Cookies and GDPR compliance

Below is a complete list of the Cookies that Ning has built in, as you can see there is no tracking of your personal info. 

This site uses Google Analytics

 Google Analytics’ terms of service forbid you from tracking personal data. If someone came to you and asked you to provide them with the personal data you have gathered on them from Google Analytics this should not be possible because (unless you’ve done something unusual that breaches Google’s terms of service) the data stored in Google Analytics is anonymous. 

Cookies we use

When someone visits this site, certain standard Internet information and details of visitor
behavior are collected to help determine things — for example, how many people visit
this site. This is done by using cookies, small text files placed on your computer via your
web browser. These types of cookies are widely used by nearly all online services to
help systems remember visitors and their preferences. They can be very useful at making
your online experience more customized and personalized when you return to visit. The
table below briefly explains the cookies used and why.

(These cookies are built into the Ning platform, the website owner has no control over these cookies)

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