‘Traitor’! Flake blocks advancement of Trump’s judicial nominees

‘Traitor’! Flake blocks advancement of Trump’s judicial nominees after Mueller protection bill fails

Thanks to what some call “treachery” by resigning Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, the Senate Judiciary Committee was forced to cancel a Thursday hearing designed to advance 18 of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees to the full Senate floor for confirmation.
The unexpected cancellation Wednesday by committee chair Sen. Charles Grassley reportedly resulted because of intransigence by Flake, who refuses to vote for any of the president’s nominees unless the Senate considers a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller.

When the duo introduced the bill roughly a week later, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnnell promptly blocked it, telling reporters at the time that the measure was unnecessary.
“The Mueller investigation is not under threat. The president said repeatedly that he’s not going to dismiss the Mueller investigation. He’s said repeatedly it’s going to be allowed to finish,” he said.


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Always a blackmailer in the bunch!

Suzie, I can not figure out what the Mccainite thinks he is getting for his behavior. McFlake is an embarrassment and frankly became a bad taste in even the RINOs. Some folk are behind this encouraging McFlake, McFlake if he has the thought of running against Trump in 2020 he would not win in AZ without progressives votes.

I have contacted his offices with a message "take the rest of the year off, close his trap and stop embarrassing AZ".

It's not as if we expected any less of Flakey so why are we surprised. I wonder what would happen if we all registered as Dems and did write-ins? It's not like we could do any worse than all those new found votes and fraudulent votes the Dems produce into maneuvering us to believe that Dems are honest people. 

I am in the dump today. I am fed up with the hue of a purple halo over many republicans head. predictable that these glowing in purple light would soon adopt the politically correct and identify politics of the left.

I am sure you are wondering what the heck prompted this from Pat. Without boring you I will say the RINOs here in AZ are engaged in seek and destroy any elected who is a bonafide conservative. It is sickening to watch.

I wish our President would create a 3rd party register it in all 50 states. Our President is not a dem or repub -- I would switch to his established party in a second.

...'a 3rd party register...'  Interesting thought, but that would only split the republican party in two which will cause the republican party and the new '3rd party' to never have a majority, giving the democrat party control of congress for decades.  Actually, if I didn't know it was you, Patricia, suggesting this, I would think it was an idea by Pelosi and Schumer.  Get out of the DUMP!  

Patricia, I know exactly how you feel, when we work as hard as you have, then you watch idiots unravel it... I think you need a day off... a real day off, go to the movies, or whatever takes your mind off politics...  

Your idea is not too crazy... Years ago a member named Barbarian, came up with the idea for all to register as independent s...many of us did... 

Thanks Suzie. I haven't been to a movie theater since Fried Green Tomatoes made its first splash.

I too registered as an Independent for a short while.

When it comes to the politics out of D.C. I now just wait a bit, not get my underwear in a twist, totally designed for chaos.

Folks have said on TCC for years that politics that matters is in the local. That is were I have decided to put most of the remaining energy this old lady has to muster.

Chris will be back from NH tomorrow. My dogs will come back home from early on Friday. Chris will fix me a good meal, LOL I have been eating poorly since she has been in NH.

Honestly Suzie the problems that present here in the local I feel that if I can make a difference I am damn going to try.


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