First, lets go back in time. On August 20, 1998, the former potus, wild-Bill Clinton, ordered the bombings of two alleged Al Qaeda bases. One in Khost, Afghanistan, and the other being the Al-Shifa aspirin factory in Khartoum, Sudan. The strikes were solely comitted by the Clinton admentruation - w/ out the backing of any of our NATO allies. The attacks occurred right smack-dab in the middle of wild-Billy Clinton's sex scandal where he was impeached by Congress for having lied under oath denying pf his sex acts - not 10yrs before, before he was potus, but in the White House; from within the Oval Office to be exact.

The recent attacks in Syria was in collaboration with Great Britain and France and in response to what was proven to have been yet another chemical attack by the Syrian military.

The response was exact and well thought out. Not the desperate attempts by a potus to deflect from the indictments by merely changing the headlines.

It looks like Putin's psy-ops of warning citizens of an imminent nuclear exchange and deploying more pf his naval ships to the area was a flop. America finally has a genuine leader in the WH again.

ps: Props to President Trump on having granted Lewis "Scooter" Libby a full pardon. Yet something else that pro-globalist George W refused to grant - because he chose to play political (democrat) correctness instead.


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Comment by Larry Puckette on April 17, 2018 at 4:54am

being a has-been data network guru I have 2¢ on the hacking of government web sites conversation..

there are 2 primary inherent problems at play;

. government implements nothing rapidly, including software security updates which are necessary daily to prevent hacking, maybe multiple times daily.

. shared data circuits (internet) cannot be secure.

imo - the combination surely makes hacking government websites among the easiest targets. Government websites can be much more secure but it takes a design change. Government needs it's own private circuit network with minimum portals to the internet, as it is now each facility is connected to the internet - providing a portal for hacking. Given the inherent slow pace of government to implement change in it's processes, those mass numbers of portals make adequate network security impossible.

another issue is it has implemented tcp/ip across the board, even to the naval ships. I was in classes with a bunch of Navy network guys when it was happening and haven't thought it was a good idea since. Making ship data communications reliant on tcp/ip protocols may have been taking advantage of software innovation we all benefit from, but it also made the ships vulnerable to hackers who know the tcp/ip protocols thoroughly and the hacking weaknesses before anybody else - especially the ship's network security guys.

in short - I believe government websites can be made very hard to hack into. It would take a network design change though, mostly private circuits with minimal portals to the internet, and using a different protocol than tcp/ip on it's internal network. NOT impossible, or even that hard - just acceptance that government data networks cannot be secure enough when designed like every other internet dependent/reliant network.

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on April 16, 2018 at 10:51am

My desire is simply do not allow the bad actors to draw the USA in to constant conflict. This strategy is designed to bankrupt America both monetarily and divide us domestically.

100 of thousands of those in conflict regions have died and been displaced. You would think the ones still living would be tired to the bone with constant conflict. 

I am concerned with how quickly the USA complex has and is placing what seems all in to the technology of warfare basket. This is placing us in a basket for Cyberwar on a massive scale. New kind of war what they seem to now refer to as "bloodless war". Not at all bloodless I think. 

Hacking in to criticals big time problem and there seems no real solutions to the problem.

Comment by luis✩USA on April 16, 2018 at 6:18am

Am, Putin's psy-ops reminded me of when the dk blue state of Hawaii had those nuclear attack sirens screeching all over the place.  A FAKE-response to DT's stance on NKorea. "WE" are always "the problem". 

Btw, as for the proxy-war in Syria:  The only nation w/ a real "dog" in that fight is ISRAEL. Which is the reason why Iran has its forces there. Russia does NOT need them to fight off the Syrian rebels (ISIS).

Comment by luis✩USA on April 16, 2018 at 5:46am

"[1] We should be concerned about our future with the expansion of U.S. Military-Industrial Complex power around the globe and in space. [2] So enormous, one could almost consider it to be its own Military Government left unchecked not accountable to anyone."

Hi, Am. In reply to [1]:  The first line said it all.  Imo, we should have been "concerned about our future" well over a century ago. "We" meaning the American people as a whole. But, we weren't.  S, here we are today, 2018, between a rock and a hard place. Where nations like Russia, China, Iran, NKorea and Syria produce chems, bios and nukes. And have the capability to launch EMPs as well.  Like a used to tell the Ron Paulers: This isn't the 18th century anymore. We can no longer solely depend on our natural act as our deterent. Submarines have replaced sail boats; ICBMs have replaced cannonballs; and our enemies ARE n space.

[2]: If we're going to talk about the "nchecked" and "not accountable" it goes beyond our military. What about the NSA, CIA, TSA, the IRS, the DoJ and the Federal Reserve to name a few?  That 50s term "Military Industrial Complex" sounds really intelligent - but it means nothing in todays world. It's become as generic as those "evil corporations" and "the establishment". 

We should be "concerned", huh.


Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on April 15, 2018 at 7:14pm

I support the recent decision to take out targets in Syria. Let's get real the USA has had to be bombing ISIS held territory in Syria many times this latested efforts with as Luis points out gave the UK and France a chance to show their worth under the cover of righteous bombs unleashed against chem sites.

I do share concerns that AM912 posted about. The USA can not afford to be jerked into continuous conflicts in the Islamic world. The military complex, the war hawks in Congress and the globalist desire to have an international sanctioned military and world police is not something I support.

I do not think our President supports this he supports his America First Agenda.  WH dwellers do get swallowed by the bubble but I am counting on our President to stay the course backed by his own instincts.

Comment by Suzie Nielsen on April 14, 2018 at 10:45am

I agree! How many times have administrations laid out our plans for attack?!! Only to be met by a sign on the door that says out to lunch! I have always been confused by this tactic. Watching OAN today is certainly a different view of our situation than any actions in the past 8 yrs!


Comment by luis✩USA on April 14, 2018 at 9:02am


Woops! Thanks Larry. I just corrected the year (1998). My bad!

Now lets look back at Iraq and father & son Bush. Unlike daddy, who went in and out leaving Saddam in place - but w/ very restrictive air space to protect Kuwait and the Kurds yet assuring that Hussein's forces could maintain Iran within its own border, , the grave mistake sonnyboy George W made was to go in to take Saddam Hussein out. The power-vacuum had opened up. Saddam's Republican Guard had alligned w/ Al Qaeda and ISIS was born - w/ ble$$ings from Obama and John McCain..And now Iran has filled that vacuum.

Though I stand w/ DT because of how the attack was coordinated, we still need to get out. BUT, w/ a condition: The Iranian clerics MUST first remove ALL their troops and military assets.

Though I trust General Mattis's abilities, I remain weary of our presence in Syria. I hope that this the DT administration does not make the same grave mistakes made by the last two administrations.

Thanks for your always valued input, Larry.


Comment by Larry Puckette on April 14, 2018 at 7:49am

fyi Luis...  the 2018 date must not be right

you have more of a concluded opinion of both events than I do, probably more informed too. About all I've read/heard is listening to his televised announcement. which btw, I think his highlighting we have no desire to occupy Syria and that the M.E. neighborhood is being empowered to work it all out was maybe the most profound portion of the speech.

speaking of GWB....   I coulda done without reading DT has declared 'mission accomplished', that's usually fodder for MSM to end up thriving on.

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