Knowledge is Power

At one time or another in our lives, every one of us has heard the saying, “Knowledge is Power.” What does it mean in the context of education on this site? The type of knowledge we talk about here means personal freedom for you and those you hold dear.
The explanation is, “Not all liars are politicians but all politicians are liars.” The reason politicians are that way is power and wealth. The longer they stay in office, the more power they have and the wealthier they become. They will say or do anything to insure they are reelected. So that means if we haven’t educated ourselves to the facts, politicians can say anything they want to say and we buy into it because we don’t know the difference.
Here’s where the loss of personal freedom comes in. If we don’t know any better, we let them pass whatever laws they please. Passing laws? Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? Yes, of course, but the motivation to stay in office more often than not dictates what laws are passed. Most of these laws are nothing more than political favors designed to reward a voting block, a special interest or campaign contributors.
You might be saying, “How can someone doing a political favor affect me?” A very recent example is the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care. It’s one of the biggest frauds every perpetuated on Americans. Remember the promises: Everyone is going to have healthcare. The Cost of health care is coming down for everyone. The truth is that not everyone is going to have health care and the cost for the average American family, depending on what state you live in, is already well above what it was before the law was passed - and the scary part is this law hasn’t been fully implemented yet. It’ s going to cost every one of us big time and the quality of care we get is going to go down. That’s just one example of uninformed Americans letting elected officials get away with passing really bad law.
Every time we allow politicians to pass laws that are not in the best interest of the country, our freedom is lessened. Every time we don’t make our representatives uphold the Constitution, as they have sworn to do, our freedom is lessened.
So the education on this site is here to help you become informed, which will allow you to decide what is the truth by knowing the facts. That will enable you to protect “freedom” for yourself and your children and grandchildren.

Joel Williams
The Idea of Freedom

Part of the polarization in America, today has to do with this subject. We hear on the one hand that we are the freest nation on earth and on the other, that we’re losing our freedoms at a rapid pace through government encroachment. What is true? A good place to start is at the beginning of our country and to talk about the meaning of American freedom to our Founders.
Before we look at that, the other thing we hear is that whatever our Founders thought has no relevance today. Nothing could be further from the truth so we ask that you hold judgment about that until you have read this.
The “freedom” our Founders understood was a very radical idea in the late 1700’s. This was a time when most of the world was ruled by kings and the idea that men could govern themselves was considered preposterous. It was widely understood, and also sanctioned by the Christian church, that kings ruled by Divine Right. In other words that God ordained the right of kings to rule.
The Founders put up the idea that freedom in inherent in the nature of man because man was created free by God. Further, they said that the only way a man could be ruled by others was to surrender part of his or her freedom voluntarily for some perceived benefit. The perceived benefit in our case was to live in a civilized society governed by laws.
They expressed this in the Declaration of Independence, in which they wrote, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, and among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed...”
The Founders considered that mankind had God given rights so if we don’t choose to believe that, we come to the school of thought that feels the Declaration of Independence is an outdated document written by men long since dead. If we believe the latter it raises another question, “If we don’t believe that God created us with rights, where do we get them from?” The only answer to that has to be from some ruling authority and in our case that is the Federal Government. So what is all the talk of encroachment on our freedom and where and why does it exist?
It’s a shame but our children are not being taught about our government in schools today. Some of us remember “Civics” classes that are, for the most part, nonexistent today. That means that our children do not understand that our government was formed on the principle of Separation of Powers between the branches. That form of government was developed and outlined in our Constitution to protect our freedoms by preventing one branch from having too much power. It assigned specific powers to the three branches of governments for that purpose. The power to make laws and to impose taxes was assigned to the Congress and here is where the encroachment comes in.
Over time, rulings by the Supreme Court have allowed Congress to delegate its power to make laws. These decisions were based on the idea that Congress cannot be expert on everything and should pass laws; however as long as these laws were clear, they could be administered by government agencies. These agencies flesh out the laws and so effectively write the legislation.
The problem is that these agencies report to one secretary or other in the president’s cabinet. That means that the line between executive power and congressional power becomes blurry. The president ends up with enormous power, power that the Founders did not want him or her to have.
One recent example is the Affordable Health Care Act, more popularly known as Obama Care. It’s comprised of around 2200 pages of legislation and now fleshed out with thousands of pages of regulations written by the Department of Health and Human Services. Consider that it’s not completely implemented yet so there are thousands of pages yet to come.
On the face of it, the law could not possibly have been written so the intent was clear enough to comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling. Recall that Congress laughingly said that the Bill would have to be passed in order to find out what’s in it. We are already finding out that everyone is not going to have health care as intended and that Americans will experience a staggering increase in health care cost. The “affordable” part of the intent doesn’t exist either.
By the way, this bill was passed in the middle of the night, unread, and in the face of the fact that most Americans did not want it. Did you consent to it?
The other glaring example is the Environmental Protection Agency. The encroachments through regulation are astonishing. One ruling that has gotten lots of press happened in California where farmers cannot water in order to protect some perceived endangered species of fish. That’s power. Food production for humans has to come second to the protection of a fish. There are tens of thousands of other regulations as well.
The other attack on our freedom is taxation. Congress necessarily needs to be able to raise money to fund the government. The need was evident before the ratification of the Constitution when General Washington had to watch his troops freeze and starve because there was no central government with the ability to raise money to fund the Continental Army. The general idea of government’s ability to tax was pure at the time but it has evolved into something far different in practice today and we hear a lot about it - the phrase is Redistribution of Wealth.
Any tax is wealth redistribution on one scale or another. Money is taken from us and put to some use in the government. The problem is the amount of control we have over what use to which the money is put. Part of it goes to fund national defense and other necessary programs. Most of it is used to ensure re-election for our career politicians. A lot of it is taken away from us to fund welfare programs and the welfare rolls have become bloated to the point of one in five of us is in the program in some form. Considering that 42% of us don’t pay any tax that puts the burden on the rest of us to fund the favor account. Some people need these programs to be sure and they should have them. The number is certainty not 20% of us.
That brings us to the state of the union today. We find an America crushed by the regulation of government agencies that cost the business that hire us trillions of dollars to comply with. We find that the lust to spend our money can never be satisfied and that fifty percent of Americans support the entire country - and the government wants more. So the questions we must ask ourselves are: “How many more jobs could be created if businesses didn’t have to spend all that money to comply with regulations?”; “How many more jobs would be created by the demand resulting from our spending if we kept more of our money and spent it?”; Moreover, would we like to decide on how much fat and sugar we include in our diets and whether or not we want to smoke or are we fine handing every detail of personal decision over to “experts”?
That brings us to the final question, “Was any of this done with our consent?” The answer has to be no but we have indeed allowed it to happen. We get caught up in our daily lives and do not become involved until something affects us personally and it’s bad enough to make us respond.
That’s why we feel that Education is such an important part of our making the decision as to whether or not we consent to what our government is doing to us. If we are not educated to the truth and we do not act accordingly, we will watch our freedom slip away as the government grows larger and larger. In the end, to be or not to be free is a personal decision. It’s one of, “the consent of the governed”.

Joel Williams

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