Today we hear a lot of screaming and very little discussion. I am a strong proponent of open debate. Tell me what you think and why you think it, what do you believe to be true and and why do you believe it. No yelling, just facts and opinion.

Too often it comes down to it is what makes me feel good is what I believe, at least for the left.
The Florida School shooting is causing a lot of senseless rhetoric from the left. Blame the NRA, who's law abiding members have been involved in absolutely NO mass shootings. Blame the weapon that has no ability to do anything but lay there. Blame high capacity magazines. But do not blame the perpetrator.

It makes no sense in reality to blame what did not and could not have caused the problem.
I would recommend you read the full article below by following the link provided.

“With regard to violent students like the perpetrator in Parkland, these laws are problematic. Yet they are only half the problem. A 2017 column by Jeffery Benzing addressed the other half, noting that Broward County "used to rank No. 1 at sending students to their state's juvenile justice system," he explained. "The stats troubled Broward County leaders, and they responded with a bold solution: Lower arrests by not making arrests."
Broward wasn't the only county under pressure. In 2014, the Obama administration sent out a Dear Colleague letter whose subject was the Nondiscriminatory Administration of School Discipline. Issued by the DOJ and the DOE's Office of Civil Rights, the letter made it clear that an aggressive "disparate impact" approach would be taken with regard to disciplining minority students.
In short, schools that meted out a "disproportionate number" of disciplinary measures to minority students, relative to their percentage of the school population, could be charged with discrimination under Title IV and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Thus, the Obama administration and Broward County officials made sure many kids couldn't even be disciplined, much less arrested, for egregious behavior.

Progressive Policies Put Schools at Risk
Arnold Ahlert · Feb. 26, 2018


Another clear example of Liberal Democrat policies that do not work is Boycotting Businesses, Delta for example has lost a $60 million dollar tax break from Georgia, to punish the 13 NRA members who have used the Delta NRA discount fares. That is according to Delta data files on discount ticket travels.

Punishing companies for doing business with people you disagree is a long term action by the left with very little results for the company. Mostly it is to AVOID bad publicity, not to raise connections with the protesters, how many of those “School Kids” will buy a ticket on Delta this coming year?

Look at “Separation of Church and State” policies, how is that working out? They are really only removing God from the public place and replacing Him with self-worship as evidenced by the “Selfie”, Twitter, Facebook and other social media posts that make “ME” the center of the universe. Even to the point where young girls are posting that they are using the bathroom or doing other personal health care things that do not need to be in the public place.

So liberal policies of punishing the person causing the problem do not exist, their solution is to remove the possibility of anyone causing a problem.If drug use causes one group to be punished more than others, just legalize drugs. If unwanted pregnancy causes minorities a problem, just legalize murder. If we just legalize everything there will be no more crime.

So I do not believe that guns are the problem but liberal social policies are.

We do not need gun control but liberal control.

But when they think that Illegal immigrants have more rights than a citizen, Tide pods are edible, and continue to make soaps of apples and cinnamon, and candy flavored toothpaste while listing poison control information on the packages. What kind of logic do they use?

I guess it is all in how the feel.

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today

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Comment by luis✩USA on February 28, 2018 at 8:28am

For the record, Lets not forget that many GOPers (if not most at times) have been on board w/ democrats. Even some "right" leaning jurists to be honest w/ you.

Then there's the constituents. Merely party robots and zombies that go by familiarity (name recognition or the fact that the official has been in office forever), or just because of party affiliation (w/ out performing due diligence where SREEARCHING is concerned), or simply because "their" GOP choice would NOT interrupt the status quo (SocSec; Medcaid, etc).

The blame-game is the biggest problem as everyone stands in a circle pointing fingers; "shooting" each other down w/ ACCUSATIONS. No personal accountability to be found.

Lincoln was right. America will get taken down -> from WITHIN.


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