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How do we know if we’re in a constitutional crisis? 11 experts explain.

What is a constitutional crisis?

This question reemerges seemingly every week in the Trump era. The president is openly disdainful of the rule of law and is now undermining Congress’s ability to exercise its lawful powers of oversight. But is it fair to say that we’ve crossed a red line?

Jerry Nadler, the Democratic chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is the latest to argue that we have. After the White House invoked executive privilege and refused to release the full, unredacted version of the Mueller report last week, Nadler told CNN that we are in a “constitutional crisis” because “the president is disobeying the law, is refusing all information to Congress.”

But, Nadler added, “I don’t like to use that phrase because it’s been used for far less dangerous situations.”

That’s one of the biggest problems with the concept of a “constitutional crisis”: It’s poorly defined. There’s no set of agreed-upon conditions, no ultimate standard that indicates when a country has officially entered into a constitutional crisis. Instead, we can only look at a country’s political system and ask whether it’s working as designed, or whether the structures and institutions that hold it together are intact.

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The only Constitutional Crisis is the subversion of it by every Leftist, Fascist, Communist, Socialist, Islamist in congress and every single so-called Democrat currently running for President of the United States.  The U.S. Constitution itself cannot be a perceived crisis, it is an inanimate object, it is a written document, not a living document as Leftists would have us believe.  Much like any weapon, the crisis is with the user, not the weapon.  Don't need long winded articles to explain it.

The Progressive Socialist Democrats call all the wrong things a Constitutional crisis.

The first three articles define government powers: the Executive has the sword, the legislature has the purse and the courts have power over neither.

A Constitutional crisis is when one branch/member of govt. commits an undisputed illegal act publicly and the other members of the govt. refuse to acknowledge, or bring charges simply because they agree with the law being broken. There were several during the Obama years, some the judicial branch acted on, long after the damage was done, but others that the conspiracy of the media and the dnc simply ignored. I am not aware of any that meet that description so far in the Trump years, that Trump committed. The crisis now is reversed - and much harder to remedy, congress in general and the dnc in particular, have conspired with media and foreign agents to overturn and nullify a legal, proper American presidential election. If the upcoming IG and AG reports to not begin with charges and arrests, we will probably see the Constitutional remedy provided come to application.

(1807-1815) The Writings of Thomas Jefferson_Part 1 Beginning on Pg 53.
"DEAR SIR, While Burr's case is depending before the court, I will trouble you, from time to time, with what occurs to me. I observe that the case of Marbury v. Madison has been cited, and I think it material to stop at the threshold the citing that case as authority, and to have it denied to be law."
"I have long wished for a proper occasion to have the gratuitous opinion in Marbury v. Madison brought before the public, & denounced as not law; &: I think the present a fortunate one. because it occupies such a place in the public attention. I should be glad therefore. if, in noticing that could take occasion to express the determination of the executive, that the doctrines of that case were given extra judicially & against law, and that their reverse will be the rule of action with the executive."

I vowed NOT to read any article published by Vox a while back -- so did not read this one. America's constitutional crisis is spelled,

D-E-M 0-N-R-A-T

Jerome certainly has it right.

If we do not read the works of the left Socialist how will defeat the power of free money from taxpayers. Non profits use Federal grants to feed the campaigns of Progressive Socialist Democrats. We must know and understand their arguments or they will win just as the Communist and Nazi did in the 30s and 40s?

Mangus, I bet many members here on TCC do read a lot about the "Progressive Socialist Democrats" I know I do. With that said I have concluded that what is going on on the left has more to do with communism. Both sides are invested in the socialist narrative. Either one of the models is unacceptable.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hear an AZ U.S. House Congressman speak. A good friend brought the subject of socialism vs communism up and ask why the R's were not pushing back basically calling an ace an ace. Boiled down  to, in my opinion, the R's being late to the table thereby the dems had already served the dish. 

Recently the Communist Workers Party of America had their convention. They concluded actually they were for now going to go along with the socialist narrative and support the D's of course.

The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.

Sun Tzu


I agree, however, I think the art of war has been radically changed technologically speaking...

As Captain Kirk would say "shields up"

Good quote.

Mangus many of us have recognised then 'the enemy' has been gathering its troops for an assault for decades. Quite an assault was waged and they won the skirmish in 2008 and 2012. We have forced a 'slight' retreat in 2016. They have ready for another major assault in 2020.p

Will they be forced to retreat and lick their wounds again? I am one little old soul of we the people but this old soul will be giving all she can to push them back.

Good  news is that many of the left are disgusted with the clown show debates series. Will the dem eventual nominee succeed? I am thinking no. However 2020 will be seem an eternity and some folks appear not to have long memories. Many D's would vote for anyone but Trump. Therefore up to all of us to do what we can to defeat the left in the next assault on our Republic in 2020.

In the USMC War College, we all read Sun Tzu.  A great warrior and strategist, but it applied mostly to those in danger of being attacked by oncoming hordes much like his own.  My experiences have revealed to me that in this modern day, although Tzu's basic rules still have much credence, they are slightly outdated.  I prefer the battle strategies of one Air Force General, Gen. Curtis Lemay.  There is only one way to defeat the enemy after you realize who that is of course.  Kill them, and keep killing them until they stop fighting or have been vanquished totally.  Today, the U.S. has a tendency to go into battle with the intention of not losing, much like my war in Vietnam.  One can only be victorious if you go to war to win, period.  Containment cannot work against enemies such as Islam, whose intention is to die for their Allah.  You cannot beat that enemy into submission without eliminating them to the last one.  

Therefore, Jerome, we must kill all the soicialist democrats?  : )


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