Deconstructing Our Natural Rights

The Declaration of Independence was a list of grievances presented against King George in the late 18th century by the Colonists. It described the oppression and tyranny that they had endured.  Prior to that, the reason why the Dutch had left their homeland, back in 17th century Europe, was to escape religious oppression as well. It was also the reason exiled Jews came to the New World as well. They all sought Freedom and Liberty. They all experienced oppression, tyranyn and torture first hand. And the Colonists, represnted by the Founders, had decided they had enoungh.

The Bill of Rights represents acknowledges those very Rights that they and many generations before them were btrullay denied for a millennium. The first two Amendments are at the heart of what the Colonists had sacrificed their fortunes and/ or their very lives for. It was central to what the new Republic would be all about. 

The Fourth Amendment acknowleges the Natural Right that a person is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

Had it been Hillary, Obama, Holder or Lynch that had said that we need to take away the guns and then apply Due Process those on the "right" would've been totally outraged; and rightfully so. But I'm not seeing that majority sepaking out. Like the left under Obama's 8 yrs in Office, I'm hearing excuses to justify Trump's latest words.  And accusing some GOPers of being afraid of the NRA only succeeds in further alienating himself from the rest. 

Has the 2018 elevator started its descent?


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