A lot of dumbasses said USAG Sessions was nothing. The quiet ones will fuck your world, leave you feeling like a Mack truck ran over you. And you don't even know you're screwed until many months after he leaves the Office of Attorney General. Absolutely beautiful. Just amazing.
The play has been by the script. Trump's gamesmanship is 10/10. If DJT played it how we wanted in the beginning..we would've 100% missed lasso throw. Now? Russia is dead & buried, plotters tricked & removed, public perception is on our side & indictments almost seem inevitable.
Checker players lose at chess. President Trump even has said he'll eventually get you, even if he has to wait years. No one listens. Its not a few crooks.
ENTIRE Depts have been compromised over decades.
It's a writhing heap of interconnected vipers. Takes time to set up JUSTICE
Mr. Durham has served as the interim U.S. Attorney since October 28, 2017, after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions signed an order appointing him to the position. President Donald Trump nominated Mr. Durham to serve as U.S. Attorney on November 1, 2017.

Stupid MSM was saying Barr appointed John Durham, but if you listened to what Barr actually said he only "announced" that Durham was on the case. Durham was at the Congressional Hearings when Comey, Strzok and others testified. Almost everyone didn't even notice him there.

Sessions was put in place to Smoke out all the Deep State Tactics and used as a sacrifice to see how the Deep State was going to play their cards. Sessions took it on the chin in public opinion. Whereas Flynn actually fell on his sword. Both are patriots.

Now, Sessions was (publicly) handcuffed with Russia and had to recuse himself, all the while, Sessions was setting the stage for Ukraine (crowdstrike coup origins) and William Barr. Everyone called him sleepy, everyone doubted Sessions was doing anything..

Sessions AND General Flynn spent A LOT of time with Trump on Trump Force 1 in '16. They didn't talk about Grandchildren but about how to take America back.
They both told him all the things happening in D.C. that he didn't already know about.
And presumably, knowing Trump, they had a plan(a real one). They both were basically MVP's on his team. Both were soldiers that peak head out so squad can locate sniper. A few weeks into the Trump admin they were destroyed with *Trump seemingly looking stupid for trusting them.*

Remember Sessions was the only one swatting Creepy Joe's hand away touching his grandkids on CSPAN.

Sessions appointed Durham (something the bedwetters still can't grasp) He gave Huber, far away in Utah, the power to collect all of the data.

Huber gave that Data to Durham once he was instructed by Barr. Sessions also started the Leak Task Force which is responsible for a lot of the pro Trump exposures of the Deep State. The whole McCabe and Strzok expose was thanks to that.
I don't believe that Trump - like a fool - let's the deep state and a Sessions traitor run amok as if Trump is isolated. Okay sure. Surely Trump knows all about spygate since way before he said Obama spied on him.
The biggest problem with the Obama DOJ was the weaponization,

the tight connection between Obama, Holder and Lynch. Trump and Sessions made it look like there's zero connection. Trump continues to separate himself from most of this. He plays dumb in interviews. Making it seem like they are totally independent. Similar with Barr.

Trump acting a fool("I hope they do something").. Can you imagine Trump and Session on Trump Force 1 discussing how they restore the DOJ and expose the swamp? "I'll have to call you names Jeff", "no problem Mr Trump, go ahead". "Half of my supporters will hate you", "Fuck it"

Flynn could've already enjoyed his retirement with some silly sentence.. Instead he's imploding Spygate through the judiciary as if he planned it this way....

READ MORE..............

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Interesting theory. Our President is a clever Fox operating in the district swamp.



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