In reading the comments below a Breitbart article about what's going on in France I found these comments interesting;

Looking at the picture above it is clear these are no rent a mob but people far more dangerous to the Globalist establishment as they are the tax payers.
They want their country back and they will not stop until they get it.
Right from day one it was obvious it was about far more than fuel duty despite media pushing that narrative.

  • I saw some footage yesterday showing the other side of the protestors’ coin....

    Non-white thugs without yellow vests hurling bricks and other missiles at the police which means the police will have to join forces with the genuine yellow jackets or it will become a battlefield of immense proportions.


    That is indeed what is happening, Honda, yet the current posturing, lying, treacherous and dissembling fools in Cesspit-on-Thames are so blind within their comfortable, privileged bubble that they cannot see beyond it.

    If they did cast their somewhat limited vision beyond they might notice that the corrupt, tyrannical construct known as the EU, to which they are trying to irrevocably join us to at the hip, really no longer exists as an organic entity; it is imploding and it knows this and is simply determined to keep us bound to it and its hands in our pockets for as long as it can whilst trying to delay the inevitable, its complete and utter collapse.

    One merely has to watch what is happening beyond its German core and a couple of Germany’s small vassal States such as the Netherlands; a growing rebuttal of the New World Order process, a rejection of the iniquitous UN Migration Pact, a resurgence of national populism, traditional cultures and language and most of all an end to the planned genocide of its indigenous peoples at the hands of the most barbarian and backward examples of failed human evolution that the EU has been able to find and import, including here in the UK by the very same collective of self-serving traitors currently bringing the Mother of parliament into terminal disrepute.

    As you point out, even France is now heading for the exit – the Franco-German Siamese twins are being brutally separated by their own natural defense mechanisms and it is now only a matter of which one survives and prevails.

    Meanwhile in Westminster the farce continues. Oblivious to the obvious realities that the future holds our political drones press ahead, attempting a mating flight with a dying Queen Bee, a flight which they will not survive irrespective of the outcome. Good riddance.

  • maybe it's my bias but that sounds more like reality to me than what 'journalists' put in print. I do have some doubts about it though, given France's leftist culture reputation.

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The slow death of Progressive Socialist governments in Europe. They have run out of other people's money.

Yet, who is wearing a yellow jacket in America? Where is the ordinary American's support for their friends across the ocean? This is our problem also but, we are treating it as an isolated incident not affecting us. Why are we not wearing yellow jackets for support of Trump and marching on DC? No yellow jacket you say, then get a yellow rain cover or a yellow life-jacket. Ah! I say. We are still waiting for a leader to arise and save us as we keep warm in our homes eating, drinking and making merry for the holiday season. Yes, we have been lulled into a stupor with low gas prices and a smooth economy. At the same time the Left is trying to scare us with a Market drop. Still we slumber playing the wait and see game. For America to fall she only needs good people to do nothing. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year. 


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