Thousands have assembled at the capitol calling for the resignation of governor Ricardo Rossello who is a member of the democrat wing knon as the New Progressive Party (Partido Nuevo Progresista / PNP) and is accused of making denigrating comments against the lbgt community. But after intense meetings with party leadership, who no longer support the governor, Rossello had announced that, after self reflection, he will not be stepping down.

But the turmoil runs much deeper than that.

According to a well known local newspaper (El Nuevo Dia) as well as FNC:


The FBI arrested former education secretary Julia Keleher, former Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration head Ángela Ávila-Marrero; businessmen Fernando Scherrer-Caillet and Alberto Velázquez-Piñol, and education contractors Glenda E. Ponce-Mendoza and Mayra Ponce-Mendoza, who are sisters, on fraud and related charges.

“It was alleged that the defendants engaged in a public corruption campaign and profited at the expense of the Puerto Rican citizens and students," [*]

"Hurricane Maria brought us pain...", said an angry protestor.  I'd say that the corruption caused by the "six" was/is much more painful.  And many wonder where did the Hurricane Maria $$$  go.  I never did.




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Comment by luis✩USA on July 26, 2019 at 9:44am

" I believe most Americans want to believe that what they [paid into]? will be there for them,"

And there it is, Suzie. For almost a century the citizenry had fallen for the scheme that they...the taxpayers...had or are paying "into" a retirement plan of some sort. WRONG! 

FICA is a tax. Nothing more. PERIOD! 

The illusion was an even bigger LIE than when Obama started saying: "You can keep your plan...". 

Comment by luis✩USA on July 21, 2019 at 1:10pm

I'm having a nice Sunday. Actually, it's been a nice weekend.  I'm enjoying a Michelob and Don Q Puerto Rican Gold Rum as we speak.  :)

Comment by Suzie Nielsen on July 21, 2019 at 12:07pm


Once again I wish we had thumbs up!

The original mixture of trolls, spies, scammers, sunshine patriots- as Barbarian used to put it- and people who were just waking up and the 912ers and the very knowledgable were thrown together on Glenn Becks original 912 Project.  People began to "clique up" I was fortunate to fall into the right mix... but yeah TPP got over the line fast!

Comment by Suzie Nielsen on July 21, 2019 at 12:02pm


I believe most Americans want to believe that what they paid into will be there for them, but as you say, it is a scheme, It only continues to work if it is continually fed...I don't know that much about it but, it seems a common belief that it is owed to us in the way of a promise when we reach the golden age...I think many boomers were not prepared for the huge jumps in inflation and the market loses. I know we were not prepared for those kinds of numbers.  And yes the retirement plan is built around SS income! Most people who have worked rely on Socal Security coming back to them as an investment. Yes a scheme, but how else do you perpetuate a fund- if not by paying into it?

Comment by Suzie Nielsen on July 21, 2019 at 11:52am

 Sorry Luis, you are correct, I thought that by adding my experiences were as a tourist I was clarifying... Of course, individuals are just that individuals with their own thoughts and ways... Also I several friends from PR, they share our views..

Comment by luis✩USA on July 21, 2019 at 10:51am

"they  (Puerto Ricans) do not like Americans!! Or America! "

Not right to put them all in that basket, Suzie.  It would be like accusing ALL 912ers; TPers; and Cmservatives of being "racists". And "I" can tell you personally that I had SEEN true racists here; at TPP; and other sites. Does it mean they...WE...are ALL filthy racists? Nope.

Comment by luis✩USA on July 21, 2019 at 10:40am

"not sure who you are telling the [obvious] to but I can assure you anyone [especially on this site]... "

Jo, I've been a member of this site even when the creator (Suzie Nielsen) and I were charter members of the site were it all started: Glenn Beck's 912 Project. I was also an active member of Tea Party Patriots almost from the time Mark Meckler originally created hat one.  My ol friend Larry was there too. ( :) ) And I can tell you that it is/was not so "obvious".  Even till this day there are those that refuse to accept that SocSec is a big ponzi scheme as well. And when this house of cads come tumbling down - they'll all continue screaming "GIVE ME MINE!!!". I assure you of that. 

Comment by luis✩USA on July 21, 2019 at 10:21am

Hi, Larry.

Lets see...Quakes in PR...

We first moved to PR the one time I felt a very minimal tremor was in 1979. My bed rocked slightly for a few seconds. A non event. It stratled me only because I had never experienced anything like it before; being from Jersey and all.

I don't recall my mom ever talking about such events throughout her childhood; nor any of my aunts or uncles either. And they always talked their good-ole-days (the from the 20s to the 40s) before migratig to NY.

But, your question did raise my curiosity - w/ the recent quake in CA and all.  What I found on Google was that there was an event back in 1918. And like CA, it was a 7 pointer as well. It occurred in the San Juan area and my family tree are rooted in the southern part of the island.  No other accounts were archived. 

Now the most recent events were between Jul 16 and the 18th. They occurred in Haiti and the Dominican Republic ranging from a magnitude 2.5 to 3.0. The closest one to PR was 12mi away from shore. The big one that Haiti in 2010. It was a 7 pointer too, remember. That one wasn't felt in PR eother. (Thank God)

So, there you go. :)

Comment by Suzie Nielsen on July 21, 2019 at 9:13am

Jo DeFranco, 

Not having paid that much attention to Porto Rico, only knowing from personal experience (as a tourist), they do not like Americans!! Or America! Only American money! After a point how many hurricanes/disasters in foreign countries do we have to clean up and pay for? Maybe the US ought to have "Piggy banks" whereupon certain behavior we put funds in the PB and let them draw from it when necessary... I am sick of spending money on people who only want handouts... Like peace corps- how the hell long does it take to teach a nation to grow rice or fish for itself!

Sorry Luis, I know you are from PR, I do not mean any disrespect to you...

But I also agree that when we speak of National Debt (which is a joke) it is an accumulated amount no one President is responsible... 

Comment by Jo DeFranco on July 20, 2019 at 6:27pm

Luis USA not sure who you are telling the obvious to but I can assure you anyone especially on this site is fully aware that the Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the Government.  They are actually a private Central Bank run by International bankers!  As for the Oversite up the wazoo - that's precisely my point.  Now for the really big BS you wrote -  Yes under our great President Donald J. Trump we have grown a Trillion - but for the first time in our American History our money is well spent and I have no doubt what so ever that our President is accounting for it.  But lets back it up a bit since you made a point of bringing it up - have you asked what happened to the missing $3 Trillion (which is actually $21 Trillion when you account for all other spending that can't be accounted for) under the illegal Obama era - missing from the Clinton State Dept.  But that's not all you need to know, let me remind you liberals fail to take into account, that when Obama took office in 2008 we had a $6 Trillion deficit!  That's equates to 43 Presidents and 235 years to get to a deficit of $6 Trillion.  BUT WAIT by the time that illegal dumkaupf left our WH in 2016 we had a deficit of $18 Trillion!  HELLO ANYONE THERE with very little to account for the expense other than aiding and abetting illegals and a free for all on our funds!  That means Luis, since it looks like it has to be explained to you that 44 all by his sick self wasted $12 Trillion with nothing NOTHING to show for it!  As they said in the 70's "put that in your pipe and smoke it"!


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