HR 413 The Police and Firefighters Monopoly Bargaining bill

First of all I want to thank all those that work in the capacity of service, it is the highest calling. Whether you are a policeman, firefighter, nurse, teacher, social worker, whatever this is usually a career for someone who really cares about other people.

That said, some of you remember me posting from way back when, I worked union for 26 years. I was completely loyal to the company I worked for and they crapped all over me. There were a couple of instances where the union should have stepped in and helped, and they did nothing. And while we were all out on strike the union reps and our president all still collected their paychecks. Out for five months during the fires of Southern California, those that had double incomes in the business that didn't lose their houses to the fires, lost them because they had no income coming in. Now I went to a couple of years of college, but I'm no genius, yet even I could see the tides changing that year. We had demanded so much in the past contracts where non-union businesses were having to cut, that I knew it was going to be a tough fight and that we would probably have to relinquish some of the more than favorable benefits that we had. But our illustrious leaders told us to stay out on strike, while they drove around in limos and brand new Hummers.

The point is that years and years ago the unions formed because of a need, the employers did not want to pay a fare wage and the working conditions were abhorrent. People were working for nothing and dying on machines that were not safe or inhaling caustic materials that later caused major health problems. Today we have so many different government groups that challenge and fight for the rights of workers that all unions do is make money for the union bosses. Like I said above, our president had the gaul to drive up in a limo one time and in a brand new Hummer the next.

All they are are money making machines for those in charge. Just think how much we would be getting paid if out of our pay didn't have to come union dues and the extra money that was paid to the unions by our employers. I went to two years of college, some that I worked with had no college education and others still had only a high school exit equivalency. I don't know if we deserved to be being paid up to 20 dollars an hour or not, but I know people that have gone to college for years and still aren't much further than that. Our own military that secure all of our freedoms and some even die for it, are making less than that.

So when I hear anything about the unions, I just get sick. First they weren't for amnesty, but when they realized that there would be a whole new sector of people paying money out to them, they were all for it. So many of our hard working citizens are without a job now because illegals have taken them from them. Our unions have done nothing for the hardworking people that put them where they are now. Why have they not absolutely championed the idea of making sure that these people are not hired. Instead they do backroom deals with them and tell them if they don't join the union and pay the dues they will make sure that they are deported. It is the unions that have put us in the predicament that we are in today. Look at California where there is absolutely no competion in the work force because everything has been unionized, from the police, to firemen, teachers to construction workers, and now think about how expensive everything is. Do you really think that it is more expensive to live in California just because it is. No it is because there is no competion to keep the costs down. From our grocery stores to the California state workers that work on our highways and schools and every where else. You pay them or you don't get it done, so whatever they want that's is what you are going to pay,

California as a warning for America

Congressman Tom McClintock said it best in a speech that he offered up in Washington, D.C., on
Friday July 13th, 2009 to the Competitive Enterprise Institute and Pacific Research
Institute that clearly illustrate why California is facing such a large
fiscal mess. His beginning joke is so funny because it is so true:

And so we come to the real reason for this post, we must stop the unions from getting any bigger. They already have so many hands in our governmnet all they need do is pluck certain of our freedoms away. It won't be far off if we all let this just happen.

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Comment by pacontreras on July 11, 2010 at 5:00pm
When Big Labor plays with fire, taxpayers get burned
July 8, 2010 Near midnight last Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow forced unionism apologists in the U.S. House of Representatives disgracefully amended a “must-pass” war funding bill to include language that is designed to force police officers, firefighters, and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) into “exclusive” union bargaining in every state in the country.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that policies expanding public sector monopoly unionism have played a major role in driving many states to the verge of insolvency.
In 2009, according to respected labor economists Barry Hirsch and David Macpherson, 41 percent of government employees nationwide were subject to a contract negotiated by a union monopoly-bargaining agent.

However, in the 22 states which prohibit forced union dues for government employees and most of which don’t authorize public-sector union monopoly bargaining, fewer than 30 percent of public workers are unionized. Not one of these 22 states was to be found on last month’s Business Insider’s list of the states “most likely to default.”

Business Insider ranked heavily unionized California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin as the worst default risks. And the Hirsch-Macpherson data shows that an average of 61 percent of public-sector employees in these nine states were under union monopoly bargaining — 20 percent higher than the typical state.

In these nine worst default-risk states from 1999 to 2009, aggregate private-sector jobs fell by 4.2 percent, but heavily unionized state and local government jobs increased by 9 percent. Since annual state and local government employee compensation costs nationwide come to $1.1 trillion, or half of all state and local government spending, it’s not hard to see that the Big Labor-driven growth in government payrolls is a fiscal catastrophe for states like California, Illinois, and New Jersey.

Yet to Gerald McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union, even calling attention to the fact that government payrolls for years have grown while private payrolls have shriveled is tantamount to an “assault on public employees.”

In a Huffington Post commentary bearing that heading, McEntee thundered that the only acceptable solution to the daunting fiscal problems faced by states like California, Illinois, and New Jersey is for elected officials to squeeze even more taxes out of beleaguered private-sector employees and businesses.

But for all his bluster, he can’t keep New Yorkers, for example, from noticing that while the number of Empire State pupils enrolled in K-12 public schools fell by more than 121,000 over the last 10 years, schools added 14,746 teachers and 8,655 non-teaching professionals to their payrolls, all of whom are required to pay union dues or fees to keep their jobs.

But government union bosses are expecting to have the last laugh if fed-up taxpayers and their allies limit themselves to going after just bloated public-sector payrolls and unsustainable public pension plans, rather than root of the problem itself.

Laws empowering government union officials to negotiate the contract terms for all front-line employees at a public agency, even for those employees who want nothing to do with the union, are behind the messes in Sacramento, Springfield and Trenton. And laws that authorize the firing of public servants for refusing to pay union dues or fees to an unwanted union make matters even worse.

Long-term solutions to state budget crises will require addressing the core problems of union monopoly bargaining and forced union dues in the public sector.

Until then, hopefully the Senate will spare police officers, firefighters, and EMTs from forced union “representation” that will make budget matters worse for the numerous states that have already rejected it.
this was taken from The National Right To Work website
Comment by pacontreras on May 14, 2010 at 9:55am
AllPrayedUp, I agree with you 100%. Like I said I worked union as well, and you are right, it is only a way to enslave the people. My mother still has a friend that so believes in the unions, I can not talk to her about them at all. If they are so for us, then why are those that are supposed to be out champions now looking to a new era of illegally immigrated workers to fill their coiffures. They are done with us, they need new blood that they can champion and suck the money out of. This is all about the money.
Comment by AllPrayedUp on May 14, 2010 at 12:48am
Starving the Monkeys by Tom Baugh.

Radio Interview at
Comment by AllPrayedUp on May 14, 2010 at 12:45am
Probably a bit late now, but what the workers who were breathing caustic fumes and working in unsafe environments should have done is quit and keep their dignity. I would rather work scrubbing toilets for pennies and save my soul than work for a union because the pay is better...and I have worked for a union when I was younger. The unions have enslaved people since the industrial age. But they are only a part of the problem.

A good book for you to read is "Starving the Monkeys" by Tom Baugh.

We need to go back to True Capitalism where each person who so desires can contribute to his or her own community and trade their productive value for the value of others. We need to be rid of all the regulations, and each individual needs to get a spine and not feel like they need to be grateful to an abuser of persons and power for a job. If you cannot find a job, you must create one! Work for yourself! If each person would adopt this principle, the slave-lords will have no slaves. Then where will they be? If each consumer would avoid a product provided by any of these charlatans, the problem would begin to correct itself. People would exchange good value for good value. And the charlatans would be without a market.

Look oh so much deeper, and you will see the problem is that people live in FEAR, so they indenture themselves to power lords who have no taste for humanity. Oh, they hide behind it. And they tempt us to partake of their altruistic rhetoric, when even they do not abide in the belief. They are out for themselves.

This is not to say that networking with a small community or group is not advisable. NO! We must stick together and rebuild what they have gone to great and deceitful lengths to destroy. This problem is far more reaching and intertwined than we imagine. But we must somehow find ways to turn our backs on them, and let them crumble by their own design. We have been bamboozled, bewitched, and enticed into reaching into the abyss. They have disguised themselves as angels of light.

I sympathize with you. I used to think that people were supposed to be nice. I have been naive. They are not nice, and the world is not. Prepare yourself and do not depend on others to put food on your table. Find a way to be self sustaining, because even the electricity will be gone soon. Find persons who believe in self sustenance and work together. There are precious few of us.

If you are one of the Faithful, reevaluate, what do you really believe? You may find that everything you thought you knew is being tested and falling to pieces. That is what they want. Remember, the scripture says, ..."those who ENDURE to the end..." We must be strong, and yes, we may have to fight. Pray for endurance and discernment. There is a wind of change coming.

If you, if any of you who read this, would like information about how to be more self sustaining, please feel free to message me.


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