The democrat-mchine...the ones that claim to be the very epitomy of "peace", "unity", "tolerance", and "fairness"...where also the very ones that, throughout the ENTIRE 2016 Primaries,  were completely obsesed with making sure that candidate Donald Trump would ACCEPT THE OUTCOME of the election - when the Left was totally CONVINCED that Hillary Clinton was the shoe-in, that is.

First of all, "unity" was tossed out the window when the democrats UNANIMOUSLY

 passed the almost 3,000 page Obamacare bill - with out allowing the American people full access to it to it, for scrutiny - PRIOR to its passage. "We have to pass it BEFORE you can know what's in it", was how Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) put it. So much for "transparency" too.

"Peace" was flushed down the toilet when the radically leftist organizers created the violent and destructive "Occupy Wall Street" (OWS) movement. But, that didn't have the effect that the demcrat-machine intended. So they decided to get ever MORE violent w/ the creation of the cop-killing "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) movement that lead up to the 2016 cycle. Maing the acts of voter-intimidation, voter-obstruction, and racially driven death threats by the Black Panthers, back during the 2008 Presidential Election cycle, in Philadelphia. Btw, Obama's USAG, Eric Holder, fired the investigator as soon as he got the appointment - dispite HARD EVIDENCE to the charges. 

It appears that the democrat-machine has cooked-up yet another way to attack the up and coming rPesidential Inauguration of PE Trump. It's been reported that at least 47 democrats will NOT be present at the Inauuration occurring this Friday, on January 20th. No republicans committed such an act in 20009 or 2013. The COUNTRY came FIRST!  So much for "tolerance", "fairness", and "Accepting the outcome" of the election. It is quite clear that democrats...which, of course includes the overwhelming numbers that are the liberal media...only "accept", and are tolerant and even forgiving of, those that walk in ockstep w/ their agenda   When they question or challenge a black who happens to be a republican - they call it "patriotic"; their "duty" as Americans.  YET, when a republican dares to question a black demcrat - the terms "hatred" and "racist" are yelled by the democrat-machine, automatically on cue.

Was John Lewis's walking alongside the good Reverend / Dr Martin Luther King Jr admirable?  Yes. 

BUT, I measure Lewis w/ the same level of scrutiny I have ALWAYS held ALL politicians regardless of party affiliation. Example: I had a deep respect and admiration for John McCain's service record - until he crossed over and became a cog within the progressive-machine in Washington, DC.

BOTH, Lewis and McCain chose to put politics and power first and the people last. It became all about BEING inside that machinery.

John Lewis is as much a radical hack as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Van Jones are. Opportunists that shield thmselves behind the liberal agenda. They believe that they are untouchable - where criiicism or scritony are concerned - NOT actually because they are black. But because they are FAR LEFT DEMOCRATS.

Tough luck, John Lewis. You are neither above or beyond scrutiny - let alone the LAW!

Dr Martin Luther King Jr's life...and death...has been dishonored on this day.


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