign of weakness, to the eyes of the world, is BEYOND laghable. It's hypocritcal and insulting.  It is so unfortunate that there are so many low-, and un-, informed people that buy into this CRAP!  We ALREADY look WEAK and incompetent!  Have you already forgotten BENGHAZI, Congressman Buchanan?

Unless the US gets attacked DIRECTLY, and / or WMDs are used against Israel, we should NOT get into another "Libya", "Egypt", or "Iraq". How are those turning out, Congressman?


Dear Mr. ******,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me to share your thoughts about the potential U.S. military involvement in the Syrian conflict.  It is good to hear from you, and I appreciate having the benefit of your views on this important matter.

As you may know, President Barack Obama announced on August 30, 2013 that the United States would consider a military response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria.  The following day, President Obama indicated that he would seek authorization from Congress prior to proceeding with any military action.

The decision to use military force must be made in a serious and solemn manner.  President Obama is right to seek authorization from Congress prior to taking military action.  However, while the use of chemical weapons is a crime against humanity, I do not believe America should be militarily involved in Syria.  Barring any direct threat to our national security, I do not find any military intervention in Syria to be within our national interest, particularly in our current economic state.  Based on all the information provided to date, I intend to oppose any resolution authorizing U.S. military intervention in Syria.

You can be assured that I will continue to monitor this situation closely and I will consider all new information as it becomes available.  Your continued feedback and input is helpful and appreciated.

For additional information regarding issues affecting our great state of Georgia and the nation, please visit my website at  Access to my blog, iPhone app, and e-newsletter are all available through my website, as well.  Thank you again for contacting me, and please do not hesitate to do so in the future if I can ever be of service.

Respectfully yours,
Paul C. Broun, M.D.
Member of Congress

Dear Mr. ******:

Thank you for contacting me regarding Syria.  Your taking time to contact me is appreciated.

As you are aware, in March 2011, Syrian protesters began calling for political reforms and the reinstatement of civil rights under the corrupt regime of President Bashar al-Assad.  Since that time, the situation in Syria has devolved into a civil war between pro-government forces loyal to the Assad regime and a coalition of rebel groups.  The conflict has cost well over one hundred thousand Syrian lives, mostly civilians.

This conflict threatens the stability of the entire region.  Recent reports from the United Nations indicate that approximately 6.5 million people have been displaced by the civil war.  Over two million of these refugees are seeking safe haven in Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt.  It is imperative that the United States remains committed to joining with partner nations in providing humanitarian assistance to these displaced refugees.  Regional stability in the Middle East is in our national interest. 

While I am deeply concerned about the regional effects of the Syrian conflict, I am very troubled by the threat of chemical weapons within Syria.  Since August 2012, President Obama has stated that the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime would be a red line that his Administration would not tolerate.  Since March 2013, we have received reports of the employment of chemical weapons by forces loyal to President Assad.  The most egregious of these attacks took place on August 21, 2013, and is estimated to have killed over 1,400 people, including approximately 400 children.  The recently released United Nations report on the attack provides indisputable evidence that sarin was used and additional evidence attributing the attack to Assad's regime.  Despite this evidence, President Obama has failed to take any meaningful action to neutralize the threat posed by these weapons.  

The United States and Russia have recently reached an agreement to bring Syria's chemical weapons under international control.  While I am hopeful that this diplomatic solution will be successful, I have significant concerns about the agreement and the ability or willingness of the Syrian regime to comply with it.  The agreement will be difficult to verify, and Syrian and Russian intentions have been called into question throughout the conflict.  Even if the agreement is successful in removing Assad's chemical weapons, the civil war will continue to destabilize the region and create a safe haven for those who want to attack America. 

Further compounding the challenge posed by the Assad regime's disregard for international law and human rights is the increase in the number of extremist fighters who are traveling from all over the world to gain control of territory in Syria and carry out attacks.  In this way, they can have an operating area closer to the United States and our European allies to carry out their mission of attacking the Western Hemisphere.  The United States cannot permit those terrorist groups that would do us harm and oppose democracy to expand their reach and operate freely in Syria.  Preventing such terrorist safe havens is a national security imperative.

I firmly believe that we must be willing to act to restore regional stability and neutralize the threat of Assad's chemical stockpile if chemical weapons use continues or if the threat to U.S. national security increases.  While I do not support the deployment of U.S. troops within Syria, the United States must be willing to take military action when threatened.  It is past time for the United States to develop and implement a unified, comprehensive response and strategy in Syria.  As the Senate continues to debate this issue, I will keep your thoughts in mind.



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