My personal opinion is that each of us on TCC should be our states Committee women and men. By doing this a powerful army is unleashed to support not only President Trump in 2020 but republican candidates up and down the ballot.

I urge each of those who are not a Precinct Committee  man or woman to invest the time (small) to obtain  the form necessary from your county GOP, the elections office or a Republican Hd'Qrts office.

You can or may be able to get a copy of the PC Handbook as well.

What advantages are there to becoming a PC? Here are some,

  • As a PC you are an elected official of your County GOP that gives you a more powerful voice
  • As a PC you can run for State Committeeman or woman and SC men and women are elected by PC's
  • As an SC you can affect who is elected as your States GOP Chair and as a PC who is elected as county Chair
  • Open doors to interact with other Republicans and Conservatives registered as Republican
  • Your voice as a conservative has a better chance to be heard
  • You alone or with other like minded can introduce resolutions or affect bylaw changes at the county GOP level and as an SC bylaw changes or resolutions to support or not
  • Yes, you can participate in door knocking during campaign season, some of us can't physically do that, but we may be able to participate in a phone bank, registration drive etc.
  • You as a PC can recruit others to become a PC from your pool of neighbors, friends or family
  • The elected or those running for ofc are more likely to be invested in your opinions

. . . . . 

Become a PC -- it will open many doors as you gain information for R clubs and orgs within your local  Events and forums will be more easily available to you to interact with your representatives.

In AZ I did not know for sometime what legislative district I was in nor my congressional district. I did not know my Precinct name nor did I know that each Precinct had a Precinct Captain and an Area Director both of whom the PC's elect.

In my county training opportunities are given to PC's. Other opportunities occur for providing venues picnics/barbeques for county PC's to mingle, meet and greet. 

Within your Precinct additional opportunities to mingle, meet and greet on a more regular basis with your neighbors.

Do consider becoming a PC to help drive for victory in 2020.

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For those of us who have the time within the business hours of the day that is an excellent suggestion.

Finally after 10 long years I am again working in the profession that I went to school for and find myself working 150 miles away from home and that time is not an option.

The rest of us can organize! but, as many of you know I became very disillusioned, it seems most conservatives would rather tout their principals,  regale their ethics and tell you how they won't stoop to the level of their opponent. All I hear bitch, bitch, bitch, whine, whine, whine. All talk and no action.

We need to be on our representatives and hold them accountable, or, be clear they will be replaced (for me Rubio comes to mind).

Repeal the 17th amendment, it was put in place by the same progressives who want the popular election and to eliminate the Electoral College, with an overwhelming number of Republican Governors and State Legislatures we would have Senators who are representative of the states and Washington couldn't cram this crap down our throats. (Feel free to contact me on the history of this)

We need to organize, rallies on the weekends for those of us who can't do business days during the week for those who can.

Call out the media, letters to the editor of you local paper, op-ed if you can get them published, get yourself on and in  the news anyway you can.

One of the most important thing in my opinion is, know their play book. When I went to High school, we had a class called Problems in American Democracy, or PAD. Our teacher, Colonel McNary (a real hero I discovered at my graduation from basic training) required us to read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, 1984, Animal Farm and Dune. I now understand why. This is the outline of their plan and the way for us to fight it. If we stand high and mighty on our principals we are doomed. My Brothers and Sisters in Vietnam learned to defeat your enemy you have to use your opponents tactics, we were winning, unfortunately the press and the politicians managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but that is a story for another time. BOTTOM LINE, IF YOU ARE GOING TO WRESTLE WITH A PIG, YOU HAVE TO GET IN THE MUD!

George Orwell said, and this is a paraphrase, IF YOU CAN CONTROL THE KNOWLEDGE AND YOU CAN CONTROL THE LANGUAGE, YOU CAN CONTROL THE PEOPLE. Wake up, the 3.2 crowd as I call them (maintained their 3.2 GPA so they wouldn't get drafted) has taken over the education system, they have dumbed down our children and CONTROLLED THEIR KNOWLEDGE and are now controlling them. Phase 2 is now going into effect CONTROL THE LANGUAGE. No one wants to admit it but this is a civil war, a cold war, no shooting, YET. This is a war for our Traditional American Values and way of life. If we loose, America as we know it is Doomed.

Patricia I agree with everything you have said, supplemented by my suggestions, we may have a chance. If you remember the story of the WOLVES, SHEEP AND SHEEPDOGS, someone has to get their hands dirty. They may be shunned when the danger is past, but it is a necessary evil, the Sheep will seek the protection of the Sheepdog when the Wolf come to prey on them, and they will fear his fangs when the danger is gone, but we must do this for our children whether they can see the importance yet or not. And we must do this to honor those who have died in our stead, to protect us and keep us safe.

Civilization Jihad calls for changing a nation by changing its people and its values – gradually, over time.

Loyalty, Honor and Integrity are not catch words to be used to manipulate and intimidate others.

Loyalty, Honor and Integrity, are both ways of life for a warrior, uncompromising and unwavering in his belief's no matter the consequences, and the means of determining his self-worth.

--- An American Warrior

ABH,Great to see and read your post. Busy woman you are and still you are involved. Thanks for your service.

My post goal was to try encourage those who might read a good way to become involved and one that had a chance to expand their community of conservative and republican friends.

Conservatives are a special breed. I joined a constitutional conservative group and our groups efforts allowed us to get elected a slate of 23 conservatives elected as state committee women and men. That may seem insignificant #'s but it was a victory within my county GOP. Purging conservatives is a sport among the RINO's.

I am neurologically challenged and I no longer have the luxury to drive. I'm fortunate to have friends and a mate who gets me to venues.

Surprises me how much I can do from home by making use of my phone and laptop. 

I wrote a letter to the editor today in response to a letter a lefty had published. Basically she had blamed conservatives because Planned Parenthood closed their clinic in Prescott. Couldn't let that stand without a response. Took me less than an hour to write and submit.

I wanted to add that should you think that becoming a PC is not important here in AZ the Democrats have been very engaged in filling their numbers of PC's. We who are registered as Republican have much ground to make up. The state and county GOP's are now in full throttle to make up lost ground. 

Patricia I applaud you, you are the person we need more of.

We need a mix of approaches to the problem, but most of all we need to counter the apathy.I believe my point is made in that I am the only one who has responded to your post. I don't know if you remember, but I used to quite vocal, but the bitching and whining with no willingness to put time or action into the problem soured me. Until the majority of those who call themselves conservatives or libertarians pull their heads from that warm dark place where they have stuck it for so long, we are in deep stuff.

God Bless you and keep up the fight.


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