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How do we know if we’re in a constitutional crisis? 11 experts explain.

What is a constitutional crisis?

This question reemerges seemingly every week in the Trump era. The president is openly disdainful of the rule of law and is now undermining Congress’s ability to exercise its lawful powers of oversight. But is it fair to say that we’ve crossed a red line?

Jerry Nadler, the Democratic chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is the latest to argue that we have. After the White House invoked executive privilege and refused to release the full, unredacted version of the Mueller report last week, Nadler told CNN that we are in a “constitutional crisis” because “the president is disobeying the law, is refusing all information to Congress.”

But, Nadler added, “I don’t like to use that phrase because it’s been used for far less dangerous situations.”

That’s one of the biggest problems with the concept of a “constitutional crisis”: It’s poorly defined. There’s no set of agreed-upon conditions, no ultimate standard that indicates when a country has officially entered into a constitutional crisis. Instead, we can only look at a country’s political system and ask whether it’s working as designed, or whether the structures and institutions that hold it together are intact.

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Although not versed in the art of war, other than my own reading/research...As I said to Mangus, technology has changed the playing field...

To me, Islam is a whole different category of war. They have been planning and scheming since the Byzantine empire...and people simply can't wrap their heads around that kind of commitment -for lack of a better word... because it comes under the guise of religion...

With the influx of illegals- I ask folks, Could you tell the difference between a Hispanic kid or a middle eastern kid standing at your door with a weapon? and how do you react to a kid with a weapon- especially one who has been trained to kill the infidel...

That is then, the question that will someday require an answer, is it not?


I am concerned that those decisions will have to be made at some point- I pray that time is a long way off!

I always learn so much from you in these constitutional discussions...

I am honored to have such great minds as part of my site. 

Sun Tzu gave us the knowledge of the Mad bomber attitude: 

It is essential to seek out enemy agents who have come to conduct espionage against you and to bribe them to serve you. Give them instructions and care for them. Thus doubled agents are recruited and used. Sun Tzu

I had no knowledge of Sun Tzu. Certainly no wealth of info do I have at the study of war. So thanks Mangus for the intro to Tzu.

I am a simple minded sort and fly by the seat of my pants using common sense. I know the threats to this Republic and they are not just the folk on the left.

My ability to fight present day is much limited but this old girl explores as many tactics as I can to lock and load.

We have a uniparty in Congress so the fight is the easily identified D but takes a bit more effort to cull out the R's who are working with the D.

Well said...

Thank you Jerome. To cull the uniparty R requires a lot of attention to ones reps. How they vote. What they say. To cull must have a very provable constitutional candidate ready to take on the R to be culled in the primary and work like hell to get the better candidate to victory for the general, ones commitment not over must then work like heck to get the conservative to a win in the general. After that conservative wins then the job is to hold their feet to the fire so they live up to expectations.

I swear it seems like perpetual elections -- dang a voter has a lot of responsibility -- 

Unfortunately, we exist in a binary world - just like computers all -0- and -1- choose  one not two. We all attempt to elect good conservatives and most are until they reach the DC swamp.

The two (binary) parties then merge to pass out the trillions of tax dollars used to get reelected. If the new Representative does not fall in lock step they are cut off from the campaign money and not assigned any committee posts?

Look what Paul Ryan did and how many he and Bohener ruined, turned them into puppets  Keep in mind the system is binary so a third option is not available.

Not unlike "keep your friends close, however. keep your enemies closer."  Or "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."  The enemies of Western Civilization are obvious and hidden in plain sight, if only sane people would stop looking the other way.

Jerome, The left/left wing are much like those who radically follow the tenets of Islam if there is any value to what I say to whip their butts back to sanity will take centuries of persistent struggle.

Now that we have defined a binary government let us now review how they Supreme Court and the Federal Courts have created a third way to legislate and interpret the limits of the Constitution. The Founders designed a binary Republic - limited Federal powers and a weak government - then a second more powerful and unlimited State government.

Well that worked for a long time but John Marshall's Supreme court made two cases that changed the system without a Constitutional Amendment. Marbury V Madison (Judicial review) and Barron V Baltimore (Judicial Interpretation). these two cases were not abused much until the Civil war and now the modern world. The Founders intended that the courts were to be weak and have no power over governments at any level save what the State made available in their unlimited abilities. Federal Courts were to review challenges to the Constitutionality of statues and to find they were Constitutional and if not then refer them back to the Legislature for repairs or repeal?


Thank you. I always learn a lot from you. I always wondered why the Courts seemed to have such power over the executive branch...makes no sense...

Thanks for this post


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