In this article I am not using names of individuals, because one I do not wish to help keep the name of a psychopath in peoples minds, and second because the hero's and victims in this could be any of us.

In reality we have a problem but the answer is not in more armed guards in schools that is only a reaction to the symptom. It will help alleviate the symptoms, but not cure the problem.

The idea has merit though, but as many opponents say teachers should not be armed and some are afraid to carry weapons. That is understandable, many people have a problem with taking the life of another person for any reason. Some would rather die than be forced to kill a person and would not do so even to protect a child. That is not cowardice it is principle.

Some people however would die to defend other people, like the high school coach who was shot shielding students with his body, or the ROTC student holding a door so others could escape. Some are willing to take the risk and those are the teachers we should be arming.

I would propose that State police academies train teachers in weapons use and riot control methods during the summer months when school is normally out, only teachers who volunteer to take such training. Teachers would be paid while training and qualify for school security pay bonus during the normal school year. I would also suggest that they re-qualify at a police range twice a year, at least 4 months apart.

This would take schools from the “soft target” category to a hardened site. No shooter would know who was carrying or which direction they would come from, only that armed response was on site.

In the Colorado shooting, the theater was one of several within a 20 min drive from the perpetrators home, not the closest but the only one listed and posted as a “Gun Free Zone”. That had to be a consideration in his selecting which movie theater to shoot up.

In the Texas Church shooting it was a NRA firearms Instructor with an AR-15 that stopped the shooting and held him until the police arrested him. Proof that trained personnel with firearms at hand can stop a tragedy.

There have been several cases where an armed civilian has protected a policeman under attack. Just as there are cases where police fail to go into a situation causing a higher death toll, or they have shot an armed civilian who has disarmed a perpetrator, both cases recently in the news.

One argument against arming teachers is that trained police in a tense situation only hit 30% of the time. (An argument I would use to recommend disarming police.) But teachers with equivalent training would do no worse than the police.

When I was in high School we had functional M-1 rifles on school property, a range for shooting, and a competitive rifle team. We had fights but no shootings. Maybe that was because we earned the respect of others through our conduct and actions. We were taught that all ideas had value and life was importiant, maybe that was why we got along better.

God Bless.
Just My thoughts for today.

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