Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Country”

Who would have thought that the words used in a typing lesson would become the battle cry for our Nation!

Never before in the History of our FREE nation has there been a time such as this when “WE THE PEOPLE” must, MUST, stand up for our FREEDOM.


Over 17, 250 National Guardsmen have been dispatched to all 50 States, “for a variety of assignments”. Check this link to see exactly what they can and can't do.

How will you respond when they knock on your door? Will FEAR cause you to open that door? What are your rights? What can we do?

Unfortunately, our Constitution does not have a clear position on how our Constitutional Rights are affected, if at all during a Pandemic.

It was my understanding that our privacy in regards to our personal phones and computers were protected unless there is probable cause that there has been unlawful activity.

However, with regard to “Contact Tracing,” they have literally flushed our rights down the toilet. It is a far reach to use our personal phones GPS tracking to hunt us down like dogs and order us to “Stay” or better yet to “roll over and play dead” while they trample over our rights.

The Governments job is to work for us and to protect our rights as citizens. NOT to enforce unlawful activity ordered by tyrannical (socialist) Governors.

We MUST turn to our President to come to the aid of “We the People”. We must all take action, write letters, make phone calls, send faxes, inform President Trump of exactly what is happening in our States. Our President needs to hear directly from “We the People” en mass. Do not take the attitude of “well my friends will speak up, so I don't have to” BS, President Donald Trump needs to hear from YOU!!!

The Future is truly in YOUR Hands. The future of FREEDOM that America enjoys, the freedom that is the envy of all other nations, is up to YOU!

Make the Call! TODAY is the DAY!  202-456-1111

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Hello Patriots, 
Maureen Bernardy here, I am letting you know the 30th District Republican (PCO) Precinct Committee Officers are consistently working to speak up for our Rights and, always doing our homework to learn where the truth is, aiding conservative candidates to get them elected and networking with our local Pastors and all conservative people of Faith in our communities. 
There are people like us all across American who are grateful for our Blessings of Liberty and are working diligently in Republican groups and Districts and Precincts to listen to our neighbors and help them understand how to be educated voters. 
I want to let you know of the beautiful Slavic people, in Ukrainian Churches who are wonderful "Americans by choice!" who are some of our finest allies. Traditional families and values. Please meet them in their Churches and help them learn what to do, they are so willing! There is no language barrier with the young people. Help them connect to Citizenship classes for the older people. And then be certain they are all registered to vote.
As they tell us, "America is the last place on earth for Freedom and personal rights, there is no place left to run to." They want your help, they want to learn from you. 

maureen bernardy, Federal Way WA State 



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