Once again the democrats are "crying wolf". And, without a doubt, the Rs will cave; there will likely be yet another Continuing Resolution (CR); and...again...the debt and the spending will rise.

Just a reminder: A gov't shutdown is PARTIAL one. Only NN ESSENTIAL workers don't come in - but. as we saw in 2013, their time/pay was merely FURLOUGHED. Meaning they didn't lose any pay. It was like a free vacation. And, on top of that, only 17% of the US gov't were closed TEMPORARILY. 

According to the Congressional Research Service, inere has been 17 PARTIAL shutdowns in the last 40 years (1977). And not once had the federal gov't ever defaulted on the Debt. Did the nation collapse because of it? Nope.  

It's been reported that Senator Marco Rubio said that "this isn't the time" to fight for funding the construction of the border wall. (If I had a dime for every time I ehard that BLLSHT excuse from politicians and TEA party / Conservative members alike!)

So, then, WHEN is "the right time"?  The same excuse will be used as we come up to the 2018 midterms; and then again in 2020. This same pathetic template excuse has also been used where Planned Parenthd, ACORN and especially SocSec and Medicare are concerned as well. Bottom line is that NOTHING has EVER gotten repealed, reformed or replaced w/ anything that's actually effecient and functional in my lifetime. Yet, there is a crapload of REDUNDANT programs, bureaus and agencies that continue being funded by the TAXPAYER's hard earned money.  

What is it about the term "shutdown" that makes repubs act like they souled their bloomers; and scatter like cockroaches when the lights are turned on?!

Just two more things:  1. DT wloud like Jamet Yellin to return to the Federal Reserve; and 2. He says that Obama's Iran deal is "working"???!!!

Uh oh.




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Comment by luis✩USA on April 28, 2017 at 9:33am

Sooooo..today's is the deadline to govt-armageddon again.  Are we finished?  Of course not. At least not for THAT reason.  So, never fear. DC has cooked up a CR to last a whole WEEK!  

YAAAAAAAAY!!! We'll get to hear the same line of "govt shutdown" BLLSHT start all over again next week.

Imo, the US govt had "shutdown"...lawfully and Constitutionally speaking, tha is...right after September 11, 2001 - when The "Patriot" Act, the NDAA, Dodd/Frank and Obamacare became "laws" of the and. And w/ that:

> NO border "Wall" will ever go up

> Neither Dodd/Frank, let alone the key lifelines of Obamacare (the 2 mandates and the subsidies) will be repealed.

> GENUINE tax reform will ever happen in my lifetime, either.

Btw: 1st QTR GDP figures was "0.7%"  Yet the spending...as well as the federal govt...WILL expand.  Imo, you can also kiss your 401Ks; your TSAs; your mutuals and pension funds goodbye - as the Federal Reserve will keep the bank yields either close to, at, or BELOW zero (aka the "bail in").  Uncle Sam will have a great fall!


Comment by luis✩USA on April 25, 2017 at 10:43am

Hmmm... Lets see now...

.0333% of the govt's $3 TRILLION FY Budget is $1B. Which is what DT is calling on for The Wall. ".0333%"!

Yet it seems that Trump is willing to fold on it.  The democrats are willing to PLAY the bllsht "shutdown" card and DT is ready to fold because he doesn't want the OPTICS of a "shutdown" to happen within his "100 Days"?  And I'm supposed to believe that the situation would actually be addressed in "September"?  WHEN? HOW? In the NEXT "CR"?  The Ds will simply PLAY their obviously very effective "shutdwn" card again, right?!  Or, what if it ts brought up as a separate bill? (LOL!  Yeah, sure!)  The Ds will simply vote NO, right?  God forbid that the Senate uses the 51 Simple Majority again for anything else, right? That wouldn't be "FAIR" to the Ds, right? Despite the FACT that the VOTERS...you know, the ones that TOOK BACK well over 1,000 seats FROM the Ds in Congress...would APPLAUD DT...and the Rs...for NOT playing the DELAY GAME yet again! The "shutdown" crap didn't cost the Rs a thin dime in votes back in 2014, remember!

If Trump plays the DC-GOP's DELAY card - it's a win for the Ds. And they NEVER back down!  It seems to me that We the People witnessed the ONE MOMENT when the Rs had a genuine pair of COJONES: Appointing Neil Gorsuch.  Ahhhhh...the good ole days...   

Comment by luis✩USA on April 25, 2017 at 6:58am

Hi, Pat

The CR:

What I have figured out about DC's use of it is that it is the clever way to raise the Debt/Spending incrementally, a CR at a time, within all the chaos, corruption and crime that continues to grow around the world.  Rahm Emanuel said it best: "Don't let a crisis go to waste".


I am not so much "upset" as I am simply saying that am not surprised. It had been pointed out several times that DT was/is? big on the nationalization of the banks. And I still believe that he still holds dear his original position on health care - which was also nationalization (aka single payer). And I believe that the DC-GOP progressive-closet-queens like Ryan and McConnell are also on board w/ it.


My pov this for years has been that they really believe that they can actually gain liberal voters;.and now the target group is the snowflake-millennials.  Lets face it, nationalizing the system would make things easier FOR the DC politicians. Imo, the GOP leadership in Congress COULD HAVE gotten rid of the two Obamacare mandates AND tax reform within the first 100 days!  My conclusion is based on the fact that McConnell got Justice Neil Gorsuch appointed by using REID'S "nuclear option"; or simple majority!  

I agree w/ you, Pat. DT does have enemies on BOTH sides; and the DC-GOPers don't want to him to gain creds by doing those things that ALL the Rs had PROMISED for years now. I do believe that the stalling is to get him tp COMPROMISE (i.e. move closer towards their more moderate (big-govt-progressive) views). This way perhaps he'll start losing favorability amongst his massive base - even if it means losing the WH in 2020 and perhaps some seats in 2018. Ryan and McConnell do have this in common w/ Obama: To "lead" from behind. The problem w/ THEM doing it ts that Obama did it from a position of political "strength".  In the end Liberalism always wins . . .even when they lose elections.

As for the Gorsuch appointment: thank goodness. BUT, will President Trump replace Ginsberg and Breyer w/ yet another "originalist" as well - or will DT make-a-deal and choose yet another far left radical like Obana's Sotomayor ad Kagan? I'm thinking the latter is quite possible. And whomever believes that there are "moderate" (or Blue Dog) dems out there today are ignorant at best. To them I say: Go find a "De Lorean" and go back to the 50s or early 60s!

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on April 24, 2017 at 11:39am

Of course there will be a CR. No brain'er that the dems are not for the wall and nor will many of the GOP open boarder types, we need to make note of all GOP'ers who are in my opinion rats in the swamp and work to ensure their lucrative positions in Congress is as short as possible.

Yellen, at this point I am not upset.

With the Iran Deal the gift to Iran was done much like the ACA meaning it was done so that it was near impossible to get rid of ... Given the state of the world when O left office Trump is trumping along and he has many enemies from within the two parties. I am OK with tackling other threats in a systematic way for now.

NK has threatened the US in an overt very public way -- putting the fat man down under would be my top goal.

Comment by luis✩USA on April 24, 2017 at 10:54am

Hello, jimmy

You are telling gov't workers to "get a real job"? You might as well include these lazy FREEBIE-millennials the same thing as well! 

And lets not forget that the so called 2013 "shutdown" resulted in NO consquences whatsoever . . .ZERO!  And the PROOF is in the 2014 midterm results. Which was that the Rs beat the snot out of the Ds in an even BIGGER "shellacking" than in 2010!

But, a lot of good it's done us so far, huh.  >:-(

Comment by Jimmy Hight on April 24, 2017 at 10:38am

I've worked construction all my life and when the job ended so did the paycheck, Nobody ever came running to make sure I was paid while I was in limbo looking for the next project and by golly they should suck it up and find a real job if they don't like being laid off for a few days? If we could finally get the right people in office then maybe this crud will stop and we can catch up on the debt but these that we have need to start the cutting process and quick.

Comment by luis✩USA on April 24, 2017 at 10:23am

Rich, I agree w/ those "pink slips". If they're NON essential - then WHY should the taxpayers have to keep them on?!

Sadly, it'll never happen. I contend that if there would be a PARTIAL shutdown, and DT decides to cutoff the EPA: the NEA; the NLRB or the US Dept of Education, for example, I'd bet that other depts, including state offices,  might decide to boycot and shutdown services in protest. And the Rs...spineless worms that they are, would absorb the full blame - because the media said so. 

Hmmmm... I wonder if the unions would also go along - despite the growing "relationship" because of Trump's promise of job growth?  But, how could there ever be growth if the Employer and Individual Mandates that are the very lifeblood of Obamacare remain in place?  They would have w/ Ryan's initial BLLSHT "3 Step" plan?!

Comment by Rich Knoch on April 24, 2017 at 9:54am

Idea . . . . follow up this shutdown with Pink Slips for the majority of non-essential Washington, deCeit loafers and teach then how to carry pipeline supplies.

Comment by Kos on April 24, 2017 at 9:20am


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