US in Moral Decline

Walter E. Williams is a columnist for The Daily Signal and a professor of economics at George Mason University.
Attorney General William Barr last week told a University of Notre Dame Law School audience that attacks on religious liberty have contributed to a moral decline that’s in part manifested by increases in suicides, mental illness, and drug addiction.
Barr said that our moral decline is not random but “organized destruction.” Namely: “Secularists and their allies have marshaled all the forces of mass communication, popular culture, the entertainment industry, and academia in an unremitting assault on religion and traditional values.”
The attorney general is absolutely correct.
Whether we have the stomach to own up to it or not, we have become an immoral people left with little more than the pretense of morality. The left’s attack on religion is just the tiny tip of the iceberg in our nation’s moral decline.
The demand for socialism is on the rise from young Americans today. But is socialism even morally sound? Find out more now >>
You say: “That’s a pretty heavy charge, Williams. You’d better be prepared to back it up with evidence!”
I’ll try with a few questions for you to answer.
Do you believe that it is moral and just for one person to be forcibly used to serve the purposes of another? And, if that person does not peaceably submit to such use, do you believe that there should be the initiation of force against him?
Neither question is complex and can be answered by either a yes or no. For me, the answer is no to both questions. I bet that nearly every college professor, politician, or even minister could not give a simple yes or no response.

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America is in a moral and ethical decline Barr is right. America's culture which is a diverse culture is systematically under assault.

The younger folks are spoon fed socialism using free stuff, pandering propaganda, fraudulent claims using PC, racist, homophobe and all the labels in HC deplorable basket honestly the typical youngster cannot define socialism.

The oft used/claim it's socialism is a masking for the time being of communism laced with AI controls which is their goal for managing he globalist NWO and no this is not a conspiracy theory.

The democrat party is now the party of hate.

MAGA! Trump 2020!

Patricia as always you are right on... We need to figure out ways to get their attention- I was thinking of making a poster with Tar and Feathers on it and send it in mass to the dems... before our very eyes, they are destroying Liberty...

Suzie thanks for your nice shout out but LOL over   the years on this site I can recall many times how wrong I have been. I do strive for a new way of thinking and that thinking does not include arrogant progressivism, left/left-wing from the bigoted party of hate [democrat party].

The poster idea a smart one. If you know a Republican elected presenting them one to hand carry to both chambers would be good.

A poster with a message democrats trying to tar and feather our President -- democrat party has tar and feathering in their history.

An appropriate sized graphic and I would share on FB.

BTW remember Myrna from the 4th as she put it Facebook has placed her in Facebook jail. I'm proud of her and angry as hell that she was put in the Facebook gulag.



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