Every few months I like to take some time out and put up some numbers for those who believe we are losing this battle against progressivism.   These statistics are from a 20 year old group rarely mentioned,  " The State Policy Network ",  but this group with 64 policy centers around the 50 States,  has been one of the most active conservative networks over that timespan.  Some of the people at or near the top of this group have been *Mike Pence,  who once ran the free-market " Indiana Policy Review Foundation ", and now the Gov. of Indiana,   Jeff Flake,  who ran the " Goldwater Institute " in Arizona until recently elected to the Senate,  and Ted Cruz,  who we all know was responsible for the recent fillibuster in the Senate,  but also ran the 10th Amendment Studies at the " Texas Public Policy Foundation "

          The first article I wrote in this 912 Network in '09 was about how the States were going to save this nation from the progressive machine.  This group has done much to accomplish that goal,  but we do not hear about it from the MSM.  The biggest wins are probably the defeat of the unions and their mandated dues from their workers in 24 States now.  Michigan being the last and biggest,  as it was always the poster child for big union thugs - Detroit City - now going through bankruptcy proceedings.  It is now the 24th right-to-work State in the union.  In 2012,  one would think that we had been eliminated from this earth if watching the MSM outlets,  but nothing could be further from the truth.  This is a short list of some of the accomplishments they have helped make happen:

1.   The republican gubernatorial candidates increased in numbers from 28 to 30 - a 60% majority.

2.   Republicans now hold a trifecta - the governorships plus majorities in both state legislative chambers in 25 States.  There were    only 9 after the '08 election.  8 of these have a conservative majority in the respective Supreme Courts.  Obviously this does not translate automatically to a conservative arena,  as we have all noticed,  but it does offer a better chance of a better free market environment. 

3.   A strong majority of States have erected barriers against the destructive Obamacare exchanges and in opposition to Medicaid expansion under the President's healthcare takeover.

4.   Washington State successfully passed a measure to allow public charter schoolsand Georgia voters supported an amendment to their State constitution that allows local communities to form charter schools.

5.   The victory in Wisconsin and Gov. Walker's re-election with a 60 seat majority in the assembly.  The progressives threw the kitchen sink at this court battle and lost.  It was the start of all future efforts to defang the unions.

6.   In Michigan,  two amendments heavily favored by democrats and the unions were soundly defeated and conservatives retained their majority in their Supreme Court.

7.   27 States have expressly said,  by law or statute,  that they refuse the federal government's expansion of Medicaid in their States under Obamacare.  33 States have chosen not to join the state exchanges at all or want a hybid system that will not place unfunded mandates at the feet of respective State taxpayers.  That is 4 States short of what is needed for a Constitutional Amendment to pass !

       This group is focusing on defeating the unions all the way back to the stoneage and charter schools in all communities as their top priorities now,  but several other groups,  mostly legal entities such as "Judicial Watch",  the " Heritage Foundation" legal team,  Mark Levin's group,  "The Landmark Legal Foundation",  and the "NRA "  to name a few,  are carrying a huge backorder of cases at the SCOTUS level,  and will be making a big difference for our side in the near future.   These cases have issues including all 10 amendments in our Bill of Rights.  By the start of the new year,  we should now much more than we do now about our situation and the state of Obamacare.   I cannot see anything good coming to the progressives on this issue.  And Benghazi,  Project Gunrunner,  and the IRS / NSA scandals are yet to be close to completed.  People - We are winning !   Do not let the MSM get to you.  We know they lie by ommission or outright falsehood,  yet we still believe so much of their pap.   The States will hold the line - they have to because they are broke and cannot by their own law borrow monies to pay their debts.  So all of the unfunded mandates that Obama is levying on them to make the national budget look better will fail in the end.

8.   In the 9 States that do not have income taxes,  their economies grew at a 50% faster rate  than the 9 States with the highest income taxes.   Employment follows that percentile exactly.  These numbers will continue to seperate the right-to-work States from the union States,  and we will continue to win.

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