The FAkEness that is Hillarroid Clinton

She and her "frenemy", the very soon FORMER prez Barrack Insane, bitching about "fake news" is totally FAKE in itself.

> Who was it that LIED about the people having "affordable" coverage; where you'd be able to "KEEP" your doctors and your plans - under Obamacare?
Answer: Barrack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy "We gotta pass it for you to know what's IN it!" Pelosi, and EVERY other democrat - as well as EVERY liberal rag and news network across the country.  

> Uuuh...who was it that LIED about Romney not having paid taxes, during the 2012 cycle? Then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D)!

> Her campakgn run: FAKE!  It was FIXED w/ the complete assistance of the DNC. Bernie Sanders was treated like a "republican". He never had a chance.
> Her "preperations" for the Debates: FAKE!  
The liberet news moderators GAVE HER the questions PRIOR to every Debate.

> Her LOUDLY expressed "outrage" over President Trump "not" accepting the results had he lost: FAKE!
Just look at the joke that she has going on thru her dupe, Jill Stein,  w/ the recounts.  

> The coverage and the polls taken by the ENTIRE liberal media: FAKE!  
Donald Trump WON!  Over 1500 elected positions were LOST by the Democrat Party. Like Obama so arrogantly put it: HIS policies were definitely on the ballot!

> The Hillarroid's honesty and devotion towards the country and even her voters: FAKE!  
The proof is in the EMAILS and the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Pay-To-Play, baby! As for her devotion: FAKE! She meets w/ her superdonors EXCLUSIVELY! She has the time - IF you have the $$$$!  

> The cries for "honesty" and "integrity" from the so called fake "right": TOTALLY FAKE!
Who was it that LIED about "duckibg from sniper fire"? The Hillarroid! Who looked right into the eyes of the families of the victims of BENGHAZI? The Hillarroid! Was it not Dan Rather and Brian Williams...and several other liberal news anchors...that were also caught LYING?  Yes!

> The entire "global GOREming crisis": FAKE!
The planet should've been OUT of oil; OUT of drinkable water; OUT of brathaeble air; OUT of food; and DROWNING under the "melting" polar ice caps - by the 1980s. Now they moved the end-of-existence to 50 to 100 years from now!   

I'm reminded of a scene from the flick Goodfellas. Where comedian Henny Youngman had a gig:  "A doctor told his patient he only had six months left to live.  The patient said he couldn't pay the bill. The doctor" gave him six more months!".

It is quite EVIDENT that the FAKEness...the LIES...havve been coming from the ones crying FOUL. The "tears" are known as CROCKadile tears. Totally FAKE! And now the country KNOWS IT!



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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on December 9, 2016 at 4:29pm

I am so angry that the very notion that any sane citizen, left appears not sane, that any society would turn over to online corporations working with a central government to determine what is fake news is beyond me. Heck what has been spinned from the last 8 years, well much fake in the spin. I have had former colleagues from the Bay Area suggest that the Podesta and DNC dumps were fake. Does anyone else see that the diversion politics of the left, the Russians are behind the hacks and the content of the dumps are meaningless that my friends is fake. Where is freedom of speech and press? This is a direct assault on the 1st amendment. The left will never back down.

The left is fond of calling conservatives names labeling all in the same basket. They like to label President Trump as Hitler and those who elected him as Nazi's. What did Hitler do, he and his propaganda minister gained control of all that was news. So who are the real Nazi's like, the left that who.

Comment by luis✩USA on December 9, 2016 at 1:40pm

If only Hollywood could be as unbiased as he is. But, it'll happen. Skunks can't spray perfume.


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