That bullsh*t deepstate bill was signed.  I call it "deepstate" because many, if not most, of the GOP House and Senate are ALWAYS in lock step, even w/ the radical left, ESPECIALLY where border security and immigration enforcement and enhancement is concerned. 

W/ that what I'm saying is I WILL CONTINUE TO STAND W/ PRESIDENT TRUMP!  The republicans had both the HoR and Senate when they came out w/ the 2017 spending bill - which included the repeal of the the Obamacare individual mandate. You're gonna tell me that a mere $6B couldn't've been included in that atrocious OVER spending bill?! 

The answer is NO!  And the reason is that the repubc DIDN'T, and still DON'T, want to control ANY entry at our southern border AT ALL!  

The President's signing-speech sounded like a SOTUA -- where he described his accomplishments despite the torpedoing from the deep state repubs; hard opposition from the radical lefitst machine - which includes the media; and the pressure that was brought upon the Trump admns via that Mueller rectal probe.

So, again, I'M STAYING W/ TRUMP!  It won't be the DC machine  that will suffer the LONG TERM consequences that the democrat-socialist policies will bring us...and has brought us since Woodrow Wilson; but We The American People (including the future of generations of Americans) who will not know the very meaning of American Freedom. 

While opposing DT's rally at El Paso, TX,  "don-Betto" O'rourke yellead that what they want at that border was NOT a wall - but the Statue of Liberty.  I have a message for ya, "betto", the Statue of Liberty represents a Citizenry that OPPOSES government controls (oppression / tyranny). Eeverything that the likes of you, "betto", and AOC, Kamala Harris...and Michelle Obama etc...will result in what we've seen in Cuba and Venezuela since Hugo Chavez. 

"Betto's" words just further proves kist how UNeducated they are as well as their base has become - because of decades of indoctrination from this progressive mis-education system.  America is had become the Titianic w/ the 2018 elections. Voters have put that power back in their hands.  The blame goes full circle.  God forgive us.


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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on February 20, 2019 at 12:24pm

Christine, What a touching reply you wrote. I feel sad that you were subjected to bullying. I too wake up each morning and the first thing I do is to check that our President is alive and well. We all who voted for the disruptor elected the right man at the right time.

I decided that I would return (do it off and on)  to the dialect from the southern coalfields of WV. We rescued a little dog a couple years ago, named him Harley. He is a red oak color. The name Harley reminded of the holler I lived in. When I sweet talk to him I call him my purty little redneck boy. Harley likes that I do.

No person nor tyrannical gov't will be allowed to control my thinking nor what I say. 

Comment by Christine Rae Moylan on February 20, 2019 at 9:05am

Each night I pray God will keep President Trump safe and healthy. Each morning I thank God He has saved President Trump for another day.

When I was attacked for being an Ethnic Racist and thought I was to be sent to a re-education class by the Diversity Director I was shocked to realize there was an organized effort to subvert the mind. I thought I was to be controlled by a society I did not recognize anymore. I know I was not alone but did not realize just how many Americans felt and thought the way I did. I thank God for Obama. If it were not for Obama the people would never have known America has two Governments and President Trump has been battling both since he announced he was running for President. 

Now, I feel humbled to stand with a man who has taken on the task of saving America. I can't even imagine what he is going through nor can I imagine what he will go through over the next six years. My little experience was just a grain of sand, of no importance when compared with what President Trump has gone through and will continue to go through on a daily basis. Not since President Reagan have I respected a President so much. 

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on February 15, 2019 at 3:16pm

I'm with you Luis I will remain behind my President.

No surprise with the content sent to his desk and yes while they claim D's and R's negotiated and past as bipartisan to avoid a shutdown, that is spin lying from both sides of the aisle.  

If shutdowns are so bad why do both parties leave that option on the table? They do it to leave a political war game tool in their bag.

Agree that many R's support open borders for reasons ranging from a NAU, cheap labor pool etc.

I'm keeping a list of my elected who voted Yes. I will not forget. McSally voted Yes.

I understand why the President spent a lot of time holding rallies during the midterm to keep the Senate R. Yet some he helped to get elected would in a minute knife him in the back.

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