You're surfing the net and suddenly a page freezes or appears odd.  You try to press a button and *bam*.  Nothing works.  It's not you.  It's probably your computer or a very old website which hasn't been updated.

Yes it happens and it's generally caused by "cookies" stored in ones browser OR by an out-of-date browser.  Try these steps:

  1. Make sure your browser version is up-to-date.  Generally this is under the "About" or Home page of your browser.  As we continually update our site to match new version roll outs, your browser may be out of date without you knowing it.
  2. Perform a hard refresh.  A hard refresh is a quick way to test any webpage by bypassing a browsers cookies and pulling up the page directly off of the company's servers.  It's super simple and varies by browser:
  3. In a Mac press the Shift+Command+R key
  4. In a PC in Internet Explorer or Chrome press CTRL+f5
  5. or in Firefox press CTRL+Shift+R 
  6. Check the website itself.  So the posts all appear old?  Has there been no recent activity?  It could be an out-of-date website.  You may need to contact their Administrator.

If the page appears properly (or button suddenly works), this is a confirmation that you need to clear the cache to stave off the problem from occurring again.  Depending on the amount of web surfing you perform, it may be a good habit to clear your cache on a daily or weekly basis.

Still experiencing trouble?  Contact Kos.   Please give her your browser version, what problem you're experiencing and the steps you have taken thus far to remedy the situation.  We'll get you up and running.

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