"CQ" Alternate Forms Of Communication In An Emergency

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  • CQ is a code used by wireless operators, particularly those communicating in Morse code, but also by voice operators, to make a general call (called a CQ call). Transmitting the letters CQ on a particular radio frequency is an invitation for any operators listening on that frequency to respond. ...

Are you Listening?



In today's chaotic world there is much concern for the need to communicate but what happens when you can't just turn on your computer or pick up the phone? What will you do?

There are many reasons to "prepare" yourself for ANY Emergency - be it a hurricane or an earthquake. We have to remember this Earth is alive with it's own agenda! Least of all -we hope- would be some global disaster or some political situation. I know many worry about rumors of Marshall Law, well let's hope those stay rumors! At this point we have no clue what this administration is capable of.

It is not my intent to perpetuate any hysteria rather to provide information so that you can make your own decisions regarding alternate communication of many types.

I am proud to introduce member Bill Miller who will help us to unravel some of the myths and magic of alternate comm...





By Bill Miller


There are many forms of communications today from the very basic face to face communications, to very complex, high tech forms involving a mass array of electronic devices.

 What do we want to do in the case of a massive failure of our infrastructure in regards to communicating with our Group, our family, friends and others we need to communicate with?

My role in this Group is to come up with a set of basic information which I hope will explain in enough simple details on various ways we can communicate with others, whether it is across the street, across town, across the County, State, and Nation and even around the World.

I will not address all the methods of how to secure our communications to keep “others” from listening in on us, because that will be almost impossible and costly for us to do in this Group.  Technology today allows the monitoring, interception and breaking any code which might be used in an effort to ‘hide’ or encrypt all means of communications, whether it be by land line telephone, cell phone, internet, CB Radio, HAM Radio, Walkie-Talkies and even face-to-face communications.  Most of us remember the TV commercials of the little device people could buy to listen to the birds, bees, and neighbors across the street as they stood in their yards and talked to each other.  I even built a similar device years ago and could actually hear conversations inside a neighbor’s home across the street.

For the past several weeks I have been monitoring many comments posted on the Group regarding how one can take a CB radio, amplifier and boost the power to talk long distances.  Others have talked about joining a secure email system and paying a yearly fee so they could send email to other members without being tracked.  Those myths are not entirely true.  Remember, with technology today, any form of communications can be tracked and monitored.


We hope you will find the following pages of information useful in helping you to determine if you wish to invest in any of this alternate equipment.


 Please proceed to Part I and Part II of "CQ" Alternate Communication 101


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