Despite the fact that McConnell leads the Senate, the honorable Neil Gorsuch was appointed to the SCOTUS; But, that's it. 

What has Ryan's "leadership" got us other than having made a DEBACLE of what could have been a simple repeal of at least the lifeblood of Obamacare  (i.e. the Individual and the Employer Mandates and the subsidies); or even defunding any other worthless, moneysucking programs that would make REAL cuts; and not merely shift the taxpayers' $$$$$ some place else and further escalating the Debt?  I say nowhere. But, that isn't the President's fault.  But, this is:

Imo, Trump did promote and push the Freedom Caucus to get behind Ryan's ridiculous plan in the first place. And his motivation was centered on wanting to own the bragging rights of being able to say that he repealed-and-replaced Obamacare within his "First 100 Days". Bad move.  Trump has also put himself within the DC-GOP ranks of chickensh*ts that run scared whenever the dems and their media cry out their tried-and-true term: "shutdown"!  He ran on "draining" the swamp; not swimming in it along w/ them!  And now we'll have to EAT from the pile of "shutdwn sh*t" for yet another week! And it surely lead to MORE sh*t increments (more CRs)...until the Debt is escalated even higher - from right under our snoring usual. 

The way I see it, the left had NEUTERED the GOP years ago. The Rs may've gained back 1000s of seats across the country, not to mention the HoR and the WH as well..,thanks to WE the People, mind you...but, as WE are now realizing (I hope), gaining "seats" and Branches of gov't alone does NOT guarantee any positive...let alone constructive...results.  

In other words, "We" gained "seats" - yet the Left are still leading in policy and agenda. So, what else is new?!


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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on May 12, 2017 at 3:25pm

When an entitlement is once given getting rid of it is near impossible. The District crowd do not want to give up what ever controls they inherited with O'Care (follow the money) and people who think they have actually received healthcare are hooked on the lies.

To me the only way to fix this mess is to return healthcare back to the states to control.

Comment by luis✩USA on May 1, 2017 at 10:41am

Follow Up:

During Reagan's Presidency, the tyrannical Soviets (Russian) as the "Evil Empire".  He never backed away from that.

President Trump said the Chinese were "currency manipulators" and that Mexico does not take ck illegals - even if they have criminal records.  He's been backing away from it.

Now the potus has  offered compliments first to the leader of Turkey and most recently to the Filipino leader. Rodrigo Duterte. Neither are good human beins are all! They're tyrants. 

Oh, and speaking of tyrants - despite Trump having bombed Syria and Afghanistan, and talked tough against Kim Jung un's missile and nuclear tests, and then flexing our military muscle by sending a carrier group and an additional submarine, the NorK dictator defied and dared Trump by going on w/ yet another missile launch.

During his campaign DT said NATO was dysfunctional; now they're not.  He said the spending is out of control. Yet, Congress is about to present a $T budget that includes continuing funding for Planned Parenthood; green energy; and, yes, OBAMACARE.  Nothing is getting cut off even a little bit. NOTHING!  The new DC-GOP budget also makes it crystal clear that not a thin dime can be used to fund building the "Wall".  The budget also funds the refugee program and the EPA as well.  Etc...etc...etc...

I said this in the initial editorial: Trump is not only swimming IN the swamp that he said he'd "drain" -- he's using the BACKSTROKE to boot!

Here's something else I said - prior to and just after he won the election:


Btw:  It's been reported that Justice Kennedy is seriously considering retirement. That this news had come from both his family and his assciates. 

Now the question is will the 80 yr old Jurist retire before the 84 yr old Ginsberg - who seems determined to wait it out till another democrat reaches the WH, or at least till they take the Senate leadership back again. The latter seeming quite feasible come 2018.  

More importantly, WHO will DT nominate this time around?  Unlike w/ filling the late Justice Scalia's seat w/ another principled-minded Constitutionalist, the real TEST would be w/ replacing Ginsberg and/or Stephen Breyer (78) w/ yet another Constitutionalist.  

Will President Trump choose a leftist as a COMPROMISE w/ the dems w/ the "hopes" that they'll come on board w/ some of his policies; or did Trump already have a leftist in mind because he gave the Conservatives and the evangelicals what he promised he would - and now he'll move on? 

These are very possible theories, folks.  Will there be yet another I TOLD YOU SO?  Hmmm...


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