Hello Members,

Lately, I have found myself following stories down some pretty scary rabbit holes, and I need you to help me and your fellow Americans find some truth in this Virus crisis- if indeed it is a crisis...

I have been reading and watching videos till my eyes are bloodshot and I am still full of questions?

According to the liberal media, we are in a shut down because people are sick, very sick- everywhere!!!

According to the liberal media, our hospitals are completely full and medical staff is overloaded!!!

According to the liberal media, we will be "just like China and Italy" soon- in another week!!!

According to the liberal media, it's all about the "Curve"!!!

Here are just a few of my questions...

1. Are our Hospitals overrun with Coronavirus patients?

2. Are there lines with people waiting to be tested?

3. Do you know anyone with this virus?

4. Do you know anyone who has been tested?

5. Do you know any health care providers? Nurses? What are they saying?

 Please watch this video-https://www.facebook.com/ToddStarnesFNC/videos/2465228077063594/?hc...

Are you willing to do some research to help answer these questions?

Please go to your local hospital (please stay in your car) and video any lines you see or lack thereof...

Also, check out these testing areas are there any people there?

Please post your findings...

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I think I heard it first from Glen Beck: "Never let a good crisis go to waste." 

This could be the best example.

The repugnant ex-Mayor of the Free-Fire City of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, when he was a part of the obamba Regime, used this first . . . "Never let a serious crisis go to waste",

Demented-Dems are making a field day out of this crisis, but that should be expected, unfortunately.

I think Alinsky was prior to Rahm, and I think prior to that Churchill is attributed to the statement... Certainly a controversial statement! While googling everyone wants credit for saying it!!!LOl!

 Physicians guide to testing


Pat, Are these figures from the media or someone you know and trust?  It's a shame we have to question everyhing.

Norma, The stats from reportng from the Gov's ofc plus  with stats reported locally in my county. We were notified that 1 Wuhan virus was confirmed in our 55+ park. He was transported to the hospital. We do not know who it was or if she or he pulled through.

I do believe that this is a pandemic war, we will prevail. The fear generated by tv pundits adds to the problem. There are irresponsible knuckleheads who live among us.

I practice the suggested guidelines as caution and to show support for the President however do agree there is a lot to question and be suspicious of.

I posted this link to a video https://youtu.be/5pIMD1enwd4 now what is important to notice is the video was uploaded to YouTube on March 20th. In pandemic war time the war waged in theater can change quickly, What seemed empty beds could very well be filled now.

Forgive me if someone has posted this citizen reporting video: https://youtu.be/5pIMD1enwd4

Just remember to err on the safe side and remember the wise words of Abolitionist Frederick Douglass: "Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them".".

It's very sad that we cannot rely on anyone these days as they have a political agenda.

on that political agenda point - watching the CARES tele-meeting streaming and see a sculpture inbetween+behind Trump and Ivanka that I'm sure is no accident...  a buffalo defending itself from a pack of wolves. I'm sure it's there for whichever realm wants to get 'the message' or get offended, media, deep state, never-trumpers, etc..

sometimes ya just gotta like his 'refuse to lose' attitude  :~}


Good to see ya! Although I did not see this... I can just picture Trump as the Buffalo!!! TRUMP 2020! all the way!

Suzie: Here in Texas where I am living things are shut down. Hospitals are somewhat busy for various reason. Have relative that works emergency room at major facility in Austin. They are not overloaded as of now. San Antonio facilities are bit more occupied with virus. I know two that were tested and came back negative. God Bless all.



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