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Presented by John Tripp

(Active TCC member since July 2010)

John has a very interesting Bio with a "goosebumps" ending. For your reading enjoyment here...

In the beginning, I created sleepless nights and loaded diapers for my loving parents in Northern Maine. Fast forward to adulthood - At 18, I graduated a small High School in Northern Aroostook County. I left that area, which seemed to have missed a couple decades of " progress ", and joined the Navy. Very little did I know the ways of the world then. The race wars, the drug culture of the 60's, and all the other debilitating progress which hit the rest of the nation was a complete shock to my system. Reading about it and watching Uncle Walter on the CBS Evening News report it seemed to be like fiction.

My induction into the military culture in 1973 was a wakeup call and probably the best thing which ever happened to me. Though I grew up working on farms and other hard labor, I never considered that a responsibility. The Navy taught me to be accountable to the entire country and to be responsible for things not of my own choosing for the first time. For a young anarchist, this was a struggle. Northern Maine in the days I grew up there was a very well do to blue collar area. The ideals put forth by the progressives seemed only logical to one who saw things through the eyes of a middle class country boy. If we had enough money, then surely the country was rich enough to allow everyone to live the life which I did. Such is the mindset of youth - the " if you are 20 and do not think like this, and don't have a heart argument " is only human........ read more.

Constitutional Articles Directory

Pre-American History and The Stamp Act

If we are to discuss the hows and whys of how the Framers of our Constitution came to their conclusions,  we must look to the three decades leading up to the Declaration of Independence as a major reference guide.  We talk about the British Common Law system as the enemy of our values and principles,  but the truth is exactly the opposite,  as I will try to convince all who are interested in a series of specific incidents and truths about the British Empire and her colonies. Read more here.

The Miracle of the Birth of the Constitution- The Perfect Storm

As another addend to my original article on the events leading the Founders actions,  I am going to expand the scope of the time frame for this document being written,  taking into account several events in a short period of time,  between 1774 and the convention start in 1787.  In this article,  I will keep within the original pre-Declaration days.

I talked about the Sugar and Stamp Acts being catalysts for the coming revolution, but there are other events which must be placed beside them and include all as a whole to put a true perspective on the words George Mason put to paper.


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