The press serves the Deep State

Before it was written, the American press demanded President Donald John Trump release the Mueller Report. He did.

Now the president plans to release more documents concerning the spying on his campaign by Obama. He has asked Bill Barr to do so.

The press is alarmed.

The Washington Post said, "President Trump's new executive order giving the attorney general broad authority to declassify government secrets threatens to expose U.S. intelligence sources."

That is from the newspaper that published the Pentagon Papers. The story won a Pulitzer.

The New York Times said, "President Trump’s order allowing Attorney General William P. Barr to declassify any intelligence that sparked the opening of the Russia investigation sets up a potential confrontation with the C.I.A., including over the possible implications for a person close to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia who provided information to the C.I.A. about his involvement in Moscow’s 2016 election interference.

"The concern about the source, who is believed to be still alive, is one of several issues raised by Mr. Trump’s decision to use the intelligence to pursue his political enemies. It has also prompted fears from former national security officials and Democratic lawmakers that other sources or methods of intelligence gathering — among the government’s most closely held secrets — could be made public, not because of leaks to the news media that the administration denounces, but because the president has determined it suits his political purposes."

That is from the newspaper that in 2005 published a report on spying on terrorists despite pleas from the Bush administration that people would die. The story won a Pulitzer.

Suddenly keeping secrets matters more than the truth.

Politico wrote, "Under the National Security Act, a post-World War II overhaul of the country’s military and intelligence structure, intelligence agencies are legally required to protect the unauthorized declassification of their secretive sources and information-gathering tactics. But Trump’s directive seemingly gave the attorney general the power to determine what should be declassified, potentially upending decades of precedent."

Of course, presidents can declassify whatever they want. And the CIA, FBI, and all the rest work for the president. He is the nation's chief executive officer. There is no such thing as an independent government agency. The president is at the top of their chain of command.

The president's job is to oversee these agencies, not abuse them. But over the years the lines were blurred as presidents deferred policy decisions to civil service employees.

Congress meanwhile stopped legislating, instead turning over power to the executive branch through the promulgation of rules.

We call it red tape but really it is legislation. If you can go to jail or pay a fine for violating a rule, it is a law. The Constitution created an elected Congress, not civil servants, to make the law.

But the press is the servant of the Deep State which metes out stories through its leaks. Woodward and Bernstein wrote their Watergate stories not for the public but to please Mark Felt, the man Nixon passed over when he appointed Clarence M. Kelley as FBI director following the death of J.Edgar Hoover.

Please the Deep State, win a Pulitzer.

Under Obama, the Deep State was satisfied.

Then we elected Donald John Trump president and all hell broke loose. On Inauguration Day, the Times ran a front-page story about the new president's alleged ties to Russia.

Obama had shared transcripts of wiretaps of Trump campaign officials with the Times. Obama had nothing on President Trump but he sure could cast shade on the new president.

The rest of the media showed no concern at all that Obama had weaponized the intelligence community to spy on a political opponent.

And when President Trump later complained about the wiretaps, the Times and the rest of the press aided and abetted Obama's attempts to cover up his unconstitutional abuse of power.

They mocked President Trump and said prove it.

He has. Now they are parsing words. It is surveillance, not spying, they argue. Besides, the investugation was justified, they argue.

Now President Trump will show them it was all a ruse. The Deep State cries foul. Only jail will shut them up.

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