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Where the Progressive Socialist Democrats Think We Must Go

There are certain aspects of the ongoing Black Lives Matter/Antifa uprising that must be made evident to our country's citizens. The leftist rioters do not understand that what they are doing to destroy our country will not work. The rioting and burning of local businesses, many minorities owned, the overtaking of city property, the tearing down of statues that are a part of our history will do nothing to improve our country.

All the efforts that they feel will intimidate people will…


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The Lies of Black Lives Matter

It has become apparent that many in the media, the progressive socialists in the Democrat Party have kneeled at the altar of Black Lives Matter. Corporations throughout the country have thrown money by the boatload to BLM. Sadly, corporations feel they must virtue signal what many of them don't believe, debasing any reasonable discussion about the steps that need to be taken to move forward.

An organization such as BLM has occupied the streets and targeted police forces who have…


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Fauci’s Failures.

One of the greatest economic booms in our country's history has been brought to its knees by a virus. 

Over 80,000 souls have been lost to this pandemic, and our country is slowly collapsing. The number of businesses lost to this virus is said to be about 100,000 that will never come back—one hundred thousand livelihoods and families that will no longer grace our towns and cities across this country. The economic downturn has been devastating, and there are many of our fellow citizens…


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Time to Get Back to Life

The freedom and liberty that we have enjoyed in our country have been done away with by a single stroke of a coronavirus that could not be foreseen. The American people are starting to understand that the reaction to the pandemic was overdone and in the numbers being shown, totally wrong. I

As of May 1st, 2020, the total coronavirus deaths in the country were moved down to 37,308. The Center for Disease Control promulgated this number. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, by using false…


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Nancy Pelosi is a Hypocrite

Since the start of this unconstitutional lockdown, Nancy Pelosi and his band of anti-American socialists have done all they could to keep the small businesses in our country under lock and key. In her San Francisco neighborhood with her beloved ice cream and still receiving all her pay from the taxpayers, she ignores the day to day anxiety and pain that the middle class is feeling.

On February 28th, at a highly attended rally is South Carolina President Trump said that the…


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Pelosi’s Socialist Policies Do Great Harm to the Country

On the day after Easter, I found myself thinking about the prayerful Nancy Pelosi, and the hypocrisy of her words and actions since the COVID-19 was brought to our shores. It was in February that Pelosi and her cohort in the Senate Cryin' Chuck Schumer were wringing their hands and proclaimed that "lives are at stake," and something must be done. There were things done. Our economy was shut down based on inflated numbers by the so-called experts, and the Trump administration played catch-up…


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Pelosi Has Got to Go

The progressive socialists led by the senile Nancy Pelosi have done their best to meet their agenda to take down President Trump. Pelosi has led a sham impeachment trial with the lying Adam Schiff which was a lasting legacy of the animus that these socialists hold for both President Trump and the country.

After that failure and along with the Russian collusion hoax, it is surprising that anything done by the House of Representatives is taken seriously. The question then becomes what…


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Will Biden Make it?

We have been told since this election was rigged for former Vice President Joe Biden that he has been “chosen” because he is the moderate in the race. From belittling Biden after Iowa and New Hampshire, the mainstream media is now falling all over themselves telling us how the country was saved by the South Carolina and Super Tuesday primaries from the mean socialist Sanders. The Democrats have made a choice between two senile seniors. The mainstream media, and even Fox, regularly inform us…


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The Progressive Socialists Failed Coup

It should be quite clear that the progressive socialists in the House and Senate have attempted to perpetrate the most significant sham on the electoral process of our country, and the citizens of our great nation. Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and others in their party have the hubris to think that they are so morally superior that they can tell us what to think and how to vote.  They feel so much smarter than those they think are below them, the peasants that the progressive socialists wish to…


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Adam Schiff Lies Again

I have been watching the impeachment show trial that  the progressive socialist democrats have been putting forth. Once again, they are forwarding the lies that they have been spoonfeeding to the media over the past few months. The worse of the liars is the treasonous Adam Schiff.

All of the leftists continue to put forth innuendo and the hearsay from the House impeachment that the partisan career hacks put forth. The only thing missing from these people’s testimony is what the…


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The Progressive Socialists Are Guilty of Treason

The progressive socialist Democrat Party and the media (both are the same partisan hacks that are destroying the sovereignty of our country continue to work against our country. Journalists have compared the terrorist to Charles DeGaulle and have honored the sustained terror caused by this animal. Below are two columns written back during the Obama administration, which point out the position that we now find ourselves in this country.

Ben Rhodes, an Obama…


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The Impeachment Charade Must End

The impeachment debacle continues. Many keen-eyed citizens have noticed that two glaring inconsistencies occurred that the MSM have not discussed. First, the minority day that was to be set aside was dismissed. Two, there was never a full vote of the House to start the impeachment. What was voted on was to start an impeachment inquiry. Not voting on the impeachment itself, the House was never able to attain “judicial enforcement authority.” This is why the Lawfare lawyers, the highly…


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The Second Part of the House Impeachment is as Bad as the First


After the Adam Schiff Soviet-like impeachment debacle, the progressive socialist Democrats are still wandering in the wilderness in search of an offense against the President. The darker angels of the leftists have been on display before, but not as blatant as today. Today in many parts of this country, wearing a MAGA hat will get you beaten to a bloody pulp. This is the same attitude that the impeachment Democrats have without the decency of at least doing the bludgeoning…


Added by John Velisek on December 18, 2019 at 1:44pm — 2 Comments

Day Two of the Impeachment Sham Starts in a Few Hours.

Today is the second day of the Schiff impeachment scam. The effect so far has been a total nothing burger, with some of the more moderate Democrats experiencing buyer's remorse. Since the first day of this fiasco, many words have been uttered and printed for both sides of the argument.

The progressive socialist Democrats have already made proclamations that are just absurd. San Fran Nan Pelosi, in her rambling, disjointed way, has already claimed that in order to avoid impeachment,…


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The Impeachment Debacle Will Fail

The Media Shills

It is time for Americans to be honest with themselves. The media, in its rush for impeachment, are lying to us. They pushed the Russian collusion hoax for two and a half years and ended up with nothing. Having already set up the Ukrainian hoax with the assistance of Pencil neck Schiff, they moved to another location using the same liars and talking points that didn't work with Russia. It won't with Ukraine either.

The media is more decadent and…


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The Impeachment Debacle

Over the past month, impeachment has been the word of the day in the media and the progressive socialists. The so-called impeachment inquiry that has not allowed the House of Representatives to vote for its implementation has degraded to a soviet Beria type of search for a crime.

Adam Schiff is a fraud.

It is an investigation in search of a crime. It has become a tyrannical show trial by Adam Schiff, a highly contemptible legislator with his own ties to…


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Back to Russia?

Knowing that the progressive socialists will never give up on attempting to take President Trump out of office, some further steps and lies will come along before the end of President Trump's first term. It is informative that nothing is now being said about the Russian collusion hoax that Hillary and the other liars in government set up to entrap our President. The American people understand that as even Peter Strozk said, there was no there, there.

The progressive socialists who…


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Voter Fraud in California Part 2

Data has proven that Voter ID does not suppress voter turnout. One of many studies and the most definitive was conducted at the Harvard Business School. This study disproves the progressive socialist point that the poor and people of color are disadvantaged when Voter ID is present. AN ID is required to board a plane flight, to buy alcohol, or to rent a car, and yet we are told that people of color aren't smart enough to get an ID to vote. Besides being racist in the way people of color are…


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Voter Fraud in California Part 1

In the 2016 election, illegal aliens voted in large enough numbers that the popular vote was skewed for Hillary Clinton. The media and the progressive socialists in the far-left Democrat Party laugh at such assertions and ridicule anyone who makes that statement. They have fallen silent at studies done since that time that have proven the assertion to be true. And as expected, they have no explanation why one and a half million illegal votes suddenly appeared in Los Angeles County in…


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The White Nationalism Fraud Part 3

The ruling class has declared that the greatest challenge to civility in our country is the majority of white males in our country that are “white supremacists.” The progressive socialists have called those members of our society violent. It is clear that anyone who the leftist elites dislike enough will be tarred with the label “White supremacist.” If you are unfortunate enough to be labeled as such, you can expect to at the very least be shamed and protested. The intention is to use the…


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There are certain aspects of the ongoing Black Lives Matter/Antifa uprising that must be made…See More
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