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At 7:46pm on May 14, 2013, John said…
As much as I would like to think your crazy, I'm afraid your right.    But we with our eyes open will be ahead of the game at least, some will still not believe it when it happens to them.    Not till the chickens come home to roost as Our leader mentor would say will they be aware, of the deception our entire government has played on us.   You have to admit we are a screwy bunch of people, Look how Ted Kennedy got re elected time after time after murdering his girlfriend and her being pregnant.    Look at Obama getting re elected a second term.   Clinton a second term, and even G. Bush,     Morals have been thrown out the window and its all goes kinda like government gone wild.     I'm right their with you on the same feelings.    I just hope if we do have a show down and the trouble it will cause we better make it worth it.    And by that I mean a total re vamping of our Government from protecting the constitution and all the Amendments to wear they cannot be tampered with.    All new congress and senate new staff and all high level people including our Dictator and all his minions.    It will be chaos for a while till we could get some level headed people in their but it will be set up like 2 terms then their out and they go back to the working force and same insurance as us with the same benefits, the ones that were removed from office would not get back pay nor any retirement nor their insurance they would stuck with Obama care as we are. Put all money going outside the US and bring it back home along with our troops and set them up along the border and put them to work until we can get a handle on illegals.    Repair our country and heal the wounds and bring back the pride and the honor we once had.    The powers at be most of them would be at Gitmo for a while as a warning to others who want to travel their same path.   But that is a long way off.   
J.D.R. III  
At 7:24pm on May 13, 2010, LANYON said…
Teresa: Let it be comforting to you that the conservative movement just became alive... the Tea Parties will continue raising more awareness.... these websites and blogs will keep us more informed than ever. Dr. Manning's march begins tomorrow, with The American Grand Jury to support him with presentments. In fact, he informed all of the Harlem occupants that his march would include many white people marching through Harlem, and to not be concerned. If you need any answers, let me know. "tony.salazar10@yahoo.com".
At 10:07pm on April 5, 2010, oursacredhonor said…
Hello fellow patriot, and welcome to our site! I am oursacredhonor, one of the Member Coordinators here. If you are just finding your way around, I would like to suggest the Liberty Bell Welcome Center which is located under the MAIN tab at the top of the page. From this page you can more easily find the topics, issues and solutions being discussed here, as well as information on current projects, chats, forums and Vent.

I would also encourage you to join the group that corresponds to the region of the country that you live in, as we are building a vast network of state and local coalitions that you may wish to participate in. The ultimate goal is for all groups to join forces and organize so we can take back our country! Please feel free to add me as a friend if you wish, and contact me anytime if you have any questions or comments.

Again, welcome to 912 Communique! We are looking forward to working with you as we restore our Republic and place her fate back into the capable hands of her people.

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