The French have overwhelmingly elected Emmanuelle Macron (66.06%) as their new "president". Why the "emphasis"? Well, the race was between Marine Le Pen, a national socialist (nazi), and Macron, the so called "centrist".

Because of Hitler, any reference to the "far right" is considered to be a nazi. During WW2, was considereed the fascist ally instead of a nazi.. Make no mistake Fascism is to national socialism as liberalism/socialism is to communism. Just easier, for the masses, to swallow.

Emmanuelle Macron is an admitted strong supporter of the European "Union". Thus, a globalist, or "world citizen", that will continue to embrace the influx of tens of thousands of refugees from countries which are the home bases for Islamic terrorist networks. And Macron ran as a "centrist" (C) - and won big time. Barack Obama publically endorsed Macron as well. Obama also ran as a "centrist" back in 2008 as well. Then he went far, far, left during his 8 yrs.

During his campaign, Macron made the following statement:

"Europe and the world expect us to defend the [spirit of the enlightenment} that is threatened in so many places," (1)

The "Spirit of the Enlightenment"? That alone raised my eyebrow. But the fact that Macron said these words in front of the glass pyramids outside of the Louvre raised a red flag.

Hmmm. What does the glass pyramid represent; and why did Macron choose those words?

"The Louvre Pyramid (Pyramide du Louvre) is a large glass and metal pyramid...surrounded by three smaller pyramids, in the main courtyard (Cour Napoléon) of the Louvre Palace (Palais du Louvre) in Paris" (2)

Hmmm. A pyramid is associated with the Egyptian Empire. And Napoleon was Frence's brutal Emperor.

What is this "Enlightenment" that President Emmanuelle Macron speaks of so fervently.

"The Enlightenment is the period in the history of western thought and culture, stretching roughly from the mid-decades of the seventeenth century through the eighteenth century, characterized by [dramatic revolutions] in science, philosophy, society and politics" (3). Bear in mind that the intent of a revolution is different from one culture and political agenda to another. The needs, and especially the wants, of the 21st century culture is totally different from those of the 17th and 18th centuries, etc. A one-world governance is today's Eurpoean revolution in Western Europe and progressive-America as well. Make no mistake about it. The paths being used to achieve the goal of this single-goverment world are "open borders", "global warming / climate change"; and nationalized health care. All of which strips sovereignty from nations and the personal / individual Natural Rights of human beings. Emmanuelle Macron is a "centrist"?

Am I reading too much into Macron having made that speech in front of the glass globe located at the entrance of the NAPOLEON Courtyard - where he said that he'd defend the very spirit of the Enlightment or change? Is it conspiratorial to say that Macron has even bigger illusions of grandeur - that he even aspires to be a 21st century European emperor?

In one of his passionate speeches Emmanuelle Macron shared a personal thought; his intentions:

"French president Emmanuel Macron has declared he will govern France like Jupiter, the Roman king of the gods, shortly after officials told the media his thought process was “too complex” for journalists to understand." (3)

The king of the gods? I'll be watching him for damned sure!


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Comment by luis✩USA on July 17, 2017 at 11:10am

Pat, during the campaign DT's massive hard base believed that [he'd] get things done strictly because of his business experience; the "great" deal maker. DT believed it too.

It's quite evident that, despite DT's experience and aggressive nature, just isn't enough.  I'm hoping that he is realizing this and learning from it. The Trump as well as his voters refused to realize that being the POTUS is no way, shape, or form like his being a CEO. Where a CEO has the power to dictate and mandate policy - the POTUS must seek approval from the Legislature; and must walk within the bounds of the USConstitution. The Oaths of Office that everyone takes in all three Branches of the US gov't does NOT call for loyalty "to" the Executive - but to the Constitution or the law. Everything about DT is about centralized power. His positions on health care and the banking system alone throughout the years prior to his even cnsidering a run in the political arena made that quite evident.  Why DT didn't want to add the likes of Newt, Rudy or John Bolton within his circle is a huge mystery to me. The three mentioned were quite successful in their positions and the spotlight of favorability shined on them. 

Now I can't help but think that, because of DT's ego, that perhaps he didn't want them in Cabinet positions because he didn't want to share any of the credit in his accmomplishents. ha and he alone would have that spotlight.

The Senate version of the so called "health care" keeps the subsidies / bailouts that are given to the insurcnae industry as well as the taxes, and the 3 mandates.  And, as long as there are the likes of Susan Collins in office - Medicaid reform will go the way of SocSec and Medicare: over the cliff. And the country will get plunged as well.  

The positive numbers we've been seeing in job growth has been because of the very PROMISE of repealing the ACA - which would unlock the door to tax reform. 

In the end I see all of it getting diluted to compromise. And in those "deals" only the Left always wins.  This bllsht "health care" bill isn't the only thing that's DOA. The Constitution and the genuine FREEDOM OF CHOICE is Dead On Arrival as well.

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on July 16, 2017 at 5:09pm

luis, It's all just sad. I falter from time to time from shear sadness that we are losing this Republican for of gov't.

The forces against us are mighty.

Comment by luis✩USA on July 16, 2017 at 4:57pm

It's up to the AZ voters to decide who will take the seat. The same goes for ALL the voters across the country.   We must all remain vigilant. The dnc and their media will play every trick in the book to gain seats.

But, if McConnell, Ryan and DT keep the heart of Obamacare in tact - it may discourage voters to keep the DC-GOP insiders in office.  They might stay home because it wouldn't make a damned of a difference. And I wouldn't blame them one bit.

ps:  Whomever runs a campaign that shuns or simply stays away from DT might see themselves lose as well.  And that could also depend on how DT continues to, or had finally dealt with, the ACA, the "Accord" and tax reform from now till the coming midterms.  And we are nowhere near repealing Dodd/Frank either!  Then there's the raising the Debt Ceiling yet again - but this time under a GOP Senate, HoR and WH.  Yeah... I am sooooo "relieved" that the repubs are "in charge"!  Aren't you?!

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on July 16, 2017 at 3:38pm

Hi to you too Luis,

Yes it is true the DT and his family clan are not exactly conservative. I will admit as a voter I was totally aware of that fact. I was a supporter because I felt his campaign had read the tea leave, the pulse of many Americans and at least tore a hole in the PC crowd and the O induced ideology. The prospect of more jobs meant hope for many. These are some of the basic reasons he won.

The ill conceived Accord I do hope he does not flip flop that would be very disappointing to me. Its a long way to go before 2020 and a lot could go south or even to the better.

I would like at this point that the republicans in Congress show spine.

I heard a guy on Fox say last week "Flake of AZ is very popular" that was fake. I have yet to meet a republican in my district who would not jump for joy that he was replaced. McCain and Flake are in the pockets of the globalist type and neither have shown spine in attacking those who bash republicans and certainly not DT.

It would be a great and interesting discussion if members would use keystrokes to imagine were this nation would be in 20 years.

Comment by luis✩USA on July 16, 2017 at 8:58am

Hi ,Rich.

To say that "not all are uncivilized" is, imo, the same as arguing that not all muslims are radical Islamists. 

Although it can be said that not all democrats are radical Fabian Socialists / anarchists - the group that is is very well organized; well funded; and as "religiously" motivated as the Shariah muslims are to their cause.  Globalism and progressivism IS the re[igion of the massive radically leftist base.

As for the new self proclaimed "king of the ggds"...I'll say it again...I'll be watching him, as well as The Vatican's every move, very closely from here on out.

Comment by luis✩USA on July 16, 2017 at 8:33am

Hi, Pat

DT's "waffling" is no surprise to me.  Don't forget, his wife and kids are ver much "NY liberals". 

But, really gotta wonder if his massive hard base would actually draw the line IF he'd change his mind on that so called "non binding Accord" and get on board.  It wouldn't surprise me in the least as he has been all over the map w/ Obamacare as well.

I would say that really don't know which direction our nation is heading - but I would sound as pollyannaish as so many others living in denial. 

I have NO doubt now that the only difference between Trump being the POTUS (or even Pence or Ted Cruz) and any of the other DC-GOP candidates is in the speed the country heads towards that globaoist Euro-America utopia.  And the bllsht "climate change" and "health care" agenda is very much that road to perdition. 

It makes no diffnerece if we'd get chopped up to pieces from the head down or from the feet up.

Comment by Rich Knoch on July 14, 2017 at 3:54pm

Looks like the "Roman king of gods" is in the process of surrendering his nation to the uncivilized masses, of course, not all are uncivilized, but just enough to make it a dangerous surrender.

Merkel is of the same mindset, so this could be good for America as France, Belgium, Germany and the rest of the EU are "absorbing" the masses of immigration, hopefully not flowing to our shores . . . . we want civilized folks who want to assimilate and become Americans.

It would behoove the French to see what happened to Rome 1,700 years ago and maybe think of how Muslims have conquered territory in the past; i.e., by the sword or by human replication . . . out-hatching the indigenous population and then taking over the government.

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on July 14, 2017 at 2:08pm

I was not pleased with the Presidents visit to France. A kink in the Presidents armor showed through and that was his waffling around the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Don't change your mind Mr President if you do it will not work out for you nor America.

As far as the French President thinking of himself as a God could care less. Its the French who have to live with their choice.

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