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It’s Always Racism

Admitting to losing an argument is difficult for some people. Many times it is because they want to talk but have a difficult time listening. They are thinking about what they are going to say next instead of listening to what the other side has to say. It isn't a new challenge to the order of our society, but the amount of vitriol and hatred towards one's opponent is staggering.

One part of this discussion is the use of words that are misused and meant for no other purpose than to…


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Antifa are Media Supported Domestic Terrorists

Portland is a  city out of control. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is allowing Antifa to take over his town and silence dissenting voices with violence that is sanctioned by Wheeler and the police standing down. This is not the first time this has occurred. In June of 2018, the ICE office in Portland was surrounded by protesters refusing to allow ICE to enforce immigration laws.

Calling themselves anti-fascists, they use the same organizational mobs of white thugs dressed in black to…


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The Progressive Socialists Anti-Science on Abortion Part 3

Roe v Wade was an errant ruling by the Supreme Court, and one that has rightfully earned Public opposition because the Court ventured too far in the change it ordered. And presented an incomplete justification for its action.”

Those utterances will be condemned as taking reproductive rights away from women. Leftists will tell you that whoever spoke those words should be run out of town after being tarred and feathered. It is interesting to see the reaction from the progressive…


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AOC is the Banshee of Tribalism

It is interesting that Alexandria Occasion Cortez is in the news so much. Even her constituents are not impressed with her, and the local Democrat Party are looking for someone to replace her next election. Only 23% of voters give her a favorable rating. Her grandstanding and policy agenda will bring these numbers down even further. She is hardly seen in her neighborhood back home, ignores them totally, and is more interested in building her national political profile. It is a requirement by…


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The Progressive Socialist Anti-Science on Abortion Part 2

The Progressive Socialists are concerned that the citizens of our country have started to decide that abortion is a horrific form of birth control. The people no longer buy the words salad that pro-abortion activists put forth about abortion being a form of woman's reproductive health. Add this to the selling of baby parts by abortionists and the money made in such an endeavor, and you will understand why the tide is turning on Roe v Wade.

The pro-abortion activists and their willing…


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The Progressives Socialist Anti-Science on Abortion

The Alabama state legislature has found the trigger for even more "moral outrage" from our supposed betters in Hollywood. According to the self-centered narcissistic celebrities, this group of men has coerced their state into passing one of the strictest abortion bills in the country. Over the last few days, the roar of victimhood from the delicate flowers in Hollywood and the halls of Congress have covered subjects from slavery to medieval torture to show just how offended they are.…


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The Electoral College Must Remain

The Electoral College was not formulated by the Founders because of racism. The aspect of slavery had nothing to do with the College. The primary defining value behind the Electoral College was how to face the difficult question of how our President should be elected. The Electoral College was but one part of the “Great Compromise” that led to the ratification of our Constitution. Others were the House of Representatives, where larger states would hold sway and the Senate where all states…


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The Progressive Left Denies Social and Cultural Values.

Some have called it the start of the banana republic. Some have called it a socialist Leninist coup. Whatever it is called, the antics of the Democratic party can aptly be named a progressive socialist attempt at a coup d’etat. Once again we have the start of a revolutionary revolt based on nothing more than the collection of political power. They don't believe in the platitudes that they espouse and count on the citizens not recognizing that the policies that the progressive socialists need…


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Americas Little Girl Socialist Part 3

The progressive socialists within the Democrat party are forever telling us how they are tireless advocates of the downtrodden in our country. They are the loud voices who seek to assist those who lack power and wealth. They continually tell us that they are working for those who have no voice. It is interesting to see how they square these words with what they are attempting to do to the citizens of this country.

Their agenda is to remove the power of parents to raise their children,…


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Americas Little Girl Socialist

Americas Little Girl Socialist  Part 1

The new Congress has moved the country into dangerous territory. They have called for ICE to be abolished, and for open borders to be mandatory.  In this way, they can get more illegals into the country to build up the numbers of those dependent on government handouts. The progressive socialists have practiced anti-Semitism over the past many years since Obama turned his back on Israel. That anti-Semitism is now front and center with the…


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The Global Socialist Agenda of the New Green Deal

The environmental groups in conjunction with the progressive socialist media have been using the environment as weaponized propaganda for decades. They intend to bring the politically driven unsubstantiated agenda of anthropogenic global warming to the forefront to cast fear into everyone in the country. They will stop at nothing to push the agenda of the globalists, including brainwashing and scaring our children about climate change, and predicting doomsday in twelve years.

The role…


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Climate Control Nazis

In the early 70’s we had global cooling according to the “experts” such as Newsweek magazine in 1975. In the '80s and '90s, we had global warming bought to us by the eminent "expert" Al Gore. Both of these did not fit the facts, so now we have rushed toward climate change. The paid or scientists of which there is no 97% consensus, have found that ANY weather can be explained by calling it climate change. Floods and droughts, hot and cold spells, can all be explained by the "climate change"…


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Media and the Progressive Socialists

The news as it is today follows a familiar pattern. You wake up turn on the TV and hear about the latest “bombshell” of some supposed Trump malfeasance. All day and into primetime it Is blared throughout the world as the honest truth by those talking heads in the mainstream media. Sometime around 10 or 11 at night it will be debunked and never mentioned again. All the little-controlled roaches of the progressive movement then scramble to find the next garbage story to do the best they can to…


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The Direction of Progressive Socialist Culture

Once again, the progressive socialist wing of the Democrat Party shows how out of touch they are with the American people. First, we had the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama calling people in the country “bitter clingers to guns and religion if we would not vote for him. Then we had a candidate for President Queen Hillary calling us deplorable, and now we have a sitting Senator from Hawaii Mazie Hirono telling us that we don’t vote for the leftists in her party because we…


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Sheriff Clarke is Right

“Your liberties rest not upon things written upon paper, they depend upon yourselves, and upon maintaining your property, your knowledge, and your virtue”.  Samuel Williams 1794.

Less than a week ago I read a column that was written by Sheriff David Clarke on Townhall that made me think over what I have seen in politics over these…


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The Banana Republic of Kalifornia

How many people in the country of voting age can remember when Donald Trump won the presidency. Progressive socialists like Nancy Pelosi and RINOS like John McCain, mocked our President because he said he may have won the popular vote because of illegals voting.

Is there voter fraud in our country? Absolutely. Our voter laws have been torn apart by the progressive socialists in state governments. Motor Voter laws have no verification of the applicant is a citizen. On the DMV form, if…


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The Original Cost of Freedom

The laws that govern our land were laid out by the Founding Fathers in order to document that these laws of Nature were given to us by God. But what if the people living under these laws have no virtue or no regard for the truth in the words written so long ago. The Creator mentioned in our founding documents have been set aside for a “live for today” secularism which binds the freedom of our society.

The basic premise is that our Republic is based on a belief…


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The “Found Ballot” Fraud

Voter fraud is nothing new, it goes far back to the Kennedy administration. The Democrat machine at the time, worked with the unions to give the Democrats an insurmountable lead.

Looking at the past elections and the chaos throughout our country has lost the confidence of the American people in elections. The start of this loss of confidence was Florida and has taken up most of the discussion over the past two weeks. Democrat leaders in Florida were caught fixing improper ballots after…


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The Caravan Storm Comes Closer

Now that the elections are over and stolen as appropriate, the media can once again continue to ignore the “caravan” invasion as they did so diligently before. They are still coming and the American people are not being told the truth.

Air Force General Larry O’Shaughnessy, the gentleman overseeing the border response has stated :

“This caravan is different from what we have seen in the past. We have seen violence coming out of this caravan they have passed other international…


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The Leftists Voter Fraud Lies

In a few days there will an election in our country and once again cries of “voter suppression” have been plying throughout the progressive socialist Democrats on Capitol Hill and the media. The leftists in the media such s little Jimmy Acosta tweeted: voter fraud in this country is actually very rare. Glenn Thrush, another leftist sycophant declared there is virtually no voter fraud in this country. These statements, along with the diatribe of voter suppression are nonsensical and…


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