Crisis in DOJ not about Trump, urgent Barr gets a handle on what’

Tom Fitton: Crisis in DOJ not about Trump, urgent Barr gets a handle on what’s become a ‘locus of evil’

February 14, 2020 | Vivek Saxena |

Tom Fitton, the president of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, pushed back late Thursday on Attorney General Bill Barr’s criticism of President Donald Trump.
During an ABC News interview published earlier that day, Barr complained that the president’s tweets about the Justice Department’s activities “make it impossible for me to do my job.” The remarks were precipitated by the president’s tweets about longtime political consultant and former Trump campaign official Roger Stone’s sentence.
But according to Fitton, the real problem isn’t the president’s tweets but rather the “locus of evil” that the AG has unwittingly allowed to fester in the DOJ.
“The Justice Department is a locus of evil when it comes to the fair administration of justice, and at best Barr’s trying to ride the tiger, trying to figure out how to make these guys operate according to law,” Fitton said late Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”
“But it’s a complete mess, and it’s clear with the Mueller thing where he was outflanked that he hasn’t gotten a handle on the personnel issues there.”
Listen to his full statement below:
“I would think the attorney general’s job is made more difficult by these Mueller holdovers that he allowed to be in place and outflank him on the Roger Stone sentencing recommendation,” he said as the clip above began.
“A recommendation that, according to the attorney general, is contrary to what the law requires and would have resulted in a man serving more time in jail than necessary.”
After the word broke this week that former special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutorial team were seeking nine years in prison for Stone as per a hash of process crimes he’d committed during the potentially illegitimate Russian collusion delusion probe, the president tweeted his concerns about the “horrible” and “unfair” sentence.

Donald J. Trump

Feb 11
This is a horrible and very unfair situation. The real crimes were on the other side, as nothing happens to them. Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice!
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Chuck Ross
· Feb 10
Prosecutors recommend up to NINE YEARS in prison for Roger Stone. They call foreign election interference a "deadly adversary" even though Stone was never accused of working with Russians or WikiLeaks.

Shortly thereafter, a team of federal prosecutors separate from Mueller’s group revised the sentence to just 87 to 108 months, calling the original sentence “excessive,” and the original prosecutors withdrew from the case, setting off a firestorm of fear-mongering complaints and hysteria from the left over Trump’s alleged influence on the DOJ.
Barr appears to believe the hysteria stems primarily from the president’s tweets, but Fitton remains convinced the hysteria is the result of the AG having failed to properly supervise the actions taken by the former special counsel’s team.
Keeping the team in check, he said to Dobbs, “should be [Barr’s] priority rather than complaining about the president highlighting something the president has a positive constitutional obligation to do, which is to make sure the Justice Department isn’t violating the rights of Americans.”
The FBN host agreed wholeheartedly but was more emphatic in his denouncement.
“I guess I’m so disappointed in Bill Barr — I have to say this,” he said. “It’s a damn shame when he doesn’t get what this president has gone through and what the American people have gone through, and what his charge is as attorney general.”
“Where the hell is the report? Where the hell are the indictments? Where the hell are the charges against the politically corrupt deep state within the Justice Department?” he then angrily asked, referring to the DOJ’s ongoing investigation into the Russian collusion delusion probe.
If the probe is found to have been illegitimate, then the conviction procured from the probe — including that of Stone — would presumably also be made illegitimate.
The irony, Fitton replied, is that had Trump complained to Barr privately about Stone’s excessive sentence, his complaint would have likely been leaked to the media and triggered another round of investigations and perhaps even another impeachment.
Instead, the president complained publicly, though lo and behold, the left has managed to turn even his public complaints into a scandal.

Alex Marlow
✔ @AlexMarlow

Pelosi says Trump getting involved with Roger Stone is an “abuse of power.”

She wants to impeach him again.

The Witch Hunts will never end so long as Democrats have the gavel.

2:53 PM - Feb 13, 2020
All of this could have been avoided, Fitton seemed to suggest, if Barr had simply “reined” in Mueller’s team instead of allowing it to keep functioning unsupervised.
“Bill Barr has fallen into a trap laid for him by these Mueller prosecutors. And now they’ve created another scandal for the next phase of the coup against him and Donald Trump,” he said.
As the discussion between Dobbs and Fitton drew to a close, the Judicial Watch president revealed that the watchdog group just recently obtained another set of damning documents about the DOJ’s activities.
“We have a crisis at the Justice Department,” he said. “We just have another set of documents. … Duncan Hunter, the Republican forced out of office, the prosecutors [on that case] attended a Hillary Clinton Campaign party. And they told the court the reason they were there was to provide advice in case of a security incident,” he explained.
But the documents obtained by JW show that they had lied.

Judicial Watch
✔ @JudicialWatch

.@TomFitton on Judicial Watch obtaining records on Assistant U.S. Attorneys’ attendance at Clinton campaign event: “These emails are yet more evidence of potential political bias at the Justice Department.”

10:30 PM - Feb 6, 2020
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“It turns out they were there because they wanted to be there,” Fitton said. “They said it was a fabulous party. Lying to the court, further suggesting another compromised investigation and prosecution of another Republican/conservative.”
“The Justice Department is in crisis. It’s not because Donald Trump’s complaining about it. It’s because of the misconduct of attorneys throughout the agency who are partisan and think they can do whatever they want and get away with it!”

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