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My thought on the white (considering the party/idealolgy involved) was all that was missing were the hoods!  But then again, they believe they are the be all/end all deities of the universe, superior in everything so why would they cover their faces!  We mere mortals must be able to recognize our overlords to bow down and give them the worship they require!!!

My thought of choosing to wear white tracked pretty much with Linda's.  I also thought white is not a color that one wears in winter as I was taught therefore, they were truly invested into the optics it placed in peoples imagination. 

As with the previous SOTU the democrats overall behaviors during the President's speech was poor, like bratty children. I did have an LOL experience when the President made them clap from time to time.

Americans are in a state of tribalism and sadly the poor behaviors of the democrats fit the loony lefts expectations.

Shove it republicans and conservatives was the democrats message.

Optics you're right Patricia!  They made sure they couLd be seen in the sea of dark suits and dresses.  “Look at us, look at us!!”  I really wished the cameras would have shown more of the not applauding or even standing by whichever side so the voters could see their elected official and their true stance on things. Also wished piglousy’s attempts at being a baseball coach with all her signals would have been shown more, even as a split screen view. 

Returning to optics. I got as well the democrat women's attempt to make a connection to suffereggets. They fell short of that goal. Suffragettes of old would be turning in their graves with a shame on these democrat women.

When I saw them allin white I thought of the demoncrat support of infanticide and extending abortions thru the 9 month and immediately said there they are like foul priestesses  of Baal...the god to whom infants and children were sacrificed to- alive.

I am sickened by all things Demoncrat in congress. It seems that when they took  God off the DNC platform a few year back the entire party and it's leaders have been growing in immorality, intolerance and sick greed for control. The party has no more validity  as moral, patriotic or supporters of our Constitution as far as I am concerned.

You all got that right! This is deeper and more intense then we think...It gives me the creeps like it's evil or ?

Suzie-it IS evil!!  The commie left does nothing without careful planning and intent. Everything they do has a purpose. There are many times I’ve thought their actions and words are a signal to whatever group of the day/week/etc to begin or ramp up whatever it is that is the current “outrage” of the week.  They can’t make their “call to arms” openly public yet-so they signal it. 

i didn't know that about white dresses and nazi women.. learned something today = a good day. When i saw it I was more in the thought-line of Greg Gutfield = dental hygienists?? :~}

these past few days almost everything politics in the news has taken my thoughts back to learning EXACTLY WHO/WHAT progressives are, 20+ years ago in the uber-progressive demons den sanfranAustin TX. Especially the truth exposing garbage coming out of the scuzio-cortez's camp and the widespread embracing of it. THIS is what i saw obviously, without doubt inevitably coming then, and why i went against my lifetime disinterest in the lowlife realm of partisan politics = to do what i can to preserve what our country is SUPPOSED to be. PROGRESSIVEs to their very core are ALL ABOUT exterminating the culture that maintained the principles we were founded on. ...and as i explored that epiphany further over the following years it never proved incorrect, and revealed to me that it wasn't just the D party that had embraced PROGRESSIVE-ism. Granted R party's progressives aren't near as radical, but their embracing of PROGRESSIVE beliefs and concepts is just as destructive as the radicals', by welcoming/embracing incremental progressive-ness into the countless laws being made.  --- my natural conclusion = just as it always has been, my involvement cannot be about R or D party, it has to be about exposing PROGRESSIVE for the disaster it is and stopping the inevitable oncoming PROGRESSIVE insanity that wants to rule over every aspect of my/our life.

...and I truly believe that is the only path to preserving what our country is suppose to be. If 'politics' remains about partisanship and not about the evil intents of PROGRESSIVE, there is no real victory to be had. We will continue on the same path to hell we've been on for 100+years.   --- just read over Patricia's thread describing what she's seeing in the depths of partisan politics in her deep R party involvements. It is the embracing of PROGRESSIVE concepts along with fully embracing and incorporating PROGRESSIVE Alinski political tactics to achieve their goals.

The real fight is truly what it always has been, even throughout the creation era of our country. It is about government ruling over EVERY aspect of life vs. freedom and liberty.

and just to insert some partisan politics benefit of realizing that and acting on it into my rant = if you really really want to hurt the D party, nothing could cause a faster nor more effective split within that party than Rs to stop ineffective misidentifying their venom/demonization of "D"s and making it all about the stopping evil intent of PROGRESSIVE.

Larry every word you say is true-- however, I equate the word Progressives to Communists... According to the democratic socialist party website, the goals of the socialist party and the communist party mirror one another...

We are a political party of the working class, for the working class, with no corporate sponsors or billionaire backers. Join the generations of workers whose generosity and solidarity sustains the fight for justice.

We see the working class in a key and central position to fight back against the ruling class and its power. The working class is the major force worldwide that can lead the way to a socialist future – to a real radical democracy from below.

Whatever we decide to name "it"- a pile of doo doo by any other name is still  a pile of doo doo

More Commie info. they are creeping into our lives... Is this our future?

The Illinois university partners with several Chinese universities in exchange programs; at least two of those Chinese universities have directed participants to form party cells on the Urbana-Champaign campus, using those cells for ideological monitoring and control, according to articles posted to university websites and interviews with student participants.

One Chinese exchange student who studied at UIUC in the fall of 2017 says that before embarking on the study tour in Illinois, the students had to attend a lecture on the dangers of the Falun Gong, a strongly anti-party spiritual group banned in mainland China but active in the United States.

After the students’ arrival in Illinois, their home university asked the group to set up a temporary party branch and requested that the students hold a viewing party to watch the 19th party plenum in October, the major party planning conference held every five years. (The plenum was the subject of a major global propaganda push, with Chinese embassies and consulates reaching out to Chinese community organizations around the world, asking them to organize events for their members.)

But reading between the lines, it’s clear that the real problem on college campuses is not the whiny, neurotic students, but the post-modern neo-Marxist professors who are manipulating them.

Suzie -unfortunately my 2 following points are probably not going to pleasant to you - genuinely sorry.

1st - site functionality. Reply buttons aren't opening a text window for me, and the edit button doesn't function for me to edit my posts.

.... and then, i interpret your post to remain focused on 'party', and that misses +/or disagrees with the whole and every point within  my rant.

Larry, Your reply is spot on. Calling a republican a RINO is to say the elected is NOT partisan.

I did my little part to help with electing a neighboring city councilman, couldn't cast a vote for him but what that city does slides down to affect my community. I know him pretty well. The first thing he said to me when we first met was 'I am a partisan registered republican'. 

My goodness we here in my area hold non-partisan elections for city elections. This means unless one does some deep research and talk extensively with other conservatives and republicans one could wake up later and find you have cast a vote for a democrat/socialist. A gift to the left in their quest to infiltrate in the local.



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