Thanks to Bush43 (TARP) and Obama (Stimulus / Dodd-Frank) the country has five super-banks controlling the nation's financial systems.  Those five are Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan/Chase, Wells Fargo, CitiBank and BoA.

The last two have gone on board w/ the radical anti-2ndA fringes. BoA has joined CitiBank in not providing any gun manufacturers and sellers bank loans or services.  Their "reasons" are as frivilous as Mark Zuckerberg saying that Facebook only blocks "hate speech" from his site.

The nation's super-giants of the banking system and the social media have found a way to oppress the 1st and 2nd Amendments - w/ out the need for even a single page of legislation from Congess.  

If a bank that I have an account with also decides to align themselves w/ the radical anti-American fringes - I will be taking my business elsewhere immediately. As for Mark "two-face" Zuckerberg's website: Doesn't affect me personally at all. I NEVER liked it; and I NEVER tristed it in the first place.

Question: Why haven't any billionaires on the "right" gotten together to create a website to counter and compete w/ facebook, twitter or Google? Are they as spineless as the GOP; or FoxNews?

It's been reported that approx 30+ members of the Senate and the HoR are not seeking re election and are leaving Congress  They're gonna take their very hefty pensions and NON Obamacare benefits and whatever other ways they have enrich themselves while in office (insider trading, etc) - and their gonna RUN fast and furiously away from DC and enjoy their spoils. Without a care in the world that 10s of millions will merely inherit a tall and thick cactus plant - but NO "lubricant" to even soften the impact.

Here's a universal truth: POLITICS (crime) DOES PAY!


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Comment by Larry Puckette on April 12, 2018 at 9:28am

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