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“Sweet Jesus, my sweet Jesus, I pray for we Nam Vets.

Lord, Grant us the Grace to forgive our fellow Americans, ever if we shall never forget. Please, never again Lord Jesus, never again”.


How did we find ourselves, the “Black Sheep”, not to be spoken about and forgotten.  Let’s open our history books.

The classified date of the Combat Mission in Viet Nam is unknown. When it actually started has never been officially released. The first casualty acknowledged by the DOD was a KIA on June 8, 1956; T-Sgt. Richard B. Fitzgibbon Jr., Military Assistance Group. MACV had started. Special Ops Troups Advisers, in a “Private War”. Let’s see, who was the President in 1956? Gen, Dwight D. Eisenhower, who assisted in the development of the Para-Military version of today's  CIA.  I guess he  just could not leave that covert war alone.

A high tech boat manned by Army Security Agency folks, working in the Gulf and got their butts caught; with the bad press, a Resolution, and the Official Conflict started August 5, 1964. Approximately 11 years later, on May 7, l975, the Conflict was declared over by President Richard M. Nixon.

The lies and myths spread by the MSM about the conflict, that got the people in the streets, were transferred to the Vets. The total number in the US Military assigned to Active Duty at the time was  9,087,000. Assigned to The Nam were 2,709,918, including approximately 75,000 partially disabled,

23,241 100% disabled (With the number growing every day) and 58,260 came home in "Body Bags",  some of the bodies packed with narcotics.  We left over 1,800 Americans behind and billions in weapons and war related gear.  The real Khaki Mafia is a topic for another day.

“When Johnny Comes Marching Home”

A warmer welcome, than was received at the Airports, will not be received in Hell. I had the pleasure of going “hand-to-hand” in the San Francisco Airport. No official “Welcome Home” by the U. S. Government, to this day! NASCAR and the NC State Officials at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on March 31, 2012, gave the only major event held in “The land of the free, home of the brave” dedicated to the Military from North Carolina.

The disabled were not met by any organizations to assist them. The VA was less than effective and have gotten worse in the last 4 years. Average 18 to 24 months to process a Nam Vet Agent Orange claim! Why does the U. S. Government want to forget us? We were there when the population refused to personally defend their Country. USA – Were we the “hired help?” ; you used us and then kicked us out of the house!

I am glad the troops of today are receiving a completely different welcome than we did by the public and the MSM. We should be grateful, that during approximately the same time of engagement, the stats were not even close.

If the Service Medical Rehab units and the VA were doing their jobs, we would not need the good people, at Wounded War groups. Think about it. The Vets having to beg for the money for treatment? What happens when, not if, all hell breaks wide open in the Middle East and Africa? Where will the troops come from and how will they be treated when they come home?

REH  “Black Sheep”


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Comment by Christine Rae Moylan on January 21, 2013 at 9:29am

Those who fought in Nam did win the battle if not the freedom for the Vietnamese people. While many believe Communist China won we now know today they lost in the end. Vietnam is now a Communist/Socialist country like most of the World. All Communist countries now acknowledge they cannot survive without the Capitalist money. North Korea is the only true Communist State left in Asia and China is trying to control her kicking and screaming to enter the atomic age. The men and women who fought in Nam delayed the advancement of Communism for decades. Communism is using a different face today and it's called "The Progressive Movement", it's still the control of the State over the people with taxpayer money.

Their tactics may have changed since Nam but their objectives are the same but now, they call it the New World Order. First they form the unions of countries as in the EU, African, Asian, North and South American and Middle East Unions then, they control them under NATO, UN, IMF, World Banking System and INTERPOL, so-call "Countries without Borders." Russia doesn't quite understand the impact this "One World Order" will have on her but will try and regain control over some of the former Soviet States to consolidate her power and, maybe even call herself by her prior name, The Soiviet Union. That would be a jaw-dropper. Right now she is poised for another attack on Georgia when the chance arises.  Like all Communist/Socialist States Germany is now realizing she is carrying the burdens of those countries that are going broke and now she wants her gold back. Where the EU has been for the past 40 years we are now heading.

We have much to thank our Military for since Nam, they held the line for us and many of us now serve as patriots in the Tea Party. We have taught our children to honor those who fought and died in Vietnam because we owe our freedom to them all. I have always felt the Vietnam Vets were the vanguard for Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. While our politicians may have had different motives to fight these wars the "Silent Majority" understood fully the changing World of idiology. Thanks to Nam Vets we now have the chance to save the Republic and her Constitution, no small feat. They have given us time to teach our grandchildren about their Rights as American citizens. They have given each of us a lesson in valor and humility and so much more. Each man and woman who fought in Nam has always and will always hold a special place in my heart and thoughts. I don't feel we can honor the Vietnam Vets enough to repay them for all the oppotunities they have given us over the decades and, a simple "Thank You" would seem miniscule in comparison. So, I will say instead, may God keep you all safe in the comfort of His arms.   

Comment by Patricia McGehee on January 20, 2013 at 4:32pm

I know we no longer have the draft but I get so angry when I saw pics of the Occupiers crapping on police cars, and all the other dirty things they do.. It made me think about our Hero's having to serve several tours to protect trash like the Occupiers. I really think we should return to the draft with no exceptions to serve unless there is a disabiltiy. Even those that do not believe in killing could serve in some capacity behind the lines. or as a Medic. It's a Shame in America to have so much worthless detritus doing nothing but fighting AGAINST America....inside America... instead of getting their  lazy butts into the service and fighting FOR  America. It might help them grow up and undo some of the Socialist public school and University training they endured.

Comment by Robert Earl Hutchinson on January 18, 2013 at 8:35pm

Anna, I am sorry to hear about  your problems & ex-husband.  I regret to say we had a few "low life"  folks in the military. . Were you able to get civil court to rule on any type of support for you or the Kids?  I  truly hope so.

My Brother-in-law and friend, passed the week before Christmas.  He had been exposed to Agent Orange and in civilian retirement developed  like Cancers.  After the VA claim process, he received   8 months of disability..


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