Calling ALL 912 CQ authors! Time to get back on track with our Book Project!


“The 912 Project Chronicles” (copyright), will be a collection of our own stories chronicling this journey into the 912 Project and the world of corrupt politics.


*Anyone who is interested… there is still time to get involved!


Meeting Sunday April 10th  2:00pm -3:30pm PST

CHAT Room 912Communique


1.         Clarify any questions regarding the project.

2.         Form committees… editors, layout, design.

3.         Firm page and chapter word count

4.         Project completion commitment


 Review of the Goal

Our quest for Freedom has cost some of us very dearly, family members won’t talk to us, and we have lost friends, coworkers, we have been victims of unemployment, we reach across a wide stretch of America. To stand for Freedom and Truth sometimes hurts. We need to make them understand that “We The People”-- Are America! We need to completely touch the heart and soul of America and wake them up! Completely erase the TV portrait they paint of us…


I am expecting great stories… reach into your gut. Remember how it feels to get nauseous because you know and understand some piece of news it true…Remember the shock, then remember what got you through it all… you have to give the reader the truth and then a “pacifier to suck on” while they digest what we tell them...


Each of your stories will impact in a different way to different readers. Maybe your story includes others, get together and write it! I need the everyday housewife, who just sees costs go up every week, just as badly as the scientist who sees the truth in cap and trade.


Each of you will give the last two years your own slant. Whether it is from a solely personal growth or financial viewpoint to a statistical or historical point of view, we will categorize a little later.


It is of utmost importance to tell each story in chronological order therefore it will be easier for the readers to follow the same time period, from news they are aware of…and to follow our many authors. Facts will be checked! Do not worry about the language, write like yourself. Stories will be edited for grammar and spelling. Your story will remain in tack.


*A note about the committee work:  sounds much more daunting that it really is! All that is required is to attend the meetings (not too frequent I promise!), and follow through with whatever work you have volunteered for! If you have only an hour a week to devote to this project- that will be adequate! Remember…”Many hands make light work!”


If you are not a part of this huge very important project yet- please get involved today!



Let’s get this party started!


Thank you for your time,


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Comment by Hugh Akston on April 11, 2011 at 8:15am

My time for working on a committee is nonexistent. However I can write. My involvement in Politics goes back to the late 60’s, my insight to corrupt politics goes back to Johnson and Nixon.  Or are you looking to cover just the past two years or corruption in all levels and times of politics? Personal experience only or Historical information also? I suggest for a title “Memoirs of a recovering Liberal, or How I got mugged by reality.”


God Bless.

Comment by starznbarz on April 9, 2011 at 4:14am
Suzie, I have covered many local and national Tea Party events, if you need photo`s just let me know, be happy to make them available. check our site for some of our coverage -
Comment by Susan Nielsen on April 8, 2011 at 5:57pm

The funny thing is I have always said Toodles... now you can google "Toodles...Suzie"

unbelievable!LOL! very useful...LOL! geeze...

Comment by Joseph P Cronin on April 8, 2011 at 5:33pm
I didn't know your first name was Toodles ?

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