Immigration And Submarine Ballast Tanks

A comment (or two or six) on immigration which may not be cared for by readers BUT may spur some debate or who knows, maybe a post or two here on 912CQ.

  • Baby boomers are reaching retirement age.  It's simple economics that people 55+ do not spend as much in the system so "some people" believe they need to be replaced; if not by a birth expansion, then through (temporary) immigration and naturalization.  For the U.S. to sustain it's economy, it needs "X" number of people spending "Y" amount each year.

This is how my Professor explained it to us (seriously): 

Imagine the ballast tanks of a submarine (spenders in the economy) where the air is retained at the bottom of the boat to keep the ship (the economy) afloat.  As the sub ages, some the ballast tanks (those 55 and older) begin to leak at the seams ever so slightly (spending less), thus salt water begins to creep in (they spend less b/c they already have a house, cars, boat, cottage, etc.). 

The older they get - the leakier they become; thus more weight at the bottom of the ship and the sub begins to sink (drag on the economy).  You cannot repair them (stimulus programs).  You cannot blow the water out (war or widespread contagion and death).  You must replace those ballast tanks (spenders) as difficult and painful as it is (new births or immigration) or the economy sinks and cannot be held up.

Yes, he was a very strange bird BUT the premise obviously stuck in my head.  Good job!

Now you tell me ONE politician that tells us the way it truly is.  Not a single person.  It's not as if American's would suddenly embrace immigration..........certainly some never will but then Americans might actually begin to realize that politicians are doing nothing more than perpetuating the economy we think/hope is enough to sustain our jobs......and all their "outrage" over immigration is, in fact, just an act.

Without new spenders, we will see jobs stagnate or begin to disappear.  After all, you can't buy much when your new job pays $7.25/hour

I'm not holding my breathe on the GOP really doing anything on nullifying Obama's recent immigration actions other than bellow, back stab and complain.  When it comes down to it, it's simple economics and they know it.  Our aging workforce must be replaced via immigration (for the time being - more on this in my next post).

The GOP says they want to speed up the process on the 11-20 million out there.  Alright then.  Maybe we should have elected a group of experience Grandmothers to the post because they would have had the necessary budget pounded out long before now.  The House poo-pooed on their last effort to do so, slashing the amount requested by the Senate and appropriate committee.  Obviously they know more than the committee does. 

Still we wait but it is clear they need to increase funding to DHS (or ICE - whatever department is running things nowadays) to:Include video conferencing capabilities such as Skype.  While this may require software upgrades - we are no longer using telegrams to communicate.  Let's get with the 21st century.

  1. Funds to increase boarder control staffing
  2. Funds to improve database, reports and tracking.  The database should connect to law enforcement nationwide.
  3. Hire more, Judges, lawyers, office staff, etc. to get through the enormous backlog of immigrants currently here.  I don't even care if they are "temps" - hire them!
  4. Hire more social workers to counsel these immigrants, investigate their family ties, background, etc.
  5. Deport those who do not belong in an expeditious manner.  This means to untie managements hands (red tape) so that they can properly manage these workers to ensure they are doing their job properly.  If not - write them up, fire them and replace.  A government job should never be a job for life if you're not performing it properly.
  6. Demand full transparency and oversight to a department of this spending to ensure it's not being wasted (going for 3-martini lunches and casino weekends).  
  7. Monthly PUBLIC reports (again transparency) of all progress and funds utilized.
For ever dollar they do NOT wish to spend in getting them out - WE are paying to house, clothe and feed them; not including medical and dental needs.  Come on now.  Bite off your noes to spite your face.

Here's an idea.  How about new immigrants be required to pay a naturalization FEE to come into the U.S. (unless they provide evidence it is for work or medical purposes) and I'm not talking a "filing fee" either.  Then they should get in line behind everyone else waiting to obtain citizenship but at the end of a three year term (or whatever) if they have not - issue a Warrant and into the database it goes.  If they're even pulled over for a speed ticket, law enforcement will know they are in violation and they are quickly detained for border personnel pickup.  Do no pass go.  You don't get to go home and get your toothbrush or call a Lawyer.

After all, WE U.S. citizens are born into automatic debt and must be pay fee to expatriate ourselves.  Why should immigrants seeking a better place to live, be any different?  I'm not saying $20k a piece, but even if it were $2000 per adult and $500 per child under 16, these fees would help offset overhead costs.  If they do not come through the "front door", but sneak through barriers and beneath fences - deport them.  Period.  I don't care how many relatives they have here already.

I can already hear push back from the legislature on this one because they will want every penny earned in the U.S. - kept in the U.S. but it will come back as that immigrant comes through the door.  Of course "vacationers" is a big question here, but I think you get my drift overall.

It will also send a clear message to others:  America is not free to enter. 

They should be required to check in with the appropriate department every six months until naturalized and if they do not - a Warrant is issued for their arrest, and immediate deportation when located.  They are here on our good graces.  It is a privilege and one which can be lost.  When/if they do check in, an updated criminal background check is run to ensure they're still clean.  Update work records, address, etc.  After all, our goal is to place them on a path to citizenship.  If they're not following the course, they get flunked and booted.

Sounds like a plan to me. 

btw Has anyone noticed that mainstream media is no longer pounding the table and screaming about immigration?  Amazing - just after mid terms too.  Did they get your blood boiling?  Yep, that was their objective and now they're almost silent.  Typical politics in America.  Did you bite?

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Comment by Kos on December 12, 2014 at 6:30am

I remember, as a child in Chicago, there were immigrants everywhere.  On our block alone, we had Hawaiians next door (complete with hula skirts! *lol*),  a family from Holland on the other side, a man who was blind from Yugloslavia, Germans, Irish, a family from Spain who children would dance with marracas and taught us about bull fighting (that was so cool as a kid!) and a family from the Virginia mountains.  Yes, with chickens, a hound dog, etc. but we learned how to snap peas and pluck a chicken. 

Anyway, one thing they all had in common when they came to this country.  You could not apply for citizenship unless you could speak English.

I wonder if that law is still around or just not being enforced.  I bet it's gone.  Wiped away.  I *do* think it should still be there.  I don't move to central Africa or China and expect everything to be explained for me.  ok they do - but it shouldn't be a guarantee.  Does that make sense?  I need more tea this morning

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on December 11, 2014 at 11:52pm

Kos, Go figure I didn't clear my cache and now can read. I recall reading this already. Yep us older farts have learned that a lot of spending results in stuff that later we must figure out how to rid ourselves of -- many of us marketing of products no longer indices us to bite. Capitalism does require consumers. Work needs infusion of youth and youthful nerds. What America needs in immigration matters are the already educated and hungry to strut their stuff folks not the uneducated and of need of all matters of health, welfare etc.

Americans have come along way in matters pertaining to race, religious tolerance, gender equality, same sex marriage etc. Yet with out it seems thought we are not holding our elected to taking these basic things seriously. Instead we assume arrogantly that our laws will be faithfully educated and the classes of folks entering our nation by  hook or crook will respect our laws and change to the social norms and values of America. This is so stupid. We don't even require English only. How can a peoples of the nation even communicate with each other -- clearly we want. The more educated foreign chances are they  know English.

No we have to be picky -- I agree that we must have infusion of a younger generation.

Comment by Kos on December 11, 2014 at 10:54pm

I just cleared my cache and it seems alright now.  Try to clear the cache in your browser Patricia and let me know if it clears things up.

Comment by Kos on December 11, 2014 at 10:50pm

What in the world????

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on December 11, 2014 at 5:24pm

Dang Kos, I would like to read this but for whatever reason the content displays for a few seconds then disappears.


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