WARNING: This is not an easy nor pleasant read. Even if what I offer as opinion does not happen it will be because good patriots were successful in stopping the trajectory we are on as a country.

Is it possible to have guaranteed income without a border wall and other security measures? No.

Ask yourself if guaranteed income comes close to income equality. Of course, it does not.

Guaranteed universal healthcare is that possible? No. Would it be workable without strong border security? No. The overclass would have options the masses would be healthcare denied. Receiving any healthcare would evolve into a trap of behavior control and a true trap of death.

The left is promising a socialist/communist/Marxist utopia. What their justice warriors will receive is tyranny, poverty and enslavement along with the masses.

Reproductive capabilities of one in the underclass, the masses, will not be allowed.

Those who think of themselves as worthy of inclusion in the overclass some will be accepted but that acceptance will last if viewed as useful to that class. I give a name to that class as the Corporatocracy the NWO on steroids.

Even one who enjoys being at the top of the heap of the Corporatocracy will live in fear of becoming irrelevant. When one is dumped out to live among the masses an eating frenzied up of the masses will occur, another behavioral fear control for those currently within the Corporatocracy.

No Republic will exist, rule of law is what will be manufactured by the Corporatocracy and due process is what the Corporatocracy hands down.

Far fetched I don’t think so. What I do know is that the looney left is all in for ensuring this happens, they are doing the hard work, for now, for the Corporatocracy success. They will as well find themselves turned out to the masses.

We have little time to turn this around. The time is now to make the last stand against this increasingly successful world the Corporatocracy has planned for all.

Get up and out and join others to fight back any way you can.

Take a stand, Trump 2020!






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You have been peeking into my brain! This is my nightmare! I see it happening at every level- it's more than scary- it's REAL! and it does not look easy to undo!

We have a lot of work ahead of us- hard work!

Yes Suzi a momentous task before us. Yet we will try.

Become a PC and Will too I cannot think of another who would be better suited.

 Thank You, Patricia, I know, and I was asked years ago... but I am not even registered in the county I live.. crazy...it would be monumental for me with everything else. I try and do what I can with the site... As it is most of my doing does not receive 100% of me... too many irons in the fire my daughter says...I know these are but excuses... let's see what door opens for me...

Yes Suzie you are one busy lady. Suspect that is in you DNA.

One of the thoughts I had was a good place besides also driving the D'Day idea here on TCC is that driving the idea to your County GOP + republican clubs in your area who knows it might take wings. The VFW is also an option.

Yes we have a VFW maybe 5 miles away. I will approach them but alas this chapter has sorta become a local bar! LOL!

 Emaling you about exciting site news! Total makeover on the way!

In the first couple of years of Obama's reign I heard people talking about a revolution with guns. I explained to them you will lose if you use violence. I went on to say violence is what Obama wants so he can declare a national emergency and take your guns away. The only way to fight is within and it will take years. Unfortunately, the young want results now. Many go back to their couches and their daily lives hoping things will change.

They cannot see it's their help that is required. I hear constantly that they don't want to get involved in politics, yet, when I tell them their daily lives are controlled by politics they look like they were caught in the headlights of a speeding car. Then disbelief comes to their faces until I explain how just remodeling a house there are many permits needed after checking the zoning laws. Then I go on to say there are different zoning laws for City, County and Statewide. Then  I give a few more examples like taxes, schools, opening a business. Many didn't know that if you lived within a City limits you paid City, County and State taxes. I guess if people really knew how much government is involved in their daily lives they would be partaking of the City and County meetings a lot more and joining their local political chapters.

The Left have been involved in politics for 100 years to the extent they are now winning at the local level as well as the State and National. I guess you have to get the young either angry enough or mad enough to want to fight back. It's all about picking the right battle. That battle is now. I noticed Obama has come out of the woodwork to give his loons the message. Don't attack each other. It's a good message to the RHINOs too.


Christine you are a good message to the younger folks. 

Yes the dems funded by dark money busy at local levels attempting to get elected their favorite progressive pick (city counsel ofc, board of supervisor, school boards, etc). RINO's slow to recognize and yes the RINO's seem to be more comfortable attacking their own especially if the one to attack is a solid conservative.

The battle is now and we have been slow, much to slow, arriving to the battlefield with the tools to win.

Hi Christine,

I always know I am in for a good read when I see your name! And I agree...they have zero knowledge about reality...

I think I shared about my own Grandson... Well, we go back to see them for Easter. I already have planned to introduce him to home economics 101 by his NANA!!! I think if we start literally in the home about the home they like to live in- how much it costs to simply live in a house!! and go from there... wish me luck!


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