Are you a Political Activist?

A political activist is a person, whose responsibility is to make members of the public aware of political affairs that effect their livelihood and social well being. Political activists also help in campaigning for labour endorsed candidates. The activists keep the public informed on legislation that affects their collective bargaining process and climate. 

If you are ready to "act" - we have designed easy to use "tools" for your convenience! 

Select from the following easy to print Letters, Brochures and Graphic Charts, to use as handouts to educate the public. 

By signing the (letter) petitions, you automatically email a copy to the representatives of your choice.



The following letters were written for your convenience by like-minded fellow citizens.


By 'Signing" these petitions you conveniently send letters to your Senators and (optionally) to the President

Brochures/Graphic Charts

Brochures to download

Free Brochures easy to download and print!  

These were designed with little or no color so you can print on draft mode to save ink!

Important Information!

Stop Agenda 21! Sign the petition

"We respectfully Demand that you De-fund and remove the United Nations from any governing position in the United States, including but not limited to Agenda 21, and ICLEI..."


Re-Declare Your Independence

Written by member Linda

More to come...

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