by Robert Hutchinson

Matel Inc., the world famous toy maker, reported that, over the life of the toy, their Barbee Doll had far out sold the GI Joe, and continued to do so today.  Super Hero’s have placed Joe on a back burner.  GI Joe no longer had any sizeable market share.  The Military has not driven the market in a decade.


The past sales of the, male directed military style toy GI Joe, provides an indicator how the Military is viewed by the young male population. Spiderman yes, GI Joe no.  Life time attitudes are formed in those childhood years.  How many positive youth directed Military characters have you seen on TV in the last 20 years?   As was stated by Chairman Mao, you change public core values from the young up and it takes on average two to three generations.  Think about how many of our core freedoms have been lost in the last 30 years.  Know your enemy.  Read Marx, Mau, Alinsky  etc. 

We have spoken to the massive change in ideology of our Military and given a little history.  Some out there who were in the “Minds and Hearts Business”, know there is still time to change the current course. You have to have the will to change and not accelerate the present course.




My China Doll.  How does the song go?  Brown eyes, I will never love blue eyes again?  Maybe it’s blue eyes, never love brown eyes again?  Yes sir, we are “Number One GI” again in the Asian Theater.  Throw down another Saigon Tea.  Love you too much GI.   Unlike  “Exchange Programs” that the US Army  and the Communist  Chinese Army  have  conducted since 1998, where it was training courses, we are now working on joint SOG mission implication.  If you want one coherent force, you have to train together, to perform as one unit.  On December 2, 2012, the last exercise was concluded after training in Beijing, Kunming and Chengdu.  “Disaster Relief Operations”, was the vehicle for training.  “Work through scenarios for deeper, more meaningful exchange, and we’re committed to expanding that kind of relationship, even at the most junior offer level”, related Gen. Stephen Lyons, CG, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, US Army. Gen. Lyons continued, concerning the relationship with the China, “We have a lot more in common than we do apart.  We’re both professional armies, and we also have a common interest in maintaining stability in the region.  We believe our interests in the region are inextricably linked.”   It is planed that during , 2013,  China will send their Troops for joint training, at undisclosed locations,  in the the USA.

I am sure there are a lot of well-informed people, who have a better “vision” of the future, than I will ever claim.  To me there are questions about the China – US Military joint ventures, on many levels.  Is this the same Communist Chinese Government that is devoted to “Own” us?  The same China that steals our Military and civilian technology?  The same China that are working on controlling our economy?  These are the people we are establishing a joint military regional strike force?  When, not if, the time comes to “Control” North Korea, is that also planned to be a “Joint Venture” ?  Are the Chinese loaning us the money for our new “Pacific commitment”?  During the Joint Training, who was in Command?


As the US Troops transitions from Iraq and Afghanistan and turns its focus toward the Pacific, US Military units are to join with host nations to form rapid regional reaction forces, concerning natural disasters to military conflict.  It appears we are planning to cover our expected shortage of funds and manpower, with partner country Troops.  Presently involved as proposed partner  Countries, Communist China,  Australia,  New Zealand,  South Korea,  Japan,  Thailand,  Philippines,  Indonesia and India, in this “Training” for future  “Joint” missions.  The US is in discussions with Vietnam to form a joint operation.  The first Unit to be on line is the 2nd BDE Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division,  US Africa Command,  in fiscal year 2013.  Combatant commands without major Troop elements directly assigned to them, will have one of the aforementioned Commands, the Army National Guard and Army Reserve.  Inactive Army Officers can be recalled at the “pleasure” of the President.   The idea, the older guys take the desk jobs and the young guys go to the Combat units.  No problem, been done before.  Initial US Military deployment for these “joint” efforts is estimated to be in an “excess” of 15,ooo uniformed Troops plus GS US Intel and Contractors.  Can you envision, Team China, Team Japan, Team South Korea and the US Teams Vs. North Korea?   Will the Israel Area be covered by North Africa and India Units?  If the complete recent failure in Libya, is how we respond to support our  people,  we  need all the training we can get.  Certain Joint Commands are fine, until we start fighting with each other.   Why do the past UN screw-ups come to mind?  Anyone want to bet prior to 2016, there will be a “Joint” force with the Muslim Brotherhood?  What happens when India decides to bomb Pakistan’s Nuke business, one of their dearest dreams?    When after 2014, our Troops remain in Afghanistan? 

RIF, train and reassign, “Army 2020”. 

Fire Base, Black sheep, put it on my grid.  Their morons are through the wire.



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Comment by Denis Byrne on March 22, 2013 at 4:07pm

CRM:   my compliments on your post and I fully agree withthe principles stated by Rand Paul...I do believe that Bush Sr. pulled up short against SH because of WMD's ready to be deployed against our troops which freed Kuwait...SH knew well that his puny WMD;s would incurr extreme wrath and then the nukes would then hit him for wipe-out...US sovereignty depends mostly on the votership...we cannot blame bush or obama for any lack of sovereinty...Snooze and Looze...Freedom must be defended...Easy to say....Diversionary tactics like bush's new world order and obamas globalism are reasonable concepts for a distant future...  Mankind must evolve much further for those concepts to be realistic...  Social forces are in order and will continue...Destructive forces are also in play..I love your statement about Obama not being able to take Russia face to face...Obama against Putin face to face would  be Putin wins face down..Obs little league against the Putin big league...However-- whose fault is that...any country gets the leadership it deserves...Russia is recovering from govt handouts or as we call them now "entitlements"   this politically correct bs is getting funny ridiculous.. Russia is moving toward free enterprise...China remains stuck with govt capitalism wher the govt has all the capital...My solution remains the same--- cut off all i mean all foreighn aid to the mid-east and let the cards fall as they may...see then who are our friends....none for sure...all those countries are nothing but opportunists looking for a handout... We could eventually fall into Rome's footsteps..However, Rome was colonialistic and we are NOT...We seem to have this problem about telling other countrys what to do.. Not too bright i would say...  Live and Let Live is the better way to go forward...Globalization is a fine concept,,,,except the big problem going forward is WHO IS THE LEADER???  You tell me.p lease...Only one I would personally trust would be God Almighty....rule by mankind does not have a very good track record...Regarding Muslim Brotherhood...all I can relate is from personal experience---Muslims do not trust others and for certain do not even trust themselves...No warrior wants to be shot in the back!

Comment by Christine Rae Moylan on March 22, 2013 at 3:07pm

I've finally come to think Rand Paul is right. It's time to rebuild our forces at home and leave nation-Building for the citizens of each country. Since the surge in Irag worked our military have become social enforces. Many Republicans don't realize Bush is for the New World Order. Bush has his view of how the New World Order should be managed and Obama has his and we saw this in Libya when he turned our military over to the UN under NATO supervision. We see it when Obama gave INTERPOL carte blanche over our soveirgnity and we see it with Obama sending the FBI to Libya where they have no jurisdiction. The difference between Bush and Obama is Bush still believed in American Soveirgnity while Obama believes in Universal where everyone in the World will be governed by one body. Obama doesn't see individual countries, he sees countries within a union, open borders. As Rome went Obama is going. The Military are only to be used as Social Enforcers for the New World Order. We are all to be in servitude under universal control by the UN, NATO, INTERPOL and World Monetray Fund administered by the Federal Reserve Bank who have the endless printing press. Of course this is not for our benefit but for our children and granchildren whom they have been indoctrinating for decades. The insanity we see all around us is not by accident. It is to frustrate, anger and confuse the people to keep them from understanding their goals. Remember when Obama said he wanted his own security force, why. Because he couldn't trust our Military but, he seems to becoming more comfortable after 4 years and that's becausee he is changing the Military from the inside out. My friend's son explains it clearly, he joined the army to help. To me you join the Peace Corps to help not the Military but, that is the nature of the beast we are facing. NATO was supposed to keep the peace within a country in conflict and now, they are used to lead attacks on countries where we want their leaders extracted like Libya. The only reason he hasn't done anything about Syrai or Iran is because he faces Russia. Like China, Obama cannot take Russia on face to face. Obama is not the most powerful man in the World, he is the third most powerful.  Obama will never use our military again under American Soveirgnity.

Comment by Denis Byrne on March 22, 2013 at 2:34pm

After all those joint military operations, one must ask WHO IS THE ENEMY? For certain, muslim extremists who would take innocent life are number one on that list of enemies...The fight should be against extremists....Next big challenge is to bring reality into the picture and ask why are the extremists doing what they do.??..The US and Israeli policy so far has been not to negotiate with terrorosts or extremists...Why not shut up and listen???Stupitidy is always and everywhere the biggest enemy..Vietnam ranks IMO in first place as the stupidest of recent wars with the invasion of Iraq a close second...Afghan still smells like a proxy war...How long will the ladies be in school there and will the poppy growers just dry up and whither away???hell no...Only conclusion I am able to make is that politicians make money off war, do not give a whit about human life or peace or any spiritual virtues which the rest of us care about...There now seems to exist four voting blocks in the great US of A...of course the middle of road Dem and Rep...followed by the extreme liberal dems which we oppose; and the conservatives who believe our great constitution should be interpreted correctly not rewritten; and that less govt is good, as is a balanced budget and  reduced natl debt...Borrowing forever leads to no tomorrow...Truth will always prevail...

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