Hello Members,

Lately, I have found myself following stories down some pretty scary rabbit holes, and I need you to help me and your fellow Americans find some truth in this Virus crisis- if indeed it is a crisis...

I have been reading and watching videos till my eyes are bloodshot and I am still full of questions?

According to the liberal media, we are in a shut down because people are sick, very sick- everywhere!!!

According to the liberal media, our hospitals are completely full and medical staff is overloaded!!!

According to the liberal media, we will be "just like China and Italy" soon- in another week!!!

According to the liberal media, it's all about the "Curve"!!!

Here are just a few of my questions...

1. Are our Hospitals overrun with Coronavirus patients?

2. Are there lines with people waiting to be tested?

3. Do you know anyone with this virus?

4. Do you know anyone who has been tested?

5. Do you know any health care providers? Nurses? What are they saying?

 Please watch this video-https://www.facebook.com/ToddStarnesFNC/videos/2465228077063594/?hc...

Are you willing to do some research to help answer these questions?

Please go to your local hospital (please stay in your car) and video any lines you see or lack thereof...

Also, check out these testing areas are there any people there?

Please post your findings...

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We are all confused with the different questionable stories we are being told many leaves us confused and trying to figure out who we can trust and believe.  Other than our President I'm not sure I believe any of them and suspect everyone’s motives.  I stay put in my house only because that's what our President has asked us to do so for whatever reason, I'm staying put because that's what he needs us to do.  

I do wonder though how convenient it seems that this virus (until today that I heard three babies were infected – one 18 month old died) is killing off the seniors!  How convenient to take care of health care issues and Social Security funds they robbed from us, and the biggest number of vocal Tea Party members all at one time!

Listen to Q and you hear many plots and scenarios that we need to stay in our home be patient to keep safe because of the round up of all the crooks involved in the coupe, Impeachment Hoax, Russia bs, Hillary, and the rest that is – going to – take place but that doesn't answer why this would be a worldwide hit job. 

Maybe the bigger question is when you compare the H1N1 virus with 19,000 deaths and many don't even remember in any detail that it happened.  I was talking to a friend today that only watches the lying main stream media stations and she thinks we are all being misled and out there. I’ve gotten rid of most liberals in my life cause I just can’t deal with them any more but this one is dear and besties for 55 years through thick and thin and we just tolerate each other I guess.  When I asked her about the H1N1 virus she said she had no idea what I was talking about.  Then I remembered we were too busy working 12-15hr days at that and with day to day needs we didn’t have time to pay attention.  I rarely watched news in those days and if you got the flu we dealt with it and go on with your life.

Why such hype for this one when none of the others got that response? Even if this seems to be spreading faster, compare the deaths to then and now and the numbers aren't even close!  I'm in Illinois and today I heard that Illinois got a huge increase of cases some 1,900 additional tested positive (if I got that right) in one day?!!?  I heard last week that it looked like it was growing and traveling up from MO though Southern Illinois up to Chicago and now it’s reached Chicago big time.  Supposedly.  But neither the Chicago Mayor or our Governor can be trusted with facts so I say supposedly.  I then read a message saying that a fb friend thinks she has all the signs of the virus but when she went for testing they sent her away?!!!!???  What's up with that? So she can spread it?

Then I saw this clip taken in Brooklyn NY that is supposed to be swamped with people needing testing - well you decide what you see here  https://www.facebook.com/ToddStarnesFNC/videos/2465228077063594/

Depending on who/what you listen to there is another scenario and threat coming our way.  I see people really freaking out!  Not only in grocery stores but online as if they are falling apart.  Yes it’s scary but come on people buck up! 

For some time I listen, watch, wait, keep one eye open, try to keep informed but take a step back – watch as if I’m watching a movie unfold.  I’ve been viewing most things, stories, programs trying to figure out the rats from the skunks.  Sick to think how are our kids are going to handle all this once we are gone?  

One thing for sure preppers have been vindicated.  For all the mocking and eye rolling and arguments with family and friends they now see our madness wasn’t so mad after all.  I think more and more will now keep at list a three month supply of goods. 

And then there's the clips of Cuomo saying he has respirators in storage and another saying he doesn't! Liars all of them! Playing games.  

How our great President does this every day is beyond me!  What keeps him going to face these weasels each day, but thank God he does!

Stay safe my friends our parents/grandparents may have been the Greatest Generation but we are holding our own!

Hi Jo, Sure good to see your name here.

 Yes, it was that video that prompted me to ask these questions! The most confusing part of this is the shut down- who is gaining from this? All countries are in the same boat. And with regard to the money- even billionaires could be affected by this shutdown. So who is gaining and what? I find it difficult to believe that the globalists/elitists' only desire is to watch the US come to its knees- because they will also lose.

Oh yeah, I bet no one is going to run out of TP for awhile! I live within 5 miles of the San Andreas fault line- so I am always prepared!! But very few of my neighbors were- however- they are rethinking that!!

Hi Suzie yes and I'm in the Chicago suburb area surrounded by liberals too and most were not prepared.  The lines at the stores were crazy.  Someone else went to a different NY hospital and he too didn't find the lines and the hype hysteria that the media is reporting.  I couldn't copy it for some reason to post here.  Then there is another report that said they are counting all deaths as if they are COVID-19 related and that's why the numbers don't make sense.  Don't know if we will ever know the truth with this. 

And like I said earlier if it wasn't that our President - who is the only one I trust at this point - was asking us to stay put for what ever reason, I would be quietly obeying!

Stay safe everyone.  They could be using this excuse to get rid of Trump Supporters now that the stage is set!

I live in a World of Fools. There is no pandemic. Just the media and Socialist Demmies, or should I say dummies, creating frenzy to scare the masses. Coronavirus is another flue from Asia. It's a "Gotya" moment from China and, thanks to the "Fake Media" spreading fear throughout the World. I told my neighbors in the beginning it was just another flu to take down Trump but, because of the manipulated "News Alerts" they could not but doubt what I said. After all, there must be more to it when the President is shutting down everything.

Does no one remember while working where everyone was coughing and sneezing. One after the other people were out sick with a cold or the flu? In warmer parts of the Country March and April are allergy season and sinusitis is common. January and February are regular flu season where many die. Yet, I don't remember any company closing their doors. Coronavirus is the biggest hoax played out in history.

Fear has played the biggest support for the "Looney Left" since I've been alive. I constantly shake my head at the madness sweeping across the World. "There must be more to it" is a common response from people because the President is shutting down the Country. Stopping flights from China would have done a great deal alone if the "Loony Media" hadn't spread the fear that went into high-speed gear from that day forward. There is no doubt the "Loony Media" could not have succeeded without the masses believing them.

Yup, once again 73% of the people don't trust the media. I keep asking myself if the majority don't trust the media then why do they believe the media. 

Yes, any flu is dangerous. If you have other medical conditions one is more likely to get sicker than most and maybe even die. This flu definitely affects the older population mostly. Millions usually get the flu each year yet, it is drummed into our brains every case of positive and the number of deaths daily. We are bombarded constantly with Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Coronavirus. Getting the whole picture yet?

However, it is not normal for people to go into such frenzied panic or, have we become so afraid of dying. We have a vaccine for the flu but not for Coronavirus and the deaths for both in SC at this time are the same. We do need to keep hygiene at the top of our list and keep visits to older people to emergency situations. Do Americans really need to panic, no. 

The "Loony Loon Media" intends to keep people in the homes to close down America. That is the goal behind the scare tactics. The destruction of America is their final target. So far it's working. It's up to Americans to decide if they are more afraid for themselves or America shutting down. So far, it looks like they fear for themselves more than America.


So good to hear from you Christine...was just thinking about you!

I have always been cautious of vaccines, in fact, this year is only the second year I have taken one and I had horrible side effects... I have heard that if you had the flu vaccine there were strains of Coronavirus as well as other flu- in the vaccines- and that you will test positive...The way I understand it, you are supposed to build up immunity by getting a bit of the virus introduced so you build up resistance.

And as I responded to Jo, I agree it is always the globalists/elitists' goal to destroy the US, but this is beyond destroying the US, this is worldwide!! Crazy!

The easy question and answer is "where do you live"?

If you live in a densely packed city it will be the worst, but if you live in small town USA or the country, you're pretty safe. 

Governor cuomo is sometimes rabid and sometimes rational, but he knows he didn't' prepare NY for a disaster of this proportion and, NYC Mayor BigBird is in the same category of being unprepared.

Hi Rich, 

For once I am very happy to live "in the middle of nowhere"!!!  Cuomo's statement that (to paraphrase) he was proud that NYs "progressive lifestyle" caused NY to be center stage- he twisted the statement to sound positive! unbelievable!

cuomo, mayor BigBird and various other elected NYC and NY politicians ignored the Chinese Virus warning and encouraged citizens to attend the Chinese New Year and other parades, celebrations and dinners. 

That may explain why NYC is having so much Chinese Virus in their population?



  One thing to remember, in the true scientific community there is one standard, and that is "all models are wrong, some models can be useful, but they are always wrong, if they weren't, why would they constantly change?"  Prime example is Al Gore's hockey stick model of the global warming scam, that still persists although it's been proven wrong and debunked on a regular basis. 

  We have all heard the Dr. Faucci and Dr. Birx "the models" speeches, still the relevance escapes me.  

  Taking your request to heart this morning, I decided to do my own surveillance of our local Hospital admitting area, and the Emergency entrance.  I sat there for over an hour, and I must say, there were no people, no cars driving up dropping off mask wearing patients during that period.  On the way home, I stopped and did more surveillance at the County Health Department, where there was one of those outside drive up testing stations.  For an hour, there were 3 cars and one pick-up truck pull up to the folks wearing the masks, face shields and space suits.  As far as I could tell, 3 people were tested, as to positive or negative results, I can't attest.  However, all 3 cars and the pick-up drove away, with no sense of urgency, none were asked to pull over for further instructions. 

  Granted, I live in a small town in Eastern Middle Tennessee, we have one Hospital (A Medical Center), and the County Health Dept. is here.  There are no other hospitals within a 50-60 mile radius.  The town has several of those strip mall walk in clinics.  I passed by 4 such places on my way to the Hospital and Health Department.  Honestly, I saw the usual number of cars in the parking lot, a couple of people, none wearing masks, none with a sense of urgency at any of these places.

  As a bit of a scientist myself, having worked in the aerospace community for a number of years, I have to admit to the fact that the virus exists, where it actually came from, how when where or why, has yet to be determined.  When I consider all the conflicting facts, data, accusations and so-called models, I'm still relegated to holding back until I hear the factual rest of the Corona Virus Covid-19 story, if that ever comes to fruition.

Hope I supplied some positive information, then again, I may have added to the confusion.

A thought to ponder:  Models always vary, there can never ever be a consensus on the results of a model, and if one or two scientists/doctors/engineers tinker with a model long enough, it can be made to depict exactly what the model builders want it to say.    



Thank you so much for this post. I did find it positive but some of it does add to the confusion!!  A scientist I am not!! But I do have some common sense, at least enough to know something is just not right!!

I try to find decent peer-reviewed scientific/medical data, I like this site in particular. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7094090/

but then again I am not 100% certain how to judge it's relevance/truth!! Yes, I agree models can be construed to reflect whatever one is trying to prove!! Same as liberals twisting the truth!!

I think a couple of good things may come from this, one being folks are not going to run out of tp anytime soon!!LOL! But on a serious note,  I look at this as a test-I am hopeful that people will be more prepared for any future emergency and hopeful this will bring out the 912 attitudes again!

I wonder if we will ever know the truth.

" if one or two scientists/doctors/engineers tinker with a model long enough, it can be made to depict exactly what the model builders want it to say."  Boy do you have that right, Jerome.

I lived through so many models and comparisons back in the late '80s and early '90s.  I told them we don't live in backgournd levels of radiation and your three people means nothing if my one of my sons get it.  Government lied to us over and over again.  We educated ourselves and threw it back in their face. 

I've run out of patience with this lock down of everybody. Government is even worse today than it was beak then.  Yep there is a virus and people are sick and dying.  Just how much and how many is anybody's guess.  I'm tired of the lock down and I'm a big homebody. Only go out when necessary.



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