Hello Members,

Lately, I have found myself following stories down some pretty scary rabbit holes, and I need you to help me and your fellow Americans find some truth in this Virus crisis- if indeed it is a crisis...

I have been reading and watching videos till my eyes are bloodshot and I am still full of questions?

According to the liberal media, we are in a shut down because people are sick, very sick- everywhere!!!

According to the liberal media, our hospitals are completely full and medical staff is overloaded!!!

According to the liberal media, we will be "just like China and Italy" soon- in another week!!!

According to the liberal media, it's all about the "Curve"!!!

Here are just a few of my questions...

1. Are our Hospitals overrun with Coronavirus patients?

2. Are there lines with people waiting to be tested?

3. Do you know anyone with this virus?

4. Do you know anyone who has been tested?

5. Do you know any health care providers? Nurses? What are they saying?

 Please watch this video-https://www.facebook.com/ToddStarnesFNC/videos/2465228077063594/?hc...

Are you willing to do some research to help answer these questions?

Please go to your local hospital (please stay in your car) and video any lines you see or lack thereof...

Also, check out these testing areas are there any people there?

Please post your findings...

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Looks like the current iteration of the "Model Tweakers" is forecasting around 60,000 deaths . . . which is pretty much the normal death rate annually from the "Regular Flu", which ranges from 20,000 to 70,000, or so.  Looks like the "Model Tweaker" have move from their first forecast of 2.2 million . . . now its 60,000 which is a an error of and 3700% - - but they're well paid to do this "Model Tweaking" . . . . 

True, the Chinese Covid-19 Flu Invasion, is a very, very aggressive virus, the worst since obamba ignored the Swine Flu Pandemic for six months, so it wouldn't interrupt his golf games, or whatever?

This is how Snopes twists the FACTS to protect their "King, obamba".  


I had just written this to Patricia yesterday 

..."all these issues that invade our privacy and give away our rights in the name of health care, pandemics, our safety, our protection and just because it is Good for us!!! And if we did not know what we know- we would think it was good for us- therein lies the problemo!! Convenience and human natures laziness have played a huge part in isolating us and reading us for Agenda 21/30 herded like good little sheeple..."

The "liberal" Wikipedia has interesting stats on plagues. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_plague#Graphs_of_modern_o...

As Jerome stated low population areas are safer, stay away from the high populated centers. The plagues and the current Wuhan pandemic has in common "people" spreading due to trade routes. Therefore globalization the new world order of a one world is the root of evil. 

I do believe that the PRC had motivations of intent to spread the virus.

The left is taking at every opportunity to use this situation to damage Trump that is what the left does, their evil.

This current pandemic war and that is what it is a war will not be the last war for the leaders of evil gov'ts will use biological virus'  as a tool from their warchest.



Ok PRC -Peoples Republic of China? Oh yeah, never let a good crisis go to waste!! But even the worst of the globalists lose...We have known that biological warfare was not far off- I wonder if many of these "viruses" have been just that...?

Every day I am astounded by Trumps tenacity. I pray God will continue to protect him and his family! along with the rest of us!!

Chris had two sister in laws that had to be tested, one in Germany the other in FL both negative.

I belong to a local Nextdoor group and another in the group recently departed from a cruise ship her husband came down with cold symptoms and was tested, negative test results. The local Nextdoor group is very active offering assistance to those who of need. Many offer to share on hand products to those who are out of. I posted yesterday that we were unable to find yeast in any store and search online out of stock. Sure enough a kind woman at a neighborhood just down the road responded. Chris came home with not only yeast but a 10lb bag of flour that the woman assured Chris she did not need. How cool is it when neighbors help each other? 

Chris & I discussed how we would spread around the checks sent by uncle Sam. We plan to pass the $$'s to local business owners and leave good tipping to the employees. Pay it forward.

This too will pass, Temporary for now. But by damn when lifted we must be vilengent to ensure our leaders follow through to fix critical dependency on the global supply chain. MFG in America all out for America First. Guard  our liberty and freedom.

Chris and I have not felt the panic to be tested. 

Thanks Pat,

 Will just paid $25.00 for a lb and 8 bucks shipping!! Damn!!! Then we had a friend give us some! So he can continue to bake and make goodies! You would not believe what 20 lbs looks like on me!! I was so thin and a wreak last summer! But yikes! now!! But of all times this is when I was going to go ahead on my low back surgery- can barely walk pain too intense!! And here comes this dang virus!!!

People make plans and God laughs!

I know 3 people whose surgeries were cancelled. My grandniece they could not ignore, emergence appendix that was close to bursting.

As you know I no longer drive. Chris has her hands full taking care of us. Can't count on us for undercover journalism.

When this temporary state of war passes hope you get a front of the surgery line. If I may suggest let your surgeon know you are ready.

Hi to Will -- send cookies :).

We were notified today that there is one confirmed case of the Wuhan Virus in our 55+ park. No other particulars provided. Most residents in the park are well over 60. 

WOW! Stay safe my friend...

This is what we all fear right now- that someone near us, close to us or family will be diagnosed...

Sorry to hear this- please keep us posted- eat tons of garlic

Lot's of garlic? Is that to keep people from getting to close :)

All 15 counties in Arizona have COVID-19 cases.  There 132 more cases and 4 more deaths in AZ since yesterday, with 1,289 confirmed cases today. Maricopa has 788 cases, Pima 202, Pinal 62, Coconino 81, Navajo 91, Apache 16, Yavapai 24, Graham 2, Yuma 9, Mohave 7, La Paz 2, Santa Cruz 2, Cochise 4, Gila 1, and Greenlee 1.  There have been 24 deaths reported in Arizona.
19,371 Arizonans have been tested for COVID-19, with 594 tested in Yavapai County.  This number of tests includes all tests provided, both negative and positive.  With 24 positive cases in Yavapai County, 17 residents in the Quad-Cities area, and 7 in the Verde Valley area have been affected; 12 seniors 65+, 12 adults 18-54; 14 males, 10 females.



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