We've seen the Market go up and down many times before and come back. So we ask what is so different about this time. Some in the media are screaming "Correction" while others claim it's time for a crash. Then there are others who claim it's a domino effect in an unstable World economy. I think it's a slap in the face to Donald Trump. Yes, I feel the men of money are sending Trump a message, they can take him down and they are willing to risk all our lives to prove it. Oh my gosh, I sound paranoid, have I just joined the conspiracy group.

The propaganda arm of the Progressive Party, the Main Stream Media, cannot figure out how to stop the climb of Donald Trump to stardom for America's number one position, President. No matter what they say or how many times they say it they cannot destroy Trump. Every time the propagandist speak they only promote Trump's bigger than life TV personna. They are making Trump a legend by dumping on him every day. Gee, even the paid protesters in Charlotte couldn't even grab the head-lines over the mistrial of a cop for shooting an unarmed Black man. It looks like the only way Trump can be destroyed is through his pockets.

Let's face it, Trump cannot be bought or bribed. The only other Candidates at this date are Cruz and Rand Paul. They have run the gauntlet previously and survived. Of course there are the remainder of the Candidates but they also need to build their base in order to place. Many pundits and paid contributors are claiming it's too early to say if Trump will surge or fall-out of the Presidential race. They say they have seen this happen before and they don't think Trump can make it to the finish line. Then of course there is the grand finale that Trump will run on a 3rd Party ticket if he loses the nomination. In layman's terms, take your pick, it's anyone's game at this early stage.

As Trump is leading the pack and everything he says is analyzed the Market takes a dive. Oil showing below $40 a barrel yet, gas at the pump is still holding just over $2 a gallon. Everything across the Country having to do with the price of gas has not gone down. Air-lines continue to raise prices where ever they can while the cost of other goods still climb. Some Market analyist say it's because China is flooding the Market with waste paper stocks because of their lagging economy. There is truely thousands of reasons why the Market could crash. I usually look at oil. No matter what a "Share the Wealth" society wants a global Socialist will never survive the individual greed. However, that is still decades in the future and the only thing that should concern us now is, can we refain from being sucked in by the media.

Over the next couple of weeks we will see if Trump has been chastised enough to pull back his horns or snub his nose at the big money boys and forge ahead at full speed. Trump may not want to be known as a politician but when he threw his name in the hat for the Presidential Race he came to play one. We have yet to see if he can stand alone from the Globalist. I personally don't think he can without the help of "The People." The Tea Party patriots will have to make a hard dicision this week. They will have to choose Donald Trump for President within the coming weeks and make 2016 another 2010 victory or wait and let the money boys of the the Republicans and Democrats choose our next President for us.


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I some time imagine that the big big boys use the notion of corrections as a way to force gov'ts to do the things they want. In the case of using China as the reason its clear to me that it is most likely a behavioral modification technique.

Yup, cleaned my cookies and have a good virus scan. I also have PC Matic. The freezing wasn't as bad until the School Summer vacation. The PC does pretty well after I do the PC Matic but then soon freezes up. I use Google Gold sometimes and it freezes less. I've tried a lot over the past few years. I did get a computer professional in and he had to take it with him. Worked great until Microsoft dropped their support for 30% of XP owners after I spent $350 to fix my PC 5 months earlier. I'm not a big fan of Microsoft.

Christine, I feel for your computer pain. All I have to say for members who jump for Windows 10 good luck. I view the operating system as designed to be a marketers dream and as well built in goodies requested by the national spooks.

I clean my cache, clean cookies and run virus scans. I run other software to rid my system of rude malware most of which comes from video ads and you tube videos.

My next system will be Linux. 



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