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Larry, Your message brought tears to my eyes -- knowing you in a virtual way and so many others on TCC has been a true gift to me. Over the years blogging with members brought me to the realization that I had to take a leap as a conservative activist.

I had a decision to make when my County GOP EC's (some but enough to pass a vote among themselves) to issue a press release to damage a republican candidate. I thought about resigning as PC in protest other PC's did. I chose not to because I wanted to retain standing and battle them from within. I know them all pretty well but are they my enemy not in the true sense they made a poor decision and instead of admitting they dug in. That is a human flaw.

As a PC / SC I am considered an elected official of the GOP. I take that responsibility seriously. On Feb 2nd I emailed the County Chairwoman with a request that she send an email blast out to the grassroots PC / SC giving the date and time for the next EC meeting and additionally include the agenda. She emailed me back, no seating available for PC / SC's. Only board members allowed to speak. Agenda full no way to accomodate my request without a vote of the EC members. What a crock yet their not my enemy I just think of them as broken.

Well in short I will attend along with some other PC / SC's. LOL I depend on my wheelchair. Other PC / SC's will bring their own chair.

We are committed to knowing what they are up to because frankly we have lost trust.  The goal then is to be better informed and if red alerts surface to make it known and try to save the EC's from their RINO captivity.

Thanks again Larry, I appreciate my virtual friendship(s).

Patricia you got it just right. We must always do our research. I check google and YouTube on all new candidates. Then I talk to the people on the street. If you talk to most young people the majority will tell you that Blacks are at least 50% of the population and Gays are at least 30%. If you correct their brainwashing they think you are crazy. When it is pointed out that Whites, Spanish, Asians and other minorities only account for 20% of the population they are shocked. 

The problem is, they have been so well brainwashed over the past twenty years though our media, schools and social groups they can no longer think for themselves. I can't blame them when you see that lines have been drawn to favor voting blocks for Blacks. At least 95% of commercials have Blacks in them. TV shows are being taken over by Blacks and movies are being remade with Blacks as the major actors. This is no accident. It is a controlled effect to diminish the importance of the roles in the new society where the minority will rule the populace. Since Blacks only account for 14% of the population they have done a great job of propaganda that Hitler would have been proud.  

When Obama was elected the attitudes of Blacks was up-beat and their faces showed hope. Then in Obama's second Term their faces showed confusion now, their faces show an apologetic look. They may not understand what is going on but they know things have changed and not for the better. They fare no better than all races in trying to understand the media, our schools and our elected officials. The most important question to be asked is why are politicians and the media trying to tear America down.

This is why we must not only listen to those running for office but what their entire life is like. Who their friends are and where do they get their money for their campaign. We must renew our effect to educate for 2020. We must be the town criers. We need to go into areas we have never gone before and spread the information we have. We are not just battling the politicians but also the propaganda of the media. 

Christine, Excellent repy. Yes we all must venture out of our usual comfort zones and engage.

In 2016 I was pushing my County GOP to hold a picnic event and hold it at a location not in their usual comfort zone. Afterall 2016 being major election year of importance holding a picnic where republican candidates could speak to registered republicans as well to independents and try and win over dems or a chance to register voters. I was not successful. I was disappointed but not at all surprised.

Whenever I get out and about I take every opportunity as you do to mix and talk with as many folks I can.

The progressive/socialist/communist party propaganda apparatus has been very successful helped along by the technocrats.

I wrote this article back in 2009... some of the links no longer function... but there is a lot of history in it...

So sorry it appears our edit button is not functioning... I will turn in a ticket..

Suzie, I recall. While some links maybe broken bet we all may be able to use some of the words in a link as search terms and perhaps find success. 

I am going to try and reread your info -- yep lots of warnings and calls for some actions to be found. 2009 O took ofc. Didn't like his ideology, never met the man so can't say I would like him personaly. I as I did before and do now have respect for the ofc of the President.


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