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Trump, Pareto, and the Fall of the Elites

The Italian sociologist and economist Vilfredo Pareto died in 1923. He saw men’s beliefs and actions as motivated by sentiment and self-interest. The ostensible motivations given for certain beliefs and actions, such as helping the underprivileged, are often cover for actions actually motivated by a desire to protect the privileges of the elites -- the power structure. For example, the Democrats claim to be motivated by a desire to help the underprivileged. But their actions are clearly motivated by a desire to protect their own power and privileges. Encouraging mass immigration of illegals who compete for lower-level jobs does not help the underprivileged, rather it creates a new group of voters that will support the Democrats. It also helps privileged groups by supplying cheap labor.
Take, for example, wealthy Marin County, California. Marin is largely populated by well-to-do and highly educated professional people. An underclass of often illegal immigrants provides affordable services such as yard work and babysitting. In the 2012 presidential election, Marin voted 74% for Obama. In the 2016 election, Marin voted 77% for Hillary and only 16% for Trump. Another wealthy California county, Santa Clara County, is the heart of Silicon Valley. In the 2016 election, Santa Clara County voted only 21% for Trump. Fresno County, California, a county that is majority Hispanic with a very high poverty rate, voted 43% for Trump. California as a whole voted 32% for Trump. The nation as a whole voted 46% for Trump. In the borough of Manhattan, in New York City, one of the wealthiest places in the country, only 10% of the votes went for Trump. Clearly the privileged class votes Democratic and strongly opposes Trump.
In places inhabited by elites, the Democrats dominate. Trump’s victory was built on heavy voting by working class people who do not share in the patronage the Democrats bestow on identity groups held up as victims. The groups that are true victims, such as people whose jobs have been outsourced to low-wage countries, rebelled against the Democrats and elected Trump. Clearly the Democrats represent the elite, ruling class. That is not to say that the Republicans are not fellow travelers with the Democrats. Much of the right-leaning intellectual and political classes side with the Democrats in their hatred of Trump. Many politicians hide their dislike of Trump for fear of being primaried.
The reaction of the elites to Trump’s election was to launch an extra-legal attack with phony charges of Russian collusion. The FBI and Justice Department adopted police-state tactics such as wiretapping, entrapment, and even placing suspects in solitary confinement for lengthy periods in order to pressure them to testify against Trump. Most of the press, themselves part of the elite, participated wholeheartedly in this effort to destroy Trump and remove him from office.
Trump has, so far, fended off the attacks from the elite establishment. His performance as president has been very strong. He changed the tax laws with the effect of greatly improving the competitiveness of the U.S. economy. He unleased the oil and gas industry. The U.S. is now energy independent and set to become a major exporter of energy. He is in the process of renegotiating longstanding conditions of trade that have been unfavorable to the U.S. and American workers, particularly with China. He changed the relation between the U.S. and enemies North Korea and Iran, placing those enemies on the defensive. He has done these things in the face of unrelenting attacks from the media and the elite establishment.

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