Yes, this is still America, but in fact, it is NOT the same America we once knew.

How did this happen? You are not going to like this- but WE did it to ourselves

We let this happen by becoming complacent.

We let this happen because it is unbelievable.

We let this happen because "This just can't happen in America"

Like it or not- It is Happening NOW!! this MUST be UNDONE!! 

This is YOUR JOB! OWN IT! BE PROUD to be a Patriot!

Watch and weep- then get MAD and SHARE!

Take America Back!

They have been very busy implementing Sharia

since this video of their plan from 1989

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'since 1989'...

yep, a couple other things that were rarely publicized about what islam was already doing here in the 80s are;

. aggressively recruiting prisoners to islam. -- what brought it to my attention back then was they recruited Mike Tyson, and there was a fluff article about how wonderful it was that Tyson had found his inner peace. Within that article they described islam's nationwide aggressive efforts within prisons.

. building 'underground' economies for muslims based within the mosques... Muslim Brotherhood style. Serving as the provider and facilitator for muslim in the community to be heavily involved in their lives and grow dependency.   ... which residually is perfectly suited for newly converted islamic prisoner upon his release from prison. 

these things and more have been being implemented since the 80s...  over 30 years ago.

..and in the 1400 year repeated strategy of islam to rule the world, those were the things to build while infiltrating the government. Once that phase has been reached, as it is now, frequent violent events begin to create 'crisis' to for the islamic politicians to incrementally leverage into growing islam's authorities.= that's about where our country is in the 1400 year old strategy for islam to rule the world.

Plainly speaking and with no regrets, allow me to say:  "If Muslims want to make America better, then they should pack up and leave."  There is no place in a civilized society for a hate-filled geo-political ideology that is mistakenly referred to as a "religion", unless of course it is a religion that worships Allah, a non-existent god.  Allah was simply another ancient Middle-Eastern moon god that Muhammed picked from many false idols worshipped by those of the Arabian culture 1,600 years ago.  Islam is the one and only protected ideology that thrives in Western Europe and now in America and of course Canada to our North.  Islamists as a whole, have perfected the ploy of victimology all the while using the victim card to infiltrate and corrupt numerous nations and governments around the world.  America, the last bastion, keeping Islamists from reinvigorating their Caliphate is now faultering under the rise of Leftists who are and have been complicit in the dumbing down and indoctrination of our young people for nearly four decades.  It is not surprising that we now have Muslims with seats in the U.S. Congress that are to uphold the U.S. Constitution, which by the way is 100% antithetical to Islam and it's teachings of Sharia Law.  Four decades of Leftist influence in America's schools, four decades of not teaching the truth about Socialism, Communism and Marxism to our children, along with four decades of parents not being involved with and or ignoring Leftist, Socialist curriculums has just proven to be perhaps the fatal blow to our once great Constitutional Republic.  Just as there is no freedom in Socialism or Communism, there is also NO Freedom under Islam.  The truth hurts, does it not?

I agree we are responsible for this, eyes were taken off the ball and the lefty's allowed to rule the court.

Now we all must fight like heck any way we can to right the wrong.


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