It seems every year is an election year be it local, state and/or federal. 

I feel that vetting for the primary is crucial. Also helping to identify, vet, for a constitutional conservative to run in the primary against a disappointing RINO that needs to be retired is our duty.

I thought it would be helpful if members would participate in sharing their vetting methods/questions for the benefit of all of us.

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I found this PDF interesting, but it is outdated- 2013. We could create something similar... as a guide.

Thanks for the pdf. Obviously at one time it originated at I haven't found it on their website but my be overlooking.

So far I think it is quite useful in vetting for a possible backing of a claimed conservative to a challenge to a RINO who has disappointed.

It's also useful for vetting any R. 

Questions for any candidate would center around the U.S. Constitution, one's state constitution, ?'s for knowledge of the republican platform. Their familiarity with the Declaration of Independence. Simple ? are we a Republic or a democracy?

Our duty should also be to attend forums, town halls and the like with ?'s in hand and concerns to challenge a candidate.

We have a chance to contribute to a conservative movement.

Every candidate should be vetted completely. Our laws have to be followed to a T.



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